Mir Hossein

10/03/2009 - 07:44

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by HollyUSA on

Read what I pasted from one of your blog comments. What do you mean you don't get it? Are you claiming it was a typo or perhaps you don't now the meaning of 'condone'??



by ghalam-doon on

What does this cartoon mean?


Holy USA

by پیام on

I don't get your point. Can you explain more? Am I in your point of view the murderer, the raper and the killer? I don't get it. And what is wrong with being against any war? Should I explain myself to you?

Anyway I meant my comment sarcastically. AN supporters like our cartoonist Iraj see Mousavi as a monafegh and the reason behind disatisfaction of Iranians of the current regime while that is the world upside down.


Khayyat (tailor) oftad to kozeh...

by Emil on

What an ape...!


Emil etc


another IR funded internet warrior trying to break the unity.






We may soon be able to blame it on you and others like you. I know you think you can ignore and people will forget but I'll be here to remind them. Here's what you wrote a few days ago:

'I have told you before and tell you once again that I personally condone any
military action on Iran, by whom it might be.'



Mola Nasredeen

"YA Hossein..."

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said Hazrate shotor.

"Which Hossein? Karbala's Hossein, Green's Hossein or Barack Hossein?" I asked him suspiciously.

"YA, Hosseins...." Repeated Hazrate shotor.


Blame the murders, killings and the rapes on Mousavi.

by پیام on

He did it all single handedly. Khamenehi and co. were against all the burutality.


Another criminal...

by Emil on

Mir Hossein (BTW such an ugly name / face) another Arab Islamo fascist criminal akhond-zadeh like the rest of them...


Green has always been about unity

by abgosht on

Mousavi's position from day one has been unity.   Notice the lyrics in the campaign song they choose:

همراه شو عزیز
همراه شو عزیز
تنها نمان به‌در
کین درد مشترک
هرگز جدا، جدا درمان نمی‌شود


Also if you go back and watch the debate with President A.N. you
clearly see that A.N. criticizes Mousavi by people that support him
while Mousavi's position was that any Iranian, regardless of their
background is welcome to work for him.   

It is also true that the Green Movement, confident of final victory over the coup government, is not in about  to be reckless.