Delbar o Delavar

Her voice shaking with joy, my friend shared her happiness with me. After eight long years waiting to become a grandma, she had just learned

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dAyi Hamid

Loving An Iranian girl

Let me introduce myself: I’m a sports-car-driving, cellphone-carrying, club-hopping, chauvinist pig. I’m no doctor but I am a telecommunications engineer. I’m also an Iranian man.

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My first girlfriend

I hear some unbelievable stories about young boys having girlfriends in today's Iran. Times have changed, big time. Nowadays you need no trick whatsoever to

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Diling diling communications

Diling diling! – “Ja, Hamid. ” – “alo, salAmalekom. ” – “salAm, shomA? ” – “hAle shomA khube? ” – “kheyli mamnun. jenAbAli? ” –

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As a male member of our society, there is something that bothers me about our moral views. It's our point of view about homosexuals. The

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Eat This

Eat this By dAyi Hamid Bern, Switzerland March 1996 The Iranian It is difficult to define “Iranian food.” With so many different regions being home

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Why Change a Name?

Why change a name? By dAyi Hamid Bern, Switzerland January 1996 The Iranian I remember in the mid-seventies in Iran, when it had become sort

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tArof bi tArof

I can't tArof at all. Not that I don't want to. I just don't find the right words. If I want something, I ask for

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