Quds Day

09/21/2009 - 12:27

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So, XerXes

by Onlyiran on

five days ago you were talking about Khamenei being a"jallaD' and murderer and Iran not having freedom.  Now, after reading one article, you are convinced that everything is honky dory in Iran, there were fair elections and there is democracy.  One article?  It doesn't take much to sway you, does it?  Such great intellect you have!!!

Louie Louie

Baleh, jaanam fadaye soushi!

by Louie Louie on

We have figured that out Molla jaan. Lili khanom roozato shekast keh!



by XerXes on

this is soooo funny. lol

Based on the article i just read posted by Ostaad, Ahmadinejad did really win great and the little minority is forcing the majority to bend for their demands. It's not fair.

Mola Nasredeen

نه میرحسین, نه هوشی"

Mola Nasredeen

جانم فدای سوشی"

Said the girl with green nails


As I said

by Onlyiran on

IRI clowns support and cheer Russia.  here are a couple of them (including the efriteh Jaleho) on this thread:



Go pound sand Mola

by Onlyiran on

بعله مولا جان.  من ایرانی‌ هستم و مخصوصا یک ایرانی‌ که بر خلاف تو حاضر نیست که کشور و مردمش را برای فلسطینیها به کشتن بده. آیا تو ایران هستی‌ که اینقدر سنگ فلسطین را به سینه میزنی‌؟  اینهم آخرین کامنت که برای تو دیوانه ضد ایرانی‌ میگذارم.  بخاطر اینکه تو همیشه عادت داری (مثل بقیهٔ حزبالهی ها) که موضوع را عوض کنی‌، تهمت بزنی‌ و چرندیات بنویسی‌.     


Quds Day Cartoon

by Abnabot on

I hope you get paid by IRI for your work, otherwise you are wasting your talent since some opposition leaders, and more importantly, all the concious people (with no political or military power) are for the Green Movement.

Mola Nasredeen

Because Russians are better looking

by Mola Nasredeen on

There. It's your answer.


Answer the Question Camel

by Onlyiran on

why Israel and not Russia?

Mola Nasredeen

"copy, paste ,copy, paste"

by Mola Nasredeen on

while looking at the writing style of OnlyIran.


Where is Your Manufactured Compassion for other Muslims?!!!

by Onlyiran on

You IRI clowns have never answered the question as to why you cheer Russia and oppose Israel?  And yes, don't lie, you do cheer them.  Can you tell us where your boss Ahmadinejad, the great defender of Muslims' rights and the great anti-imperialist fighter, went the day after his selection as president back in June?  That's right: Russia.  He went to pay his respects there.  In the meantime, back in the old USSR, here's what happening to Chechen Muslims:

"Other problems linger as a result of Russia's military involvement in Chechnya. Landmines are an ever-present threat. Russian forces laid the mines during the wars in Chechnya, but Moscow has not provided maps of mine fields as demanded by international law. The Russian government also has not provided assistance in helping determine what happened to more than 5,000 Chechens who disappeared during the wars."

5000 is just the disappeared.  It's not counting the dead, tortured, raped and jailed.  That's more than double the number of the Palestinains that israel has killed in the past decade (or even more).  And yet, there is not one word, blog, cartoon or even comment by you clowns about your Russian "friends".  But everyday, this site is spammed with piece after piece after piece about Israel and Palestine.

Forthermore, here is an example of what the Russian installed puppet government in Chechnya is doing to the Muslim population there:

"Tamara Vashkhabova's son was gunned down by Kadyrov's security forces in May in front of dozens of witnesses. As her elderly husband cuddled his dead son, Kadyrov's police demanded he curse his son and thank the security forces for killing his son. When he refused, they beat the old man until he lost consciousness. The authorities would not give the family their son's body for burial."

Here's the link to the antire article on


It's from yesterday.  And for those of you who are blind as well as stupid, you can actually listen to the report also. 

So, PLEASE spare us your manufactured outrage and manufactured compassion.  You have all been exposed as nothing but a bunch of brainwahsed IRI tools who can't see pass your ignorance and irrational hate.  You are no standrad bearer of the Muslim cause or the Palestinain cause.  You are a bunch of phonies who are so desparate to keep your revolution going that you will lie, cheat, steal and kill every single Iranian just to prove that you're right. 

Darius Kadivar

Mola Nasredeen The Billions of $ Are Hidden ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Up Your IRI Apologist Arse ...


Tell your buddy Rafsanjani and Mojtabaa Khamenei  to open a more Secure Account before they lose their stinky investments ...


Mola Nasredeen

Iraj khan,

by Mola Nasredeen on

Your cartoon has brought out all sorts of reactionaries out of their holes. Including the one who is selling 'Shah banoo' and her khanedan 24 hours a day on this website. Some one must ask him to ask her "where are the billions of dollars she stole from Iranian people when she left Iran?


