Velayat TV

Callers toy with akhoond

The anchor who gets mad at all the prank calls says, "we spend all this money to put you, enemies ... on fire. God will burn you in this world and after." TV station is based in Dublin, California >>>


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Payam Dolatabadi

Zaheer-ul Hassan: An Iran Regime Mullah Operative on the Loose!

by Payam Dolatabadi on

Clerics, regardless of creed, are very, very dangerous ... and when they lack good judgment, they are, well, combustible hot heads... Hence, they loose it and start issuing terrifying threats, on the air, calling for ... "burning" people!!

Velayat TV's Zaheer Hassan, a Pakistani-national who had attended the seminaries of Qom, Iran, ought to remember or, otherwise, be reminded, that the United States of America is neither Pakistan, a failed and very troubled country, nor IRI, a rogue tyrannic state, which sponsors international terrorism and oppresses its very own people.

Zaheer Hassan's threats of violence are not acceptable. Hassan is a disgrace to his Velayat TV. The backers of Velayat TV are a disgrace not only to our nation but also to the whole world!

We call on the United States and California governments to investigate and monitor Zaheer Hassan and Velayat TV, for Hassan is a very well-known explicit agent of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his VELAYAT regime. And yes, Hassan is a big fan and supporter of none other than ... Mahmoud AHMADINEJAD!

For further comments on Zaheer Hassan & Velayat TV, check-out the following web pages:




Velayate crap...

by Emil on

Velayate Faghih, Velayate Ali, Velayate Mahdi, Velayate Khomeini, Velayate Khamenie....ALL THE SAME CRAP...

gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

(although as an Islamic ruler he had to enforce the unjust rules on religious minorities).    ~~a quick reply to this statement:::

Imam Ali's rule according to religious minorities is rooted in Torah. Infact many of people's complaints against Islam the practices first started in the Torah. Islam is a revival of the religion of Prophet Abraham. Treatment of religious minorities is clearly seen in Deuteronomy 20:10-15

gitdoun ver.2.0

JJ is Right in a way

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i have to say this man is only human and has received so many insults and been cussed out so many times until he lost it. In respect to human weakness i can refrain from judging the poor guy. BUT, in respect to wearing robes of a priest or claiming to be a "rohani" he really needs to set the standards of good manners, patience, and tolerance to very high level. And if he can't cut it then he should get into another line of work.


This is really daft

by divaneh on

What have these people who are going on about the velayat Ali got against democracy? Ok, let's say Ali ruled with total justice (although as an Islamic ruler he had to enforce the unjust rules on religious minorities). That was Ali and it will not repeat. You see the real example of Velayat Faghih today in Iran and are still in denial that the concept does not work. Power corrupts, and that is why the country needs to hold election and have its own check and balances to avoid irresponsible action by those in power. What is so admirable about reserving the position of the head of state for a very small circle of Faghihs to the exclusion of all others? Of course I understand why the short fuse akhond favours that form of theocracy.


Good one...

by Emil on

Boy I got a kick out of this clip...funny...better than stand up comedy...his phone number should be posted here so we can all call this akhond and give some complements...



by dariushabadi on

JJ you are right, manoh bebakhsh, didn't mean to lose my temper. You are right, even Imam Ali (A) gave milk to Ibn Muljam after Ibn Muljam struck him in the head with a sword, for he didn't want Ibn Muljam going to sleep hungry and claiming Imam Ali had oppressed him in any way.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Real_Iranian, so this man and his TV show do not promote the Islamic Republic or theocracy. Bebakhshid, I was wrong.

Let's just talk about Imam Ali. Would Imam Ali approve of this molla condemning pranksters to burn in this life and after in the hands of God? Is this the just and fair and tolerant Imam Ali we have been led to believe? If this supposed man of God, who has studied Imam Ali and revers him to the point that he promotes him on a TV show, cannot hold his anger at people who are insulting him, what kind of example is he setting? Is this how Imam Ali would react?



JJ you are ridicilous

by Real_Iranian on

yes, maybe the word velayat does invoke anger nowadays but the concept of velayat in Shia Islam actually does not promote theocracy. In case you are not aware, you should know that Imam Ali did not rule and did not attempt to rule until the people begged him to rule and once he did he was the fairest of all rulers. Please review Rafsanjani's post-election Friday prayers, he talks about how the Prophet Mohammad explicity told Imam Ali that he should abide by the will of the people after his death even though it is his right to rule.

Imam Hassan made peace because he noticed a huge divide and believed that peace is better than blood shed, Imam Hossein embarked on his journey only because the people of Kufa had asked him to rule. In retrospect, the Imams were democratically inclined and they never attempted to rule without the will of the people and they side stepped power when the people did not support them. Take that and compare it with the idiots at the helm today...


