Waiting for the green light

09/04/2009 - 06:56

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Rare poit of view!

by javadv on

I think, he believes that since Ahmadinejad's government is againt Imperialism and saihounism, then Green movements are weakening this  goverment of his!!!  So basically poor Ahmadinejad is cornered and he is very lonely!!!! (Akh bemeeram baraash!!!) This point of view is an old idealogy of those "chapi" groups that were supporting a goverment no matter how bad they are, as long as they are "sho'aaring" against Imperialism.  Stalin wase also fooled the same way, when Hitler as a Social Nationalist ideaology propagandaing again US and British Imperialism!!! and they signed a peice treaty together!  Toodeh Party in Iran did the same for the first few years after revolution and supporting the government ...

  مخلص شما، جواد ویرچووال


wait a minute

by darius on

May be this is by design to see  how people see and interpret the same

thing differently.

I thought , the two armed soldiers represent the military -industrial complex, who are waiting to  harvest the benifit of the struggle.Can it

be a true statement? The answer is yes.

Having said that does not necessarily means invasion. Invasion and influence  comes in  different way that includes, influencing politics and by means of behind the scene of unrest. Is it true that USA and Isreal are behind the unrest? Well we don't know and we may never know it until the IRI is gone and the power players are placed in their position.

Who says and who can claims U.S and Israel or any other country wishes

the best for Iranian and the Iran ?This is a real childish demand and wish, it is a doggy dog world and every one is teaming up to rob the other off their wealth and their advantages.

Is it legitimate that Israel , USA or others try to influnece Iran

and its politic for their own interest? The answer is yes.They are to seek power and influence to serve their goals and their means by the best and easiest waypossible.Is it only USA and Israel who can be blamed for it? The answer is no .China , Russia ,you name it , they are all after us as long as we have someting valueable to offer and we can let them have it the cheapest way possible.

Can we ask them to be nice to us ,well the answer is not. 

So, I thought Iraj is giving us a little hint , to be wise .He knows well that IRI must go  or reduced to where the clergy go back to their mosques and no longer invade our lives.How does he say that?

It shows the IRI is taking a beating and heat from the people and

they are brought to their knees and that people come first and

they will have the ultimate say.

Am I right?May be not,May be ,I like Iraj's work and try to be supportive and that's for you to decide.



What kind of point of view is that?

by ghalam-doon on

It's just a role reversal, something that a psychiatrist might do. One could be against the "green movement," but we can't ignore the reality. The victim in this cartoon is not the black clad man since he's the one who has the power and does the beating.

What's the difference between this cartoonist who sees everything in black and white and the guy who left a message "Hoping for an invasion"?

They are two sides of the same coin.


Disgusting cartoon...

by bolbol on

Now we can see who is paid by AN here... 


This is a contradictory piece

by aynak on


First:  There is only one reasonable interpratation:

Club wielding green wearing individuals are beating Ahmadi Nejad who is on all fours.   One clergy  (Karoubi)  one woman (Neda or pick any of the women who were murdered) and one man (Arash or again any of the the guys who were murdered) after election are beating up the innocent Ahmadi Nejad!!!

The absurdity of this cartoon lies on the fact that Islamic Regime has not released the name of a single Basiji who was supposedly killed or injured by opposition.   How come?  Where is the Haftom, Chehlom or any other commemoration for the Basijis who have allegedly been killed?  Where are the injured ones?  I can assure this astute cartoonist, had there been a single Basiji dead, or injured we would have had 3 days of morning already, and the killers already hung in a public place.

Next: American and Israeli soldiers are both wearing green too, although a lighter version.   The Israeli soldier is eager to go in, but the American soldier wants him to wait.   For what?  Till they are done with him, with Ahmadi Nejad that is.

So the cartoonist is admitting that Americans and Israelis are no friend of the green movement either.   Otherwise, why say "let them beat him up first"?  If there is a "first" then there has to be a "next", which in this case means an impending invasion.   If Ahmadi Nejad is beaten, and these folks are friends of Americans and Israelis why would they want to invade/use force against their own ally presumably even after Ahmadi Nejad is beaten and brought down?

The soldiers could have said, great, our guys are doing our job for us, let's watch and enjoy, but that is not what they are saying.  They appear intent on going in, regardless of  the outcome.

Mr.Esfandiari has been watching the "confession" of Makhmaly collaborators on IRIB and taking Hossein Shariatmadaris word, who is on record  taking pride for torturing opponents, at face value.

Third: the invaders were coming anyway so the beating of Ahmadi Nejad by the greens is immaterial.   Unless of course Irajkhan was hoping for the greens to help Ahmadi-Nejad defeat them? If so, why are they all in prison?




Not a nuclear physics

by Iranyvaliazad on

Green clad folks (3 of them) meaning Green movement beating the crap out of a Black clad man meaning current holders of power.  USA & Israel waiting for punshiment to end before they step in .. of course, armed soldiers means, they will use force.

 In othe words, the author saying if Black clad men is the only reason US and Israel have not come in & beaware of Green folks because they will be the only reason the foreign forces can come in.

 So, someone drew blooney .. so what?  IRI TV and newspapers are full of these scare tactics.


I see it differently

by Abarmard on

The artist is not saying that the people's struggle for freedom is based on foreigners or not people's base, but rather what comes next...

