Partition Iran?

From time to time it is important that one provide a teach-in to nonacademics and educate those who promote wrong and harmful ideas. As a

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It’s complicated

The Oxford Handbook of Iranian History (2012 Oxford University Press) is a current, comprehensive single-volume history of Iranian civilization. The authors, all leaders in their

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Radioactive Fear

There is now a new semi-documentary, semi-science fiction propaganda film in the US, entitled Iranium (Iran + Uranium). As an Iranian-American, after watching the film,

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Heritage taken hostage

A bombing in Jerusalem. A troubled foreign country tried in absentia in U.S. courts. Priceless archeological artifacts threatened. It sounds like it could be the

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Nuts about fruits

This is a less specialized paper. I would like to thank M. Naraghi and I. Madadi for providing me with information on fruits in the

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Safe & sound

This letter is written to clarify some of the misunderstandings that have arisen from the building of the Sivand dam in general proximity to the

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Touraj Daryaee

Touching god

In the summer of 2003 I had the privilege of visiting Kermanshah and viewing the Behistun inscription of Darius the Great. The inscription is important

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