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Thursday September 7, 2000 / Shahrivar 17, 1379, No. 1059



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Paris Tehran
The capital of swelling desire

By Soma
September 7, 2000
The Iranian

On the streets of Tehran, in the febrile heat of the summer, bodily fluid oozing out under the opaque cauldron of the dress code, hands are clasping in perspiring persistence of reunion. The social is inseminated with the teeming passion of the youth. In parks, around mushrooming coffee shops, inside crammed taxicabs, and on homespun dancing floors boys and girls are twiddling away in liturgical commotion. Glances are stolen, lowered or braved.

How ironic, or perhaps only too common sensical, that a society that for years tried to affect a veritable sexual apartheid can only witness the changing circumstances of its morality code in the public space. The avenues of Tehran are these days scene to hand-holding couples of various social background and religious creed >>> GO TO FEATURE


By Saeed Tavakkol
September 7, 2000
The Iranian >>> GO TO FEATURE


Khatami's concerns

BBC Persian Service

At a press conference in New York, President Khatami spoke of relations with the US, problems at home and his concerns about freedom and security. Here's a report by Amin Zargham from New York >>> LISTEN HERE

Khatami seeks apology from U.S.

NEW YORK (AP) - Iran's president said Thursday that relations between his country and the United States will improve only if the Americans apologize for past policies in Iran - and even that may not be enough. There are ``the various sanctions. There are animosities, there are allegations against Iran,'' said Mohammad Khatami, at a news conference. ``We need apology for those as well as some practical measures and steps that prove that in reality the behavior has changed

Iran universities seek vigilante violence probe

TEHRAN, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Chancellors from five Iranian universities have demanded a thorough inquest into last month's vigilante violence against the pro-reform student movement, the official IRNA news agency said on Wednesday.

In an appeal to the minister of higher education, the chancellors demanded that those behind the attacks be identified and brought to justice, the agency said >>> FULL TEXT

Former Teheran mayor may run against Khatami, reports paper

September 7, 2000 Teheran (dpa) - Former Teheran Mayor Gholam-Hussein Karbaschi may run against Mohammad Khatami in presidential elections scheduled for next May, the Teheran daily Entekhab reported Thursday.

The daily quoted informed sources in parliament as saying that the moderate G6 faction is considering Karbaschi as a suitable candidate to run against Khatami >>> FULL TEXT

Taqdeem baa eshq

I registered about two years ago just for fun. Now it's been handed to its rightful owner >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Free expression has no limit

Morteza Loghmani ( writes: In reply to the comment made by one of the readers regarding nude art on the cover of The Iranian ["Hope God guides you (or destroys you)"]: As an artist and scientist I believe in freedom of expression, art has no limit!

I would like to remind the reader that we came to this world without the hejab. Why should women cover their hair? Just because men can not control their sexuality and get aroused easily by women's appearance?

Try wearing a scarf on a hot summer day and then see if you can say: "I ask God to guide you and if not destroy you!"

God should not be feared. God does not destroy.

* Little people's history

Laleh Khalili writes: Regarding Mr. Khodadad Rezakhani's view of how Iranian history should be studied in the universities ["Not too deep"]:

First off, I certainly hope that "every midwife and plumber" *DOES* come up to you and give you the reasons why an historical event took place. History -emphatically- *IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE* the bastion of elite historians and researchers who get bogged down in the minutiae of a war that took place 25,00 years ago.

History is lived everyday by all of us, we each have our own version of it, and frankly no amount of "historical documentation" makes the lived experience of the "midwife or plumber" down the street any less valid than the recorded version the scholars proffer >>> FULL TEXT

* We forget

Simin Habibian writes: I agree with Nicole Radmand's comment about Shahyar Ghanbari. Unfortunately we always forget the people behind a successful singer. In Googoosh's case, nobody denies her talent, her voice, her appearance and the emotion and feelings she puts in her songs.

It is interesting to know that Ghanbari started his career as a song writer at 18 years of age and he wrote"Deegeh ashkam vasseh man naaz meekoneh" for Googoosh. Before that, she used to sing other singer's songs. Ghanbari wrote about 25 songs for Googoosh. Coincidentally, "Hejrat" was the last song that Ghanbari wrote for her >>> FULL TEXT

Art: Seljuq and the Ilkhanid art at the Met, New York

MANHATTAN Islamic Art Exhibit The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, is hosting the exhibition, "Riding Across Central Asia: Images of the Mongolian Horse in Islamic Art," now through Sept. 24 >>> DETAILS HERE




The Alchemy of Growth
Practical Insights for Building the Enduring Enterprise
By Mehrdad Baghai


Sag-e velgard
By Sadegh Hedayat

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

Every day that heart-thief, love, comes out again

And throws the noose of love around my neck.

