George W. Castaway

01/19/2009 - 04:48

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by Anonymous-that (not verified) on

Only an arab can think that this man has done "favors" for the arab world...he's created a mass genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of "freedom". If you feel it is ok to get rid of one man at the expense of millions of Iraqis then I truly feel sorry for you. By the way I am neither Iranian nor Arab to say that the Iraqis did a horrible thing to Iran with the help of the US from 1980-1989.


I guess you are clueless Mr. Iraqi

by farokh2000 on

I am pretty sure you were not in Iraq when GW decided to invade your Country, but if you are an intelligent person, you would know that he didnot do it to rid your Country of Saddam or to do you any favors.

Saddam was a CIA appointee, as you may have heard. He just was not effective and profitable for them any longer and that is why the decison was made to remove him, one way or another, at any cost.

This cost the lives of more that 2.5 Million of your Countrymen, women and children, who were totally innocent. 

You praise this criminal for this, or for taking over your Country and destroying your heritage and culture?. Or is this for his taking over all the natural resources of your Country and making it easier for Israel to gain more power in the Middle East?

Shame on you. I am pretty sure you are not an Iraqi and don't speak for all those dead bodies, otherwise you would not stoop so low to thank this criminal, who will go down as one of the top worst ever in history of the mankind.


Long live George Bush

by Iraqi (not verified) on

I kiss his hand for liberating my country and removing Saddam.

Iraq is on her way to be great democratic nation.


American ayatollah

by shirazie (not verified) on

he will be the USA's ayatollah and torture will be 444 days of hostage taking. the damage is permanent.


Forget the old - hope for the new one

by Forgetful (not verified) on

Americans are great at cheering for a new president with lots of hope and then bury him in embarrassment happily when he is done and hope and cheer for the newcomer. Amazing how they can repeat this cycle so many times without ever realizing that they are in a circle and what they are doing is not effective.