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Danny Postel quotes journalist Afshin Molavi: Iranian youth largely dismiss radical ideas of their parents' generation, full of half-baked leftism, Marxist economics, third-world anti-imperialism, Islamist radicalism and varying shades of utopian totalitarian. "We just want to be normal" is typical of what hundreds of students here told me. "We are tired of radicalism."

04/07/2010 - 06:00

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by Demo on

Against your disturbingly minded depiction of the “normal” your other delightful colors are full of “life” against the blackened dark of the color of "death" in the background. Following their intuitions the young hears & sees and stands up against the message of darkness & death implicit with  the deceitfully acclaimed “NOOR-MALL” lives in their surroundings.


Apology Accepted.

by shahabshahab on

Let's all try to be more sensitive to the plight of our people. Thank you.


Dear shahabshahab

by Abarmard on

I am sorry about my comment. I left a comment in that site too. Until now that I see your comment, i had no idea that I left that message in that site. I did not mean to divert attention, and regardless it is wrong to write a personal message in a public page.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Abarmard is cruel!

by shahabshahab on

I donot care if Abarmard is for IRI or against. After his comment in yesterday's blog (see Rae in Prison?, Apr. 7, 2010), I know that he does not care about anyone but himself, which is typical of his kind.

As he says in his comment regarding rape-in prison, he cares about his "running with music" much more so than rape and torture of our yound people in Iranian prisons.

See: //


Abarmard is right.

by minadadvar on

Iraj Agha, listen to Abarmard.  He knows what he is talking about.  And,  he is usually very objective.  You on the other hand, seem to be a strong supporter of IRI.  

Mardom Mazloom

Unnatural and antinorm is to force people to be the same as time

by Mardom Mazloom on

Akheh Agh Iraj has a high esteem of his intellect.

He thinks to know what is good or bod for people, a bit like Khamenei who thinks that he's the envoy of God to rule over the mankind. We should call Iraj little Kha.R. as he tries to imitate his idol Khamenei Rahbar (Kha.R.)


Well, normal is defined by place and time

by Abarmard on

We don't need to live in one period and try to hold that place. Our youth want to feel free to do what we liked to do when we were younger, relatively. Our fathers didn't like the way we dressed, talked, and lived. They told us how life was when they were younger. We didn't want that. These kids don't want to be like their parents either. That's what normal is.

Unnatural and anti-norm is to force people to be the same as time progresses. For good or bad. It's an experience that each generation needs to learn so they can built their own future based on their time. It's not your or my place to dictate what future generation must do in order to be right.