That's not too far fetched.


Mr. Emil

by Sohraby on

There is no need for any millitary action or invading Iran to solve problems that are associated with Mullah regiem including freedom for our people. What would Americans or Israielis do to our land and our people in the case of invading Iran ? The same things that they did to Iraq, right?  you remember that? The best way to deal with this regime is a real sanction, they(all countries) should not buy oil from Iran and not sell any products to Iran. That would be the final solution for IRI. Do western countries want to see a free and democratic Iran or they just care about the nuclear issue? Don't forget that they(USA, Israel etc.) are NOT our friends!



by Negin on

همه چيز تقصير امپرياليسم و صهيونيسم جهاني است


Iraj's real affiliations are finally revealed!

by farrad02 on

Mr Iraj!

You have finally revealed your real affiliations.

If you are suggesting that people's struggle for their basic rights is somehow assisting the foreigners, be it! If Islamic Republic can not let our own people have the very basic rights afforded to them by the IRI's own cosntitution then they have to deal with the consequences of their own actions, whatever it may be!

Example: There are people in Evin prison right now who have received an order from the judge to be freed or transfered to a regular prison but they are neither freed, nor transferred and no one knows when they will be freed or whatever! This is in violation of the dictator's own laws!!! What do you suggest that their relatives do? Just be quiet so Islamic Republic doesn't get attacked?!

As the old Iranian saying in melat bekeshin biroon!


Khodeti haji JJ

by joojooyi on

دست وردار جهانشاه بابام جان
تو که صبح تا شب مشغول سانسور کردن نظر مردم هستی اون هم فقط از گروه مخالف های جمهوری اسلامی. تو که دایم بهشون اخطار می دی و حتی اکانت هم می بندی
به این جور جاها که می رسه. به خواهرها و برادرهای ما که زیر دست آدمکشهای اسلامی و حزب اللهی (رفقای سابقت) مظلومانه کشته می شن اینجور ناجوانمردانه توهین میشه و واقعیت وارونه جلوه داده میشه . تازه حس آزادی بیانت گل می کنه؟
برو داداش. برو با همین چپی های «ضد امپریالیست» و لابیست های جمهوری اسلامی تو این مملکت «کفر» لاس ات رو بزن. دیگه ادا در نیار

خودتی حاجی

JJ, you censor the people and now speak of free speech on your website, when comes to this attack on our sister and brother? You don't fool us baba.

Jahanshah Javid

Difference of opinion

by Jahanshah Javid on

I could not disagree more strongly with Iraj's point of view. Fighting for freedom and demanding basic human rights is not an invitation to any foreign invasion or aggression.

But this is Iraj's point of view. This is how he sees it. I hope we all respect that, focus only on the issues raised in this cartoon, and avoid name-calling.

Omid Hast

Well, Anonymouse

by Omid Hast on

I don't think so, but I won't argue about it either or else I'll be repeating the same things I said before.


Hope for the invasion...

by Emil on

Hope the USA and ISRAEL would invade Iran and free Iranians  from the bloody hands of this Arab Islamo  fascist Akhonds regime.... Even Afghanistan and Iraq have got some sort of secular regime now...


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Omid ;-)

by Anonymouse on

This isn't one of those multiple piece cartoons.  He is depicting it in one shot.  This could be after Ahmadi has failed to supress people and people have gained the upper hand and are now strong enough to beat the crap out of him.

Although, as you say it can go either way.  But isn't the regime saying that foreing powers did this?  The green movement is really home grown and has nothing to do with wanting to pave the road for US or Israel or anything else and I think that may be what you're saying?

Everything is sacred.

Omid Hast

Noooooooo, I don't think so Anonymouse

by Omid Hast on

It is clearly shown here that the green colored people are the ones that are beating the helpless man, Ahmadinejad.  Three of them against one.  The clubs are symbol of violence, the violence is committed by the Green Movement, Iraj is saying.

If he wanted to depict a fight between two opposing views on equal grounds, why didn't he draw a couple of bearded basijis in black clothes in a chaotic fight with a couple of people in green clothes, all of them standing up?  He has drawn that kind of things before and I have no doubt with his artistic talant he could have done it.  Or, why not draw three basijis in black clothes beating up three people in green clothes?


Noooo Omid.  This

by Anonymouse on

Noooo Omid.  This is like when you see 2 people fighting each other and you don't care particularly for any of them, you let them fight and beat the crap out of each other.

In this case he is saying US and Israel are going to invade anyway and they're just waiting for Iranians to finish fighting each other and then they'll do it. 

Everything is sacred.

Omid Hast

This is what I get out of it:

by Omid Hast on

The people, a woman, a clergy man, and a young man in green clothes, are beating up a man, looks like Ahmadinejad, with their clubs.  The cartoonist is saying the green movement is the one that is committing the violence, and then the American and Israeli troops are waiting for the green light to invade!  Meaning, The troops are waiting for the Green Movement to give them the green light to invade, since they are already ready to invade, since the Israeli soldier is ready to attack but the American soldier is holding him back, and since Green Movement and green light go together nicely!

IF this is the point of this cartoon, you Iraj have reached the bottom of the vilest sewer pit there ever was with your ideologically driven art.

IF that's not your point, you have a lot of explanation to do.