A Book to Devour

In late 2010, at the end of the first decade of the millennium, Shabnam Piryaei – a poet-teacher-filmmaker-born in Iran just after the revolution and

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Iran One

I encounter you When I am half asleep And you are just Beginning to be Half awake Across this earth of nation-less hope Sleepy and

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The end of Atal Matal?

In the World of Atal Matal, there are no wars, bombs, prisons, or disease.  There are rules that govern the game, but there is neither

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One hundred people

In July, One hundred people Die in Baghdad everyday. Beirut. Beit Hanun. Numbers lose meaning Inside an apartment building Ali Hassan's family, No longer water

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Bahar Mirhosseini

My cousin and me: Iran

My 9-year-old cousin Borna Poursheikhani and I (Bahar Mirhosseini, 26) wrote this poem together, about our visits to Iran. Baked beets sold steaming on the

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Inside borders of razor, Streets echo the footsteps of children Selling gum, batteries, and flowers During Tehran's traffic at dusk Remember me, In the wrinkle

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Married to LA

The evening of Saturday May 15, 2004, in an unprecedented move, Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi married the L.A. Iranian community. At the public engagement party

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As a healthy 24-year-old, I was humbled by the 26.2 miles of the Los Angeles Marathon. It was not the stretch of concrete or the

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