Death to Imperialism

09/02/2009 - 17:03

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by promupdos on



by javadv on

Didn't you get it!
Cartoonist means that Green movement are forgetting the real threat (US and Isreal) and instead they "sho'aar" against "Ahmadinejad"!!!!!!!!!  So the green movements are the bad guys now!!!

مخلص شما، جواد ویرچووال

Babak Khorramdin

re. misspelled

by Babak Khorramdin on

as matter of fact iri thugs and goons are illiterate.slogans written by them are in poor farsi with dictation mistakes

"Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave."



Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Show proof that Reza Pahlavi, his wife or his daughters chanted those words or called for anyone's death.

And what is your obsession with the "social freedoms of Amsterdam"?

What is it about those freedoms that you so desperately want to see brought to Iran?

Is it the sex trade that you want to see brought to Iran?

Is it the cannabis-oriented coffee shops that you want to see brought to Iran?

Officials in Amsterdam are actually working to roll back some of these "freedoms" that you so desperately seek for Iran. Less than 5% of these coffee shops are patronized by the Dutch. Travellers from the US, UK and France make up the overwhelming majority of of people who frequent these establishments, and the local authorities, not to mention the local population, are tiring of the negative elements that are one of the unwanted by-products of this "social freedom".

American Dream

Mehdi, You are absolutely correct

by American Dream on

I agree with you.

These "death slogans" are just plain stupid.

I remember the protests in D.C. after the june elections reza pahlavi's daughters and wife were at a protest in which they were chanting "death to President Ahmadinejad" and "Death to Ayat'Allah Khamenei".  Those slogans are not going to get anybody anywhere.  People should promote life.  Over 30 years ago in Iran over 30 million Iranians were chanting "Death to the Shah".  As grand children of the last Shah, Reza Pahlavis kids should be ashamed of not speaking up about these silly death slogans.  It's time for change.  And Reza Pahlavi who keeps quoting Gandhi should advise his children properly.  How is Iran going to become a democratic republic with the social freedoms of Amsterdam if Iranians don't change their silly deeds?  We should all have good deeds, good thoughts, good speech.  Let us all embrace life and love.


I wish we could get past the "death to"

by Mehdi on

We need to start changing our attitude. Wishing death is such a lousy attitude. Why not put our attention on life and love instead of death? We should not use the same slogans and tactics as the people we dsapprove of. Let's just take this "death to" phrase out of our vocabulary. Somebody has to start this!


Thank you Iraj

by ramintork on

And I apologize for my harsh comments in the past!

I hope you continue with your contribution to


Maryam Hojjat

Iranian Tarof & Doosti! Redwine & Abarmard

by Maryam Hojjat on

I loved your conversation.  So nice to see Eradatha ra.



Dear Red Wine

by Abarmard on

شما بزرگ ما هستين، من چاكرتونم

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

دوست عزیز، سرور بزرگوار، حضرت آقای ابرمرد درست میفرمایند ... صهین  با `ص نوشته میشود.



by Abarmard on

Sahyonism is with "Saat".