داریوش چرا درست صحبت نمی کنی؟


You can see that this kind of discussion can get very colourful and get very close to the akhonds Mobahesa.


wow...I had no idea there are so many people....

by Benyamin on

in which they are still following the infamous "Velayt e Faghih"!!! On one side I agree that he shouldnot be facing such comments but on the other hand what do you have to say to calm down the anger of a family that has lost a love one by this theory(Velayat e Faghih). To those that are supporting this theory I ask? The followers of religion always believe they are better people because they follow good god and its saints and they do good deeds and yet in practice they fail misrably, one of them just proved it here more clear than the rest of them by calling JJ khar!!!

no one has ever said democracy is the most beautiful theory out there, but it is the best choice . Velayat e faghih or any form of it and by whomever that would or could or had been implimented is a "failed" experience and is no longer worth to persue.

Happy holidays to everyone 

Jahanshah Javid

Adle Ali

by Jahanshah Javid on

dariushabadi, ok I was wrong about these guys representing Velayate Faghih in Iran. According to you, they promote Velayat Imam Ali. And what is the difference between the two? One is a form of theocratic state and the other is... what? An ideology seeking to become a theocratic state one day?

To me and most Iranians except the few likes of you, there's not much of a difference. Velayate Faghih, Velayate Ali, Velayate Mahdi... ANY talk of velayat these days evokes anger and distrust.

And just like your friend who runs this TV show, you have a temper that I doubt Imam Ali would approve. One thing often said about Imam Ali was his sense of tolerance towards his enemies. This gentleman on TV, on the other hand, condemns people who make fun of him to a fiery death by the hands of God. This "Velayat Ali" sure looks fundamentally as cruel and intolerant as our own Velayat Faghih. Wonderful! Gotta respect that!


jahanshah-e KHAR

by dariushabadi on

it is VILAYAT TV, it is about VILAYAT of IMAM ALI, not about VILAYAT FAQIH.

the satellite channel has nothign to do with iran, and never discusses politics of iran, because they are against the islamic republic.]

just because they are akhunds doesn't mean they are pro-IRI. Vilayat means "guardianship" and comes from the Qur'an where it says "The VALIS are God, his Prophet and the believers - those who give zakaat in ruku" (meaning imam ali according to both sunnis and shias)

so please, stop being ignorant.


Veghaahat TV - still hypocrites

by MM on

While I agree that the first callers were out of line and probably in violation of the FCC obscenity rules, the mullah was rude to the last caller and he hung up on him probably because he asked a legitimate question and he did not praise the Velaayat-e Faghih as the mullah expected everyone to do.


I agree with "Out of Line"

by Anonymous8 on

Rea_iranian, i agree. i thought there was something i missed about who this guy is or what he has done. but it's only the turban and his religion that evokes the hate. that is out of line. but sadly common.

gitdoun ver.2.0

i dunno

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i dont know if Velayat TV supports the dictatorship in iran or if they are funded by the regime. but all in all i just find the prank calls funny !! -- LOL



by Real_Iranian on

thats actually not true. Muslims in India have a lot problems, especially the religious ones... Shias more than Sunnis as Shias are persectued by fellow Sunnis in India. I have heard of many accounts by both Shias and Sunnis who leave India mainly due to the pressure placed on them due to the fact that they practice their religion. It has gotten worst in the past couple of years due to India's economic boom and its disproportiante benefit to Hindus. If you recall, the BJP party were in control prior to the Congress party (the current leadership). The BJP party was a right leaning Hindu party and they made life miserable for many Muslims in India. There are many Hindu extremist groups there that you probably dont know about.

As far as Sunnis in Iran go, yes, you are right that they are not allowed as much space as is probably due, however, they are a victim of both domestic and foreign manipulation due to their geographically sensetive existence. Not to justify the injustice, but since you brought it up, its worth mentioning that Shias in other Persian Gulf countires get treated very poorly in comparison to Sunnis in Iran....




by ahvazi on

Thank you for clarifying. Also I think Shias are persecuted in Pakistan not in India. Infact Muslims of all kind have done extremely well in India.

The more fundemental question for us all is can a non-Shia, like a Sunni in Iran set up a station and speak freely about his/her belief?



Even though

by ahvazi on

I don't agree with the lady insulting the akhoond like that she can come up with better way to do it. i still don't see how the akhoond has the audacity to come to america and preach the words of KHARamenie. Also i agree that he should answer the question of the last caller... 


out of line

by Real_Iranian on

I think JJ and everyone else is being out of line here and completely unfair to this person. From what is described on their website these guys are not representing Velayate Faghih which is the form of government in Iran. Their TV channel is named Velayat TV in association with the Shia belief in Velayat which is NOT the same as Velayate Faghih. In fact, they are most likely followers of Ayatollah Sistani who is against Velayate Faghih. As you probably dont know, many Shias in Pakistan and India are killed just for being Shia and they come to the US to free themselves from religious persecution in their own countries. The fact that they speak Farsi is quite clear. Most mullahs learn Farsi even if they do not study in the holy city of Qom due to the fact that many Shia scholarly books are written in Farsi and some Shias from Pakistan and India are actually of Iranian decent and have passed on Farsi for generations while many 1st generation Iranians in the US do not even teach Farsi to their own children. I disagree with what he said about 'burning in hell' or what not, however, he was extremely frustrated just like your LA TV broadcasters who lose it when people from Iran call and bother them. For those of you who preach freedom of religion, speech and all the other great liberties, you should also learn of the concept of 'not judging by the cover'. Last time I checked there was something in the laws about being innocent until proven guilty... maybe you should adhere to that as well in your social observations.


i went to the website

by Anonymous8 on

it says urdu language TV. why are they speaking farsi?