He's just a jealous old man Says it is wrong being a young woman

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Darius Kadivar

Shahbanou Farah's Response Sums it Best

by Darius Kadivar on

"I will not call this (current unrest in Iran) a Lipstick Revolution. I prefer to call it the Diamond Revolution. They wanted to make our Women like charcoal, but under the heat, and pressure, diamonds are coming out." - H.I.M Farah Pahlavi of Iran

Read her exclusive Interview to NY Avenue Magazine where she made the cover Story:


Darius Kadivar

Cartoon Rubbish ! and N'importe Quoi !

by Darius Kadivar on

Truly N'importe Quoi ...

ramintork =/=

by ramintork on

Supporting terrorist groups in Middle East =/= compassion for Middle Eastern people

Loving Iran and putting it in high priority =/= Not caring for others

Wanting jobs, freedom, democracy and a share of a wealth that is being plundered =/= breaking unity with people

Risking your life and becoming a target for sadistic Basj =/= Being an agent for US and Israel

Being a blind ignorant Fatmeh Commando who would hold a picture of a camel if told to do so =/= Patriotism and love of Iran

Only in your topsy turvy Universe of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei lies and decite are painted as the truth and the truth as lies.

You remind me of that Artist who used to draw Saddam Hussein's portraits using his own blood, sucking up to a Dictator that brutally tortured and killed his own people. The only difference being that you will need a lot of green ink for the near future. If you run out we will send you a new supply!

Please keep on drawing these cartoons and publish them we all enjoy a good laugh. If the red that she is standing on now represents Ahmadinejad and his Russian allies rather than symbolize the sacrificed blood in honour of saving Iran then she has every right to stand on it because she has fed that colour with her own blood.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سمسام جان،هم وطن خوب ما،زیبا نوشتی‌ و شیرین.

لعنت خدا بر بیگانه پرستان اجنبی صفت.

مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی،جمهوری،فقط جمهوری ایرانی.



Iraj hezbollahi

by پیام on

بچه که بودیم و یه موقع یه حرف گنده تر از دهانمون میزدیم، تو مشهد میگفتن: هم تو یکی‌ گ. تو بخور.



by Kambiz_Se on

نه غزه، نه لبنان، جانم فدای ایران

تف تو شرف عرب پرستها و ایران فروش ها


Iraj khan

by ahvazi on

Do you know that the same youth you are mocking is being torture in IRI prisons? If you love the Gaza people then just focus on them.

Don't you believe that our people have a mind of their own to rise up against the oppressors. Haven't they done it through our history. Only the outsiders can inspire us? Was it the Zionist who threw the Shah out? Was your Khomenei and Khamenei agents of the West?

Please stop supporting a dead regime and putting down the Iranian youth.


Another cartoon from a

by jamshid on

Another cartoon from a sewer keeper of the IRI.


