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World War II
The Tehran Conference, November 28-December 1, 1943, was a major turning point in World War II (1942 anti-fascist song "Tehran and Roosevelt" below) .

The Allies saw Iran as the "Bridge to Victory" for allowing the delivery of oil and military aid to the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front (More pix 1, 2).

Left to right:
Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin, Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Foreign Secretary Sir Anthony Eden, and British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill at the Tehran Conference. Learn more here

Tehran and Roosevelt
By The Almanac Singers, 1942
>>> listen to midi tune

Hurrah for the choice of the nation --
Our chieftain so brave and so true.
We'll go for the great coalition --
Tehran and Roosevelt too!

Tehran and Roosevelt too --
Tehran and Roosevelt too.
We'll back the bullets with ballots --
Tehran and Roosevelt too!

Down with appeasers in Congress
The Hearsts and the Deweyites too
We'll send them back to perdition
And vote for the Red, White and Blue!

So Union men, to the rally!
United and strong we will stand
Undaunted by Quisling disrupters
For Freedom's the choice of our land.

Our soldiers are smashing the Axis
As the scene of the battle unfolds
We'll win the WAR at the front
And win the PEACE at the polls!
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Sent by Darius Kadivar

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