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I wonder how Muslims would feel if....

by MM on

The star of David is the symbol of Judaism.  I wonder how Muslims would feel if the artist had placed the picture of the untouchable prophet or the symbol of IRI inside the colon, presumably right next to the rectum?

I can just see Iraj trying to hide his head in the sand rather than answer.  Poor Iraj thought that he is so clever, but he has opened a whole can of taboo whoop@ss here? 



Comparing ME to Colon!

by statira on

That's the total stupidity. No one is as stupid as a Hezbolahee to come up with this idea!

Be ghole babam, een hezbolaheea ra az dah farsakhi mishe shenakht. Kaflahi va ahmaghi az saro rooshoon mibare.

Real McCoy


by Real McCoy on



And the quack surgeon is in another operation room, checking on the nurses "hejab", amputating healthy tongues, eyes, and arms.


TRUE, some other parts are missing….

by PERS66 on

Good work, but after reading some of the other comments I have to agree that some other tumors are missing there are one or two more you can add in.

Perhaps you can do a series on this work and show the other parts.



If Israel is a single tumor, i.r. is a metastasized tumor

by پیام on

with manisfestations all over the ME. And BTW, is the ME according to you like a colon? Do you know who inhabits a colon? That's right parasites. Thank you for the comparrison, comparing us with worms and bacteria's.



by Demo on

The very dark Middle East “Colonization” by UK real fits this drawing. Move the “Colonoscopy” through the entire “Colon”. What do we see??? Cancerous cells are spread all over. Let’s find a cure for our own "colonized minds" before X-Raying others.


Where is IRI's logo?

by statira on

If Israel's logo is just a polyp, IRI's logo is a cancerous tumor in anus and the cancerous cells( Basijis and pasdarchia) metastasized everywhere.


Couldn't be any SMARTER....

by Solitude on

Nor could it be any cleverer! Good job brother... keep up that wonderful creativity juice flowing and let us see more of your work...

Dido BiVafa & Pedramx

In the hopes of the day that palestinians can return to their rightful HOMES and that the world be rid of that Hawkish regime of Israel.


Iraj this cartoon is not complete

by Khar on

Wonder where IRI should be in this drawing, perhaps you can draw it as the Sooraakh Maghaad!



LOL ;)))

by PERS66 on

Very creative, cool and timely..

Let’s hope for the discovery of some adequate chemotherapy as cure ;)))

Hopefully sooner than later…



The drawing represents the moster called Islam in form of ?

by Darveesh on

star of david?

them muslims have even hijacked that star!
God bless humanity with that thing up their hoohoo


Hamsade @ Divaneh

by Majid on


I can't stop laughing @ your comments.................LOLOL

Good one friends, GOOD ONE!



It is very smart , It is very clever!

by pedramx on

great job!!!

pastor bill rennick

The drawing represents the moster called Islam which has

by pastor bill rennick on

been devouring everything including Iran and now the last hope and shining hill of democracy, Israel. That's what I conjure up when I see this deraz and ugly roodeh!?

God bless Israel!


royal @ss of the humanity i presume?

by Darveesh on

good work.


Iraj Yamin Esfandiari

by Onlyiran on

Now that we have seen the colon of the Middle East, you know what constitutes the s**t of the ME, right?  The IRI.  It comes right out of the Israeli colon that gave birth to it in real life too.  


This is the best

by divaneh on

Self Portrait

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Sadat Opposes True Islam To IRI's "Khomeinism" (1979/1980)

by Darius Kadivar on

pictory: Egyptian President Sadat Opposes True Islam To IRI's "Khomeinism" (1979/1980)

Who Killed Him ? ... The same IRI Tearjerkers claiming to want Peace !

Oh and Remember he TOO was also a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 1977 ...BUT Unlike Some Folks in The Above Picture HE DESERVED IT ! ... The Nobel Peace Prize That is ...

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Good one!

by ghalam-doon on


hamsade ghadimi

vali khodemoonim ha middle

by hamsade ghadimi on

vali khodemoonim ha middle east cheghad goshadeh.  iraj jan, bishtar beri too parcham iri ham khahi did.  ya khodet midooni;)


Good Job

by BiVafa on

well done Iraj. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. I wish to see a free Iran and Palestine. And this whole "Anti-Semitic" accusation is nonsensical really, tired old tactics. The only Semitic people in that region are the Palestinians.  


Stop blaming Israel for all the ills of the world

by Negin on

This is outragous. 


Dear Iraj: It is not smart, it is not clever,

by reader1 on

it is pure ignorance to single out Israeli government  as the only cancerous tumour in the Middle East. If you had  further explored that dark lumen of the east you would have found much bigger insidious tumours such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt  and our very own IRI.   If you go too far by ‘singling out Israel’ it then easily becomes anti-semitic and Iranians by nature and deeds are NOT and  never been anti-semitic. If you have strong feeling about the injustice inflicted by Israeli regime on Palestinian people, there are many materials  out there for you to satisfy your creative and artistic urge. Sadly, the Middle East is riddled with cancer of ignorance and bigotry, curable only by a massive dose of cultural enlightenment, sensitivity and tolerance.