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by for on


You are just a Bull Shit Artist, not Cartonist!

by abgosht on

Fear of earth quake has been there in the last 30 years in Iran.  Did that stop the AN, Khamanai.... stop chanting the  Down with XYZ?


Ali9 Akbar

the earthquake will be caused by ...

by Ali9 Akbar on

the Hidden Imam coming out of his well in Teheran to kick the a##es of the IRI

David ET

بسیجی چیست؟

David ET

 موجودی پشمالو که بی دلیل به انسان حمله میکند

Mardom Mazloom

آغ ایرج،

Mardom Mazloom

یک سوال: اگه زلزله شد و تو از طبقه سوم افتادی رو "راک این ته فیری ورد" و یک بچه این وسط شد، طبق گفته آیات الشیطانیکه میپرستی، این بچه حلاله یا حروم؟

Anonymous Observer

Actually, "Iraj Khan"

by Anonymous Observer on

AN may not "cause" an earthquake, but if an earthquake does happen, the death toll will be considerably higher than it should be because of IRI's incompetence and corruption.  Here's a well written piece on that issue:



What's that saying?

by Cost-of-Progress on

Gooz be shaghighe che kaar dareh?

Well if you fart hard enough, you'll get a headache...looks like you sharted though, Iraj!

So, because there's a potential for earthquake there, people should bend over (or continue to) and take it up the arse from you people.

You are traitors, then and now.




hamsade ghadimi

how 'iranic'

by hamsade ghadimi on

we'll have to see if the stomping of the masses will cause the earthquake? zelzeleye mardomi. it's ironic how the 'holy' color of islam is now being villified.

Omid Hast

Possibility of earthquake in Tehran

by Omid Hast on

Doctor Roger Bilham has calculated that one million people could die in Tehran, Iran’s capital, in a predicted quake similar in intensity to the one in Haiti. For the full article by The New York Times, see here:



Life is tough

by SamSamIIII on


& it's a lot tougher when you're a dumb Ommatie.

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