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January 26

* Khamenei rejects criticism

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Wednesday that his authority is indisputable, apparently rejecting criticism from reformists who say he is not above the law. His remarks come less than a month before crucial Parliamentary elections in which his increasingly unpopular hard-line supporters are being challenged by moderate reformists >>> FULL TEXT

* Services disagree whether to show killers' "confessions" on TV

TEHRAN, Jan 26 (AFP) - Iranian legal and intelligence services are at odds over whether the "confessions" of those accused of the killings of several prominent intellectuals just over a year ago should be shown on television. "The intelligence ministry opposed the broadcasting of this film, while the military judicial organisation believes it would be helpful to show it on television," deputy parliamentary speaker Hassan Ruhani said Wednesday, quoted by the official IRNA news agency >>> FULL TEXT

* Karbaschi to launch new paper after receiving pardon

TEHRAN, Jan 26 (AFP) - Tehran's former reformist mayor Gholamhossein Karbaschi marked his release from prison following a pardon from Iran's spiritual leader by announcing Wednesday that he will shortly launch a new newspaper, Ham-Mihan (Compatriot). The announcement comes three weeks before the February 18 parliamentary elections, in which reformist forces are hoping to end the conservative stranglehold on the country's affairs >>> FULL TEXT

January 24

* Date finally set for police court martial over July unrest in Iran

TEHRAN, Jan 24 (AFP) - Tehran's military court has finally set a date for the trial of the capital's sacked police chief Farhad Nazari and 19 other officers over the violent suppression of a student demonstration last July, newspapers said Monday >>> FULL TEXT

January 17

* Head of conservative Keyhan newspaper appears on trial

TEHRAN, Jan 17 (AFP) - The head of an Iranian conservative daily appeared before a press court Monday to answer 27 charges facing his newspaper, in a shift from trials that have so far involved only Iran's moderate press. Hossein Shariatmadari, appointed head of the Kayhan publishing group by Iran's religious leader Ali Khamenei, must answer to a series of charges that include insulting, defaming and publishing state secrets, and lies aimed at disturbing public opinion >>> FULL TEXT

January 16

* Iran dailies in court over dissident interview

TEHRAN, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Iran's conservative-led Press Court on Sunday summoned representatives of leading reformist newspapers for questioning after publication of remarks by dissident cleric Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri. The dailies published excerpts on Saturday of a transcript, provided by Montazeri's office, of a joint interview the ayatollah gave earlier to Reuters and the British newspaper The Guardian >>> FULL TEXT

January 13

* Montazeri breaks silence

    January 13, 2000 , (The Guardian of London ) -- The man behind profound change in Iran is the invisible resident of this holy Shi'ite Muslim city. Ayatollah Ali Hossein Montazeri has been under house arrest for more than two years, exiled to his modest home on Riverbank Street. Few dare to mention his name in public. Newspapers which print his ideas are closed or taken to court. Fellow clerics who spread his opinions in public are imprisoned. And thousands of his disciples, the seminarians who read his banned books, do so clandestinely. >>> FULL TEXT

* For a change, courts to try a conservative journalist

TEHRAN, Jan 13 (AFP) - Iran, which has become accustomed to seeing moderate newspaper editors stand trial, will witness the trial next week of a conservative publication's chief, a Tehran press court judge said Thursday. Hossein Shariatmadari will have to defend himself against 27 charges concerning news published in the Kayhan daily in the past few months. His trial by jury will be public, the judge told AFP >>> FULL TEXT

January 12

* Jailed Iran students begin hunger strike - paper

TEHRAN, Jan 12 (Reuters) - Several Iranian students jailed for their alleged role in widespread unrest in July have gone on hunger strike, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. Among the strikers is 22-year-old Ahmad Batebi, sentenced to 10 years in prison for engaging in propaganda against the state, the reformist Sobh-e Emrouz newspaper said >>> FULL TEXT

January 10

* Rafsanjani says duped by secret service

TEHRAN, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Iran's former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was quoted on Monday as saying he had been kept in the dark about certain operations of the secret service during his tenure, including a case of arms smuggling. Rafsanjani, who stepped down as president in 1997 after two terms, was referring to a band of renegade senior intelligence officials implicated in the murder more than a year ago of several dissidents and liberal intellectuals >>> FULL TEXT

* WAN Protests Prosecution of Iranian Journalist

Paris, 10 January (WAN) -- The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) has protested against the prosecution of a pro-reform journalist in Iran and called on President Mohammed Khatami to halt the trial. According to reports, Journalist Said Hajarian of the pro-reform Sobh-e Emrooz newspaper appeared in Tehran's Press Court last week, accused of having "disclosed confidential information," though no further specifics were given >>> FULL TEXT

January 6

* Protesters set fire to buildings in southwestern Iran: newspaper

TEHRAN, Jan 6 (AFP) - An angry mob set fire to a police station and government offices in Ramhormoz, southwestern Iran, Thursday, to protest against inadequate public services, the Kayhan newspaper reported. The violence broke out after several thousand residents of nearby Haftgol rallied at the regional government headquarters in Ramhormoz, the paper said >>> FULL TEXT

January 4

* Reformist editor in Teheran court

Jan 4, (BBC) -- The managing editor of the pro-reform Sobh-e Emrooz newspaper, Saeed Hajjarian, has appeared in a court in Teheran >>> FULL TEXT

* Parliament puts off debate on tough press law Iran

TEHRAN, Jan 4 (AFP) - Iran's conservative-led parliament on Tuesday postponed debate for three months on a bill that would tighten sanctions against the press, under pressure from reformists. The postponement will move the debate to after the vital February parliamentary elections in which supporters of reformist President Mohammad Khatami are hoping to end the conservative majority in the legislature >>> FULL TEXT

January 2

* New Iran reformist daily hits newsstands

TEHRAN, Jan 2 (Reuters) - A new reformist newspaper, headed by a brother of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, hit the newsstands on Sunday, ahead of parliamentary elections in February. Publisher Mohammad Reza Khatami said in an editorial that the daily Mosharekat (Participation) hoped to boost ``free and legal participation in all areas by all citizens.'' >>> FULL TEXT

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