Hillary Clinton prepared for trip to Tehran

02/11/2009 - 07:40



by Cost-of-Progress on

Freedom of speech baby....if you don't like the stuff about your beloved Mo, don't read it. 





She looks kind of cute in

by meryleu089 on

She looks kind of cute in the "maghnaeh". I'm sure that she will be someone's "sigheh" when she gets there....Rafsanjani's perhaps?
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by jakarta on



Oh Boy, for Muslim's having

by Anita (not verified) on

Oh Boy,
for Muslim's having Blue eyes is enough to capture their hearts


I think

by Iran Sarbaz (not verified) on

mohammad sosool allah liked to have her as his 99th waif.

Anonymous Observer

Majid Jann

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Thanks.  You're right about the "Na Hesabi".  I was trying to remain polite though.  My other choices were even better, but I will remain polite.



by A. Danesh (not verified) on

...Prbably with the extreme air pollution that there is in Tehran, The First Lady is not
Going to go there for quite some times until things get clean & prestine and better.

And thanks God Alahazrat Homayoni left a magnificent freedom memorial square to make sure freedom lasts for ever with people having choices and more choices wihtUt hinderance (Mashroteeyat)...



To Zereshk

by Agreed (not verified) on

Very well said my friend! Of course, I don't agree with your solution since that evolution by itself might take more than a couple of centuries and by then there will be nothing left of Iran to salvage.

Most of these people who are so eager for this so called mormalcy in relations and jump up and down with joy for Khatami are Rafsanjani's entourage and his sons' business partners, more concerned for their pockets than their forgotten "vatan" and Iranian people.

ebi amirhosseini

She has a good teacher like Laura Bush....

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by Benyamin on

this is funny! But I have to inform everyone that a very first time chinese president visited Iran it was about 20 years ago and he showed up with his wife! But she never wore anything on her head it was all hush hush but she was taken to a limo very fast and never was seen in public. But I think Hillary would be different, I think they will ask her to wear something. Perhaps just to show that their laws are universal and that she is a high porofile and the whole world is watching. just tp prove a point.



by Majid on

Damet garm my friend, well said.....BUT

Second, mardekey hesabi ????? LOL

It's either "mardekeh" or "mardeke ye  NA hesabi"



omran be oonja nareseh

by Zereshk on

Funny. No really, it's funny. Hillary under a chador in Tehran would give many Hezbos a victorious hard-on.

But I dont think it will ever get to there. It's wishful thinking, as Ive explained here in my blog in detail.





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Welcome Aboard!


Xerxes: this is not

by anti-tazi (not verified) on

Xerxes: this is not Hezbollah site or Islamists site nor ummah site. If you belong to any of those groups then you're not Iranian and should leave the cyber premise immediately.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Actually, this is not your beloved Islamic Republic.  It's a free country and I can say whatever I want, and unfortunately for you, bacheh basiji, you cannot censor me.  So, take your censorship threats to Iran and jail and flogg some bloggers.

Second, mardekey hesabi, man israeli neestam.  meedonam keh akhoondhayeh arbabet behet gofatnd keh har kas yek cheeze mokhlefeshoon goft to beheshoon begi Israeli, vali inja in cheezha ro kasi bavar nemikoneh.  Magar hameh mesl-to maghze khar khordeh bashand keh be tablighat-e- jomhoorieyh islami goosh konand. 




by Jaffar (not verified) on

I am losing faith in our country, our politicians are getting as bad as Middle Eastern rulers. We have a ruling elite here who do whatever the hell they want. Chairman Obama is going to pay back his supporters with this so called "stimulus" package. Give me a break!


چطوری مادر

شورت مامان دوز (not verified)

اتفاقا شبیه ننه بزرگ خیلی از دوستان شده غیر از خاله قزی: ) البته و خاله سوسک!


Hey be respectful

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This is not an Israeli site, please be respectful. Have manners.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I always wondered what she would look like in "lachak". 

She looks kind of cute in the "maghnaeh".  I'm sure that she will be someone's "sigheh" when she gets there....Rafsanjani's perhaps?