Truth planted thorns here at the door of love

To keep out those not drawn to the core of love.
-- Rumi
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More news

Khatami says Iranians expect too much reform

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A chastened President Mohammad Khatami said on Thursday that Iranians' expectations of reform were too high and his country had to avoid extremes in the name of freedom or security. He also said conditions were not yet ripe for dialogue with the U.S. government despite some positive steps, and Washington should take ``practical measures'' such as apologizing for past interference in Iran, ending sanctions and dropping opposition to Caspian oil export pipelines across Iranian territory >>> FULL TEXT

Iran reports Clinton "attentive" during Khatami's speech

TEHRAN, Sept 7 (AFP) - Iran Thursday seized on US President Bill Clinton's decision to listen to the speech by his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Khatami at the United Nations millennium summit, calling it a pointer towards warming relations >>> FULL TEXT

Putin meets Khatami, calls Iran Russia's strategic partner

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 7 (AFP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Khatami on Wednesday that he viewed Teheran as Moscow's strategic partner and a key player in the Middle East >>> FULL TEXT

Jordan's King Abdullah, President Khatami hold first meeting

AMMAN, Sept 7 (AFP) - Jordan's King Abdullah II has met Iranian President Mohammad Khatami for the first time on the sidelines of the United Nations' Millennium Summit, the official Petra news agency reported Thursday >>> FULL TEXT

President Khatami calls for equal dialogue between nations

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 7 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said Wednesday the United Nations should treat all members equally and not yield to the "quest of power." >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian authorities urged to help Armenian community amid exodus

TEHRAN, Sept 7 (AFP) - An Iranian Armenian leader called late Wednesday on the authorities of the Islamic republic to assist Iran's Armenian community, amid a continued exodus from the country >>> FULL TEXT

Iran, German firms ally on refinery

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A German engineering firm and an Iranian conglomerate have won a $158.4 million contract to build what both companies say will be the world's largest natural gas refinery. The two companies, Germany's Linde and Iran's Nargan, signed the contract with Iran's Pars Petrochemical Company in Tehran on Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

Japan to help Iran grow more rice: diplomat

TEHRAN, Sept 7 (AFP) - Japan will help develop Iranian rice paddies along the Caspian Sea, a Japanese diplomat said Thursday at the groundbreaking for a Japanese-Iranian agriculture training center in the northern city of Amol >>> FULL TEXT

Panahi's Venice dream

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Jafar Panahi's "Daayereh" (The Circle) is contending for the Golden Lion -- the top award at the Venice film festival, the oldest in the world >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

2000: The year of Iranian cinema?

Tehran, (Iran daily) -- If Iranian films win awards at the Venice film festival following their success at Cannes, 2000 may turn out be the most successful year for Iranian cinema >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Book. Eyewitness to Constitutional Revolution

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- There's a new book out on the role of Tabrizi freedom-fighters in the Constitutional Revolution, written by an eyewitness. Also Ali Dehbashi has published a book to commemorate the late historian Abdol-Hossein Zarrinkoub >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Persepolis thrash Al-Wakreh

TEHRAN, September 7 (Iran Sports Press) - With video: Persepolis thrashed Qatari club side Al-Wakreh 5-1 on Thursday in Azadi Stadium. Persepolis managed to dominate Al-Wakreh throughout the game and could have walked away with an even bigger win over Qatar's 1999-2000 League champions, had its fowards not wasted several perfect goal scoring opportunities in the second half >>> FULL TEXT

Talebi should look ahead

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- National soccer team coach Jalal Talebi should put Vienna behind him and think about the upcoming match against Lebanon >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iran's standing slides after loss to Austria

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Iran plunged five steps in the FIFA standing following the loss to Austria >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Iran-U.S. relations

Khatami's visit to UN might ease Iran-US ties. President Khatami's trip to New York to attend the Millennium Summit has particularly created hopes for Iran-US rapprochement. A former member of the US National Security Council, Gary Sick, comments on the impact of the visit on Iran-US ties >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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[Extremism in any form or direction is unwanted, whether in the name of freedom and supporting people's rights or in the name of security and suppressing people's rights... Let me remind you that I did not come in the name of reform... I will never be disloyal to the hopes and aspirations of our people. It would be easy for me to sit back and take no responsibility, but it is not easy for me to give up what I believe in.

-- President Khatami at a press conference in New York

September 7, 2000

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