Chalus Road Sign

In spite of

Photographs by Ben Bagheri
Dallas, Texas
September 1997
The Iranian

Iran has always been a land of extremes. It offers diversity and contradiction in its climate, terrain, people and politics. Iran looks charming but tired, colorful but pale, friendly but suspicious, political but indifferent, religious but intellectual, fundamentalist but free-spirited...

Looking not so deep through the surface, watching people, places and things, one can see that this is a nation that will not give up hope. People are working, playing and coping, in spite of everything. Here are some images from my visit to Iran this summer:

* Truck talk

* Forest: Women

* The peddler

* Waiting for work

* Badminton

* Push that button

* Chalus Road

* Advertising

* Supermarket

* Music student


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