Déjà vu

In Nixon and Kissinger, Partners in Power, Robert Dallek sheds light on one of the more sinister episodes in the American foreign policy in the

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At the brink

I remember a family friend reminiscing about student demonstrations at the University of Tehran in the early Seventies when a single beat cop equipped with

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Everywhere all the time

A couple of weeks ago I was lounging in a theater, eagerly awaiting the start of the movie when I found myself a captive audience

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Asghar Massombagi

Being Lolita in Tehran

Well, then, eliminate the people, curtail them, force them to be silent. Because the European Enlightenment is more important than people. — Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notebooks

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The brutal war of attrition in Chechnya in the past 10 years has been mostly observed in North America from a distance. Even after 9/11

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Elegant simplicity

After the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, much ink was spilled in the American press on the sophistication of their execution. Four

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Monty Schwarzeneggar

Now that dust has settled on California's recall phantasmagoria and the last of porn stars and failed child actors and a plethora of other “colourful”

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Far from causal brutality

There is a nightmare experienced by some exiles that unfolds like this: you wake up one morning and find yourself, inexplicably as if in a

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