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Photo album

Can't forget or forgive
War scars: Photo essay
By Farid

    The love you take...
    Photos by J. Javid
    April 30, 2001

    America, welcome
    Convinced that most Iranians actually like Americans
    Written and photographed by Ron Wurzer
    March 12, 2001

    New Tehran
    Iranians in Westwood, Los Angeles
    Photos by Nader Davoodi
    February 16, 2001

    She stole the show
    Dancer at Iranian concert in Washington
    Photos by Jahanshah Javid
    February 16, 2001

    Better than Googoosh
    Backstreet Boys in concert
    Photos by Mahdiyeh Javid
    February 16, 2001

    Third eye
    People & pistachios
    Written and photographed by Ulla Kimmig
    December 11, 2000

    Boys, boys, boys
    Photos by Hamed Behravan
    October 31, 2000

    January 11, 2000
    Here or there
    Where would we rather be?
    Photos by Siamak Namazi & Ali

    December 27, 1999
    That was me, that was you, that was us

    November 1, 1999
    Halloween 1999
    Iranian party in Washington DC
    Photos by Jahanshah Javid

    October 25, 1999
    Moving along
    Youth ignore political upheavals
    Photos by C.S.

    April 21, 1999
    Tehran's junk food heaven
    Written and photographed by Siamak Namazi

    April 8, 1999
    Cool & confident
    Iran's pre-revolution air force
    Photos sent by Farhad M. and Pejvak

    February 10, 1999
    Other than that...
    ... everything is fine in Iran
    By Ben Bagheri

    February 3, 1999
    TU & the revolution
    "The campus looked as beautiful as I remembered"
    Written and photographed by Armin Alaedini

    November 27, 1998
    Same old, same old
    Photos of Shiraz in the 1920s

    Ocotber 26, 1998
    Laid back
    She was a woman. And life was good ...

    Ocotber 4, 1998
    Coming out
    Festivals in U.S. show Iranians more relaxed
    By J. Javid

    July 20, 1998
    30th of Tir
    Re-living the day pro-Mossadegh forces took to the streets

    July 8, 1998
    Homes in Iran and America
    By Jassem Ghazban-pour & Nassim Mir

    June 29, 1998
    The Fans
    Photos from World Cup 98
    By Nader Davoodi

    June 22, 1998
    The Room with a Tube
    Photos of the Iran-U.S. World Cup match from the TV.
    By J. Javid

    May 25, 1998
    Women in Iran:Tradition meets today
    By Sasan Afsoosi

    May 6, 1998
    Photos of Tehran, 1940s, 50s, 60s
    By Seyyed Mahmoud Pakzad

    April 26, 1998
    Faith no more?
    Nineteen (unconventional) photos of Iran today
    By Nader Davoodi

    April 6, 1998
    People of southern Iran
    ByNasrollah Kasraian

    March 18, 1998
    Yellow out, red in
    Chahaarshanbeh soori in Palo Alto, California
    By J. Javid

    March 2, 1998
    Always on the move
    The Bakhtiari nomads
    By Nasrollah Kasraian

    Feb 17, 1998
    Maydoon-e Tajrish
    Northern Tehran's mini bazaar
    By Nina Sharif

    Feb 2, 1998
    Babolsar Zoo
    By J. Javid

    Nov 24, 1997
    Elegance and spirituality in perfect balance in the old homes
    of Isfahan.

    By Nasrollah Kasraian

    Oct 27, 1997
    The Bird & The Whale
    She and he finally meet in a far-away land...
    By J. Javid

    Sept 3, 1997
    Persepolis: Up close and Personal
    By Afshin Bakhtiar

    Sept 1, 1997
    Taking my daughter to my second home, and Persepolis
    By J. Javid

    Aug 28, 1997
    Photos that capture the warmth and modesty of southeast Iran
    By Batoul Izadpanah

    July 1997
    The birdman of Boumehen
    From playing drums in a band with Vigen to raising pigeons
    By J. Javid

    June 1997
    "I was the first woman to own and drive a car..."

    June 1997
    "No, no... These are my favorite pictures..."

    November 1995
    Writings on the Wall
    Snapshots from a trip to Tehran
    By J. Javid


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