No Gays in Iran

Designed for's comedy show in San Francisco on March 12.
02/12/2010 - 07:39


Really? How could you put it

by jessie3196 on

Really? How could you put it that easily?


Fab art but....

by thepasserby on

This pic is the best look ever on Ahmadi but he is far from gay!

this is proof


I think he is just trying something new.


Who knew...

by Monda on

AN would look so good in Queen Victoria's garb?! :o)) mordam az khandeh

Bruce jan dastet dard nakoneh. 


oh wow iranian gays

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

i guess their father was right when he would tell them "khak bar saret ke namardi"

indeed NAMARD  another word for Iranian gays


Whoush! Whoush! La Grande Folle!

by Quebeqi on

I love that design. How about make some copies on posters, tee-shirts and coffee mugs and sell them to support That would be cool :)

And please bring the show to Just For Laugh Festival in Montreal! SF is too far for me :)

Nazy Kaviani

Can't wait!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Great art work Bruce! And a great idea to support!

I have seen live performances and clips of most of these artists and I can't wait to go to the show. I would like to thank the organizers so much for making this happen and for letting us help while laughing our heads off!

Brilliant announcement, excellent planning, and great performers--things simply couldn't get any better!

I have already bought my ticket online. Looking forward!


All 4 headliners r great comedians I wish I could go to d show!

by Anonymouse on

Is this the show's poster?  If so, as Jaleho uses this word for Ahmadi a lot; BRILLIANT!! 

Everything is sacred.



by sima on

This is fantastic! Is this Bruce's design?


Hilarious :o))

by Rea on

Capricieux, M. le Président.


Fabulous job Bruce!

by Monda on

The expression on his face is a killer :o)))  

Jahanshah Javid

Queen Ahmadinejad

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is so creative. I lllllove it :>)

Great work Bruce.