Guilty of getting in the way

09/02/2009 - 17:05

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you say it like it is

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

Thank you Iraj for a cartoon that says it like it is. Right to the point


Iraj, Congratulations you

by A n o n (not verified) on

Iraj, Congratulations you have attracted the cream of the crap.
With simplistic material like this no wonder the quality of the crowd gathered and the discussions pursued. Sounds like a few retarded people memorized by a shoe lace, analyzing intricacies of its fabric. I admit it. I am new to this website, did not know any better, and stepped into it.


to irannostalgia.... about hair

by Anonymous (not verified) on

I think you might've missed a point here, which you referred to as "two pointy corners coming out of his hair ". I got the impression that it is probably meant to resemble the two horn of the devil.


Great cartoon and more

by Anonymous (not verified) on

Great cartoon and more importantly the greatest depicition. It is so "basic" for the likes of Zion to say oh look Hammas is sending bombs so it must be just that we go to war, for the nth time with the greatest aramada we can muster to date. Thank you for trying to make it a bit more clear.

Regarding your drawing skills...

by on

Thanks for your drawing efforts. Talking just about the drawing itself, your portrait of the Israeli guy is really good, it gets your point accross.

I don't like the drawing of the american guys hair. There are two pointy corners comming out of his hair and it visually doesnt make sense.

 The text comments are not necessary. People already make their own comments based on your drawing. Plus your comment doesn't sound smooth in English. Sounds like someone who doesnt speak English literally translated their local language.

 What you should improve is your depiction of pain. Pain, is crying not sleeping. The palestinians in your drawing appear sleeping happilly. I think they should look less comfortable and more in pain to reflect the pain they are suffering. Maybe its your round face drawing. How old are you Iraj? Do you know what pain is?

 Now leaving Iraj's painting behind, I am also upset about Israel's actions. The dimension of the crime they have committed this past month is just way too big to try to justify it because they were hit  by a couple of rockets. 

The view of Palestinians with Hamas is that they want a nation once and for all, and with political parties that kiss ass all the time their not gonna get it.

But, these governments, including Iran that interfere in the region, just make matters worst.  So you can add a picture of an iranian akhund to your cartoon as well. Holding a gun at palestinians.

I'll explain: I was reading the history of the Libanese Civil War and one of the reasons that ended up happening was the constant interventions of Syrian and Iraq creating PLO factions, etc.. These interventions like the ayatollahs are doing now makes matters worst for palesinians. 


In any case, I would love a rocket to hit Olmert in his big fat head! One thing also, these actions have ment massive negative PR (public relations) for Israel in non arabic countries.





That's the sad truth

by aynak on


and that's why it hurts



by Zion on

do the two guys look like they're floating above the red rug? Don't you think it's better to improve your drawing skills first?


Iraj Jaan,

by Farzad (not verified) on

Great job! Your cartoons are an effective tool for exposing the crimes of Zionist butchers and to confront their cheap mercenary sympathizers on this site. Please keep up the good work!


Nice work but sad as the reality is these days

by Aaron (not verified) on

I'm still trying to understand for what crime the babies are killed.
Perhaps, the answer lies in the fact that Israeli Army has no gutts to go for house by house and fight their equals. So, they stay out and shell in blindly to save their own lives. And then, they blame Palestinian fighters hiding behind their babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Iraj, This cartoon should

by A n o n (not verified) on

This cartoon should have been titled “guilty of being put in the way”; and the Palestinians should have responded to the question “Hamas put me there. They just fired a few rockets from my house and left”.
It has been fun; but, I cannot take it anymore. It is Saturday night. I am off to some libation, and hopefully with some fornication to follow.


ایرج خان


کارتونهای جالبی پست میکنی. دستت درد نکنه! واقعأ عالی بودند


Thank You again Iraj

by Q on

your last cartoon was great too.