Cartoon: People lead

02/20/2010 - 18:23

Azadeh Azad

Dearest Nazy

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you so much for your kind and insightful comment. I believe that people's *use* of Mousavi as well as Alah-o-akbar rooftop shouts is only strategical. They intend to get rid of the "Islamic Republic" altogether - ahead of Mousavi et al who would like to keep it, which was demonstrated yesterday on Neda's 40th, by the shouts of "Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic!" Peace to Iran and to you too.   -    Azadeh

Nazy Kaviani

Azadeh Jan

by Nazy Kaviani on

A very witty take on the Iranian politics! I think women's role in the movement has been pivotal and altogether remarkable. I doubt that Iranians are getting too far ahead from Mousavi in the movement, though. I see them as wise and cautious, wisely staying within the framework of what is still tolerable dissent in Iran. Their Allah o Akbar chants and their support of Mousavi mean that they still wish to lodge their protest within IRI's rule and constitution, but wish major reforms and changes. I think if protests continue and no changes are achieved, this might change.

Thank you for sharing your art with us. It is so obvious that your artist's mind continues to be engaged in what is one of the most momentous events of our lifetime. Peace to you and to Iran.