International Women's Day

03/08/2009 - 08:07


Dear Azadeh, I didn't get

by dariush (not verified) on

Dear Azadeh,
I didn't get this part of your post:
"Westerners' obsession with uncovering them (mainly for different industries' enormous profits.)"

Would you please explain more?maybe by providing some examples?


Hejab Zan Selaheest Aleha Imperialist,

by kharsh Ghotbi (not verified) on

We men wished that we could cover our head as well!

Azadeh Azad

Thank you

by Azadeh Azad on

everyone for your wise words of appreciation.

Nazy Jan, I totally agree with your estimation. Women are adult human beings and as such MUST be able to decide individually what to wear! At the time of creating this collage, I was thinking more in terms of Middle-Easterns' obsession with covering women (for religious or moralistic reasons) and Westerners' obsession with uncovering them (mainly for different industries' enormous profits.) Imagine how, in 2009, we're still saying, "feminism is the idea that women are people, too" and still have to put up with neanderthals of all kinds.

Monda Jan: not such a big deal :-)




Thank you

by Iranian woman (not verified) on

could not have been depicted better.
Happy women's day to all.


You are the Artist!

by Monda on

I apologize for my lack of attention to the important details!



by Monda on

Thank you Azadeh for this post. Who is the artist though?

Nazy Kaviani

This is great!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Azadeh Jan, this is fabulous!

I have often said that when a ruler took the Iranian woman's hejab off by force, the road was paved for another ruler to put it back on by force. The only way forward for Iranian women has always been emancipation through education and cultural growth, where the woman herself decides what she wants to wear and the society (which includes MEN and women) would not tolerate these "games" anymore.

Thank you. Happy Women's Day!



by Mardak (not verified) on

Neither extreme is good. But a modest flaunt of a healthy body would be great for all.


Good one!

by woman (not verified) on

I like this stamp! Bravo!

The pig element as the enforcer is right on!