In memory of Delara Darabi

This month marks the second anniversay of the execution of Delara Darabi, who was executed by the Terrorist Regime occuoying Iran. Darabi a talented artist

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Using more and more on my mobile. Need a compact and user friendly App for Android. How about updatimg itself for the 21st

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Wanted: The Hanging Judges

If there is candidate from a pool of terrorists who is a worthy successor of the notorious Iranian hanging judge Sadegh Khalkhali, then Abolghasem Salavati

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New Year Wish List

1) Total air and naval blockade of the IR Terror Regime 2) Target assassinations of the Spiritual Leader, President, leading members of the IRCG, Sepah

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Bring back Tiger Lilly

I wish to propose that in line with the American Thanksgiving tradition, JJ and his Admin boys give a “Presidential Pardon” to an Iranian Turkey

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In memory of Haik Hovespian

February 2012 marks the 18th anniversary of the murder of bishop Haik Hovespian and superintendent of the Petecostal Assemblies of God Churches in Iran. As

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