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    Googoosh and Behruz Vosuqi. You know the rest...!

    Dar Emtedaad-e Shab

    Googoosh and Saied Kangarani get it on... Classic love story.

    4 Khaahar

    Starring Googoosh and little Leila Foruharr!

    Gedaayaan-e Tehran

    Googoosh, Fardin and Beik Imanverdi! Smashing!

    Music videos

    Googoosh Documentary

    A new 2-hour video about Googoosh. It contains about 20 rare video clips showing Googoosh as a very young artist entertaining her family by singing famous Turkish and Farsi songs. You will also see Googoosh as a child star doing what she does best - singing , dancing , and entertaining the audience.

    Googoosh's Best

    The Queen of Pop performs 15 of her most memorable songs including Shaaer, Talaaq, Kuh, Shekaayat, Gol-e bi Goldun, Man Aamadeh-am,....

    Songs of Hamsafar

    Googoosh's enchanting song and dance in performing such hits as Hamsafar, Marham, Baanu-ye Maa, Gahvaareh, Makhluq, Daryaa-ie, ...


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