RedWine Papa & patriot pilgrams of Kiaan

by SamSamIIII on



سام سام ,نپرستد , يه مشت خاک ز بن شور

گر جوهر ان خاک ز فرهنگ اييران بشود دور

اکنون بپزم بهر تو يک چامه ز ويران

انچه عرب امه به نيرنگ کند نامه ايران

ايران نه ز خاکست و نه باد است و درختان و چمنزار

نامش نه ز ابگوشت بيايد , نه خورش نار

فرٌش نه بيايد ز مغول يا ز يه ملایه سوسمار

ان ريشه نباشد ز بر اجعل و جاءل و جعلنار

ان نام نيايد ز بر شيخ خراباتی و مولا

يا از پسر و تخم و تره ,جنگ جلولا

پس گوهر نامش تو بجويد بره ان يار

ان کورش انشان, که ارامگهش دشمن ايری بکند زار

ان نام بيايد ز فرهنگ دليران

ان توده وارسته و افسر به جهان ,مردم ايران

ان نام چو يا ديست ز ماد و پرس ,سگزي و اشکان

چون خوی به نيکي , ز پندار و اموزش زرتشت به نياکان


ان نام بيامد چو ز هنگام خجسته

از مردم اراسته پيراسته و فرهنگ گسسته

ان گوهر نامش بيايد به برت بهر زبانش

ان گويش پارسي , نه تازي و لسانش


سام سام به کنون کرده تو هشيار به گفته

تا معنی ايران تو بداني, ز ويرانه آن , امٌت خفته




تاريخ پس از جنگ عرب و قادصی چون کُ .. شعره


ان تاز الفبا و زبانه عربو ,فارسيش خود کُ سه شعره

جز بابک و يعقوب ,ابومسلم و مزيار

ان غزنويان , سل جغٌيان, شاه صفي, نادر و عباس ک شعره

جز رازی و فردوسی و رودک و دقيقی و به چندی

ان چامه سرا مدحننا شيخننا ملا ثنا نصيحنا اون کُ شعره

جز نام,سپاهان و ز کرمان و خراسان و ز گيلان و ز شيراز و لرستان

جز کرد و مدان , اذر و خوز و ماهان و سکستان

ان تربت حيدر , فرج اباد و نغی نون به تقی داد کاکاف اون کُ شعره

جز پرستش ايزد به مسلمان و کليمی و به زرتشت و ز ترسا

ان سينه زنی ,سفره ابوالفضل و فال بر حضرت شيخ حفظ ک سه شعره

گر نام خود اری ز اييران پرستان

از کيسه ايران بزنی سينه زنی در نجفستان و فلستان برو اون ک شعره

گر تو بروی ابوظبی بهر يه کنسرت

جنگت به عرب بهر خليج عربش اين ک سه شعره

گر صد به نود تو گفته ات واژه تازيست

ان سفره هفت سين و نوروز, پُز فيروز بخون اون ک شعره

گر سيد حسين و مشد علی و احمدی رهبرشانند

دادش به هوا بهر مهن دوستيتش اون ک شعره

پايان چکامه من بگم بهر چو فرهنگ

ان ناز و ادا ايرانييم, عرب نييم اون ک شعره





Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

منبر زاده صد بار شرف دارد به آنکه خاک وطن فروشد به بیگانه و دم از دموکراسی زند و انگلیسی بلغور کند و ادا ی مدبر در آورد  ! !

 خوشمزه نانی باید باشد ...

از کلامت چه راحت دیده میشود ترس و وحشت ! ترس از نان خوردن افتادن و وحشت از مجازات عمل !

ملا خان، این تو بمیری،از آن تو بمیری‌ها نیست ! مردم بیدار شدند و دشمن به لرزه افتاده است ! غصه نخورید،غم، بار آن شتر بیچاره نکنید،راه توبه هنوز باز است و جاده بخشش سبز !


Mola Nasredeen

Stop hiding under the Green flag to hide your reactionary nature

by Mola Nasredeen on

Your attitudes towards anybody who disagrees with you is: 

"Peef peef, you all smell, peef peef to Arabs, peef peef to Obama, peef peef to Islam, peef peef to camels". You are just like a mullah "dough zary" sitting on your Manbar and announcing your decrees for "non believers". There are many camels in Iran, you like it or not and camels are a lot more useful and less harmless than you and your crowd. Peef peef to you too.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

دست به خوب جائی زده شد ! نکته خوب شما را داغ کرد ! نه تنها نان خشکه خورده خارجی‌‌ها هستید و ملا زاده بلکه سواد فارسی‌ هم ندارید ! حالا به شکل نان میخورید یا به دینار،خدا داند،تکلیف شما و امثال شما مشخص هست و به دنیا دیر و زود باشد،سوخت سوز نباشد،در برابر مردم شریف ایران به زودی مجازات میشوند آنانی‌ که بنده نوازی بیگانه کردند و نان به نرخ روز خوردند.

از شما و امثال شما شتر سواران انتظاری بیش از این نمیرفت،در آینده ادب داشته باشید و مودب باشید که غیر از این جواب بی‌ ادبان در خور و شایسته دیگر هم وطنان نیست.



" هم غزه، هم لبنان، همدردند با ايران "!!!


Ajab baabaa,,,
Shomaa haa digeh kee hasteed

After all the crimes these palestinians committed in our homeland,,,
After how the Palestinians threw their support behind the iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during the iraq-Iran war?
Now suddenly, "hamdardand baa Iran"?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!

Yeah sure,
as if they're fed up with the mullah/sepah's $upport, so they're sympathetic to the green movement and its slogan(s):
na gazeh, na lobnaan, jaanam fadaayeh Iran.

BTW,  who said being "pro-Iran"(!) means that one has to be happy with ANY mistreatment happening around the world ?
(why are you guys sooo much obsessed with palestine??!)...

ps   this iraj guy is just another irI $upporter


f*!# the islamic republic, its rulers and its $upporters. 

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

You are angalzadeh and a right wing reactionay and on top of it a Microbe too.

Chew on that for a while when you drink your wine! 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ما نمیدانیم اینها (مثلا ایرانی‌ هستند و ایران زاده !) چطور آنقدر فضول تشریف دارند ! یکی‌ نیست به این انگل زاده‌ها بگوید : به ما چه اسرائیل و به ما چه فلسطین و لبنان ؟!آخر مگر کشور خودمان آزاد از دست ستمگران است که اینطور خاک غریبه‌ها را توبره می‌کنید و بر سر میریزید !!!

چطور شب خوابتان میبرد ؟

واویلا از دست این میکرب صفتان سیه قلب !



The green grandma

by Yara on

Take a look at this, even though I doubt it would change your mind.