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    Revolution: 1979-1999

    From Rooz-haaye aatash, rooz-haaye khoon: gozaaresh-e msavvari az piroozi-ye enqelaab-e eslaami-ye iran
    Compiled by Karim Emami, Zamineh Publishers, Tehran, 1979
    Thanks to H.M.


    This is the national slogan:

    God, Qoran, Khomeini!


    People! Join us,

    Become martyrs in the path of righteousness!


    An Islamic Republic, Khomeini says, must be formed,

    Political prisoners, Khomeini says, must be freed,

    The monarchist regime, Khomeini says, must be abolished,

    This American Shah, Khomeini says, must be hanged!


    God is great,

    God is great,

    Khomeini is the leader,

    Khomeini is the leader!


    I will say it at every moment,

    I will say it under torture:

    "Death or Khomeini!"


    Iran is our country,

    Khomeini is our leader!


    A Moslem who remains silent,

    Commits treason against the Qoran!


    This country will not survive

    Until the Shah is dead!


    Only one party: Hizbollah (Party of God),

    Only one leader: Rouhollah (Khomeini)!


    Our movement is Hosseini,

    Our leader is Khomeini!

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