Obama: Get over there with them.
Iranian: I'd rather die standing on my feet than crawl to live.

07/01/2010 - 06:06

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Such a waste of talent!

by Majid on

Not every piece of garbage is considered art, some are plain and simple a brain f*rt.

You may want to learn something worthwhile!


Come on! It's time for Iraj's paycheck!

by shahabshahab on

True. He is not that good or original, or even an artisit. But come on!. He was hired to do this job, and he does it over and over every year. Mr. Ayatollah! Please send his check. He has served you well and he promises to serve you forever.

Iraj is your faithful dog. Send him the Check for $20.000 asap!


good cartoon

by Anonymous8 on

very true.


Iran's representative.

by minadadvar on

Why is Iran's representative so small/short?  Is it because, you were thinking about AN kootooleh ?  Or maybe, you, as an Iranian, have an inferiority complex!


Did somebody say Ahmaghinezhad pay $20,000 for this?

by fooladi on

No way! Any of the monkey I saw in San Diego Zoo could do a better job, and it'd cost a banana only. :)


Iraj the Jerk

by statira on

I wonder why I.C even let an IRI agent to polute the site with his nonsense work of trash. Isnt it the time to send these thugs back to where they belong. If he feels so bad for Palestinians, why he doesn't go fight along with his terrorists brothers, Hamas.

Lanate khoda bar tou. Mozdoore kaseef.


Why is Iraq not shown in Obama's herd of domesticated sheep ?

by bushtheliberator on

Perhaps because Iraq has the open society, And free elections that the IRI doesn't.



It's Most Unfortunate ...

by R2-D2 on

That The Plight Of The Iranian People Is So Poorly Represented In This Cartoon :) - !

If anyone has travelled to our Beloved Iran in the past several months, it's quite evident that a great majority of the population feel cheated by the Fraudulent Elections of last June -

I have to say that there were some who supported this illegitimate regime, prior to the elections, on certain controversial issues out of nationalism - The Fact that We Love Iran regardless of what regime is in place -

However, the audacity of mistreating our Beloved Brothers And Sisters in Iran last June, showed unequivocally, and without any reservations, that this Islamic Regime is like a cancerous tumor that needs to be completely and totally removed -  

I Can Not For The Life Of Me Understand Anyone Calling Him/Herself A True Iranian If He/She Supports, Either Directly Or Indirectly, The Fraud And The Farce That We Call The Presidential Elections Of Last June -

The Mullahs Essentially Put Themselves On A Path To Extinction By The Overt Violence And Injustice That They Perpetrated On Our Beloved Brothers And Sisters In Iran -

Pure And Simple :) - !





Mahmoud: Another $20,000 check for Iraj, Please!

by shahabshahab on

Time for Iraj's paycheck!! Mahmoud Ahmadinjad, , tell Ali to cut Iraj a check for $20,000.00. He has worked so hard for us this year!

WE need more recruits for IRI. Anyone?


Mentality of the Soviet art

by comrade on

And who is that fellow in green? Mousavi, under the protection of Yehovah?!

Never late to learn....//

Mola Nasredeen

Bavafa, I was going for the nickname "pashmaki" but "Halabi"

by Mola Nasredeen on

describes him best, Very original. 



by Bavafa on

What is it now... MKO is kissing Zionist A$$ now?

Kabootar ba kabootar (in your case) lashkhoor ba lashkoor konand parvaz.

But I have far more respect for the Zionist.  They may be any thing but not a traitor. 



"Anti-Semites" :)

by Bavafa on

Boy, they know how to milk it, don't they?



Racist ? anti - what?

by Fatollah on

says who? nothing wrong with the picture


Remove this Racist, anti semite "cartoon"....

by fooladi on

Which has been deliverd to us courtesy of the Islamic regim's Ministry of Lie and deception.

Go publish this crap on your keyhan, KKK weekly or a similar rag....




by Midwesty on

Resorting to a brit's famous one-liner is no sign of patriotism either!


The last refuge

by Fred on

Isn’t it heartwarming to see all of a sudden the card carrying Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of ally caring for Iran & Iranians?

What was that saying about the last refuge of a scoundrel?