Hypocrites come to America

by MM on

Dear Shazde Asdola Mirza,

You forgot a few choice-words that I would have used, such as Kesaafat-e .... and Veghaahat-e ...., to name a few. 

The ultimate insult to the Iranian-American community is to watch these hypocrites persecute the people of Iran under the name of "Velayat-e Faghih" and then come to America, the country they call The Great Satan, and use our liberties to convince us what a great concept "Velayat-e Faghih" is. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

If they keep it up, his ratings may hit through the roof ;-)

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

چند پیشنهاد سازنده دیگر به بینندگان محترم:

ولایت ... حمایت ... امالت ... توالت ... جسارت ... خجالت ... شفاعت ... ضلالت ... سه پایت ... حکایت ... کفایت ... روایت ... شکایت ... عنایت ... جنایت ... نهایت ... حماقت ... رعایت ... فدایت ... سعایت ... بابایت ... به آیت ... سرایت ... به پایت ... به مایت ... به چایت ... به سایه ات ...

لطفا لغات مستهجن لازم رو خودتون در محل مناسب قرار دهید!

marhoum Kharmagas

affve khalAfkArs? (to JJ)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

JJ, can the following clip from Marmoolak inspire you to do affve khalAfkArs (those whose accounts are blocked) be monAsebate tavallode massih:


Freedom of speech, in Islam ?!

by IranFirst on

I don't like prank calls, but for those worried about the freedom of
speech for this fat mullah, who presents the view of the imposed Islam
(and IRI), they should listen to the last part of the tape, when he
hung up on the guy who was asking about the crimes of Islam. He shows
his true face when he mentions him (and IRI) are spending money to have
the likes of the woman who was calling, burned and killed !, (for not
believing in his barbaric Islam, I guess). This Mullah and their savage
Islam break universal declaration of human rights every day (just watch
the nightly news, and not only in Iran).

Is Islam for freedom of speech? It depends who is the beneficiary.
Muslims strongly support freedom of speech when it is about their
freedom but they deny the same freedom to others. When Muhamad the
child-molster was still in Mecca and in minority he said “Let there be
compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error”2:256 
However, when he came to power, he denied that freedom to others and
said: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day” even if
they are the People of the Book, (Christians and Jews) until they pay
the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. 9:29  or “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him. 3:85.

Muslims in the West and other non-Islamic countries are the
standard-bearers of freedom of speech, when their own freedom is at
stake but they categorically deny the same for others.

In Islamic countries teaching other religions is against the law and
both the preacher and the convert could face death penalty. In Saudi
Arabia possession of Bible is a crime that is punishable with flogging,
prison and even execution.


Cheers, JJ!!! Freedom of Speech!

by NOT_AK69 on



Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

First of all his show is on Velayat TV. Is there any dispute about the horrendous atrocities committed under Velayate Faghih?

You think Iranian expats in California following the news of election fraud, protests, beatings, rapes, imprisonments and show trails back in Iran are going to call and be kind to this man who is promoting velayat?

It's like the Nazis having a TV show in Israel and expecting respect from callers. Or Netanyahou taking calls from Palestinians in Gaza. Or white supremacists in a black township in South Africa during Apartheid. Or a live TV show by a Yankee in Saigon at the the height of the Vietnam War. Or how about Playboy TV broadcasting in Mecca?

Moreover, this "man of God" deals with prank callers by telling them that god will set them on fire... for cursing. And he hangs up on a man who asks a serious question: why Shiite followers of Emam Ali are acting like "heartless criminals".

That's why he's not getting any respect. And yet he still has his show and broadcasts whatever he wants thanks to free speech rights he enjoys in America. The kind of rights that don't exist in his beloved Islamic Republic.


hamsade ghadimi

political correctness

by hamsade ghadimi on

i think those of you who are advocating respect for these clowns should go to iran and admonish the demonstrators who use degrading slogans against the government.  you should tell them to respect khamenei while he's unleashing the basijees on them.  you should tell them to respect the basijees while they're being beaten, raped and tortured.  you should tell people to respect stooges like this mullah who're supporting this tyrannical system.

while i don't advocate name-calling, i understand the frustration of the callers.  i found this man to be a million times more obscene than the callers.  if you want to go to iran and wage a respect campaing, i'm more than happy to chip in for your ticket.


You should respect him

by shahabshahab on

These pranks are stupid for any talk show,. It does not matter what he says or who the showman is. You guys (including you JJ) who claim freedom for everyone, should accept him too (you don't have to agree with him) . He has the right to say what he wants. For eople who call like idiots and insult him is not acceptable.

This kind of behavior only makes the critics look foolish. Don't do it!

payam s


by payam s on

There is absolutely no justification for these degrading comments. Unless you are a child or an adult retard who lacks the ability to communicate properly. You don't have to agree with him, but you have to have respect, not just for him, but for you own dignity.