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Happy New Year, Marhoum jaan

by AMIR1973 on

Na, man Kalimi nistam, Mosalman-e Shieh-yeh Esna Ashari-yeh bedoon-e deen hastam. Ettefaghan az taraf-e pedarim "Seyyedam" hastam. Aya shoma "cyber groupie" Jomhuri Eslami hasteed? Daem keh az een hokumat-e ashghal-e nang defa mikonid. Rastesh ra begind...   Agar lotf mikonid, befarmayind een keeleed-e pelastiki ra begarind az dast-e man va beparind roo yek meen. Khahesh mikonam. 

Fish Here

contempt for the green movement

by Fish Here on

Your contempt for the green movement and millions of Iranians who have risen to defend their rights is sickening.

So, you think the green movement is doing things on orders and motivation from Israel?

Sheesh, you sound just like Hossein Shariatmadari.


Obama has AN to thank for his success.

by abgosht on

this may be your most accurate cartoon.   

It is interesting to see how Obama manage to do what no other US president has been able to do in last 30 years.   Obama told Iran that US has  two wars to fight and being rational has no intention of starting a new conflict.  Furthermore he told them that he is interested in reaching a resolution with Iran.    The AN and company, being the idiots that they are took that as a time to settle scores with their opponenet to have a single voice in negotiation with US.   Obama's message cause the right wing in Iran to do what it had mostly not done in the past, at least not that openly, it started the project of eliminating the reform movement.   AN started the war on the reform movmement in the debates and with that move it broke the unity of Iranian leadership. 

Obama counted on the stupidity of AN to destroy IRI.   THe gamble is paying off for Obama.  Even Iraj is seeing it.  


to be fair, Obama extended his hand

by persian_yingyang on

and recieved a clenched fist.  for 6 months Obama endured the pressure from Republicans and stayed silent lest it be interpreted as interference.

I think we have to have the courage and admit the truth.  Obama was and is willing to engage Iran, while Misses Sarkozy is not.


IRI cyber groupies approve of no talent Fellow Traveler Iraj

by AMIR1973 on

Drawing cartoons is a sure sign of "gharbzadegi". Baradar Iraj, in order to show your true loyalty to the Garbage Republic, may I suggest obtaining a plastic key to heaven and then jumping very hard on a landmine, the way Emam Khomeini liked his 12 year-old followers to do. You can take Marhoum Kharmagas with you. That's 72 x 2 = 144 houris for you and that insect to enjoy in paradise. That is, if you and the other IRI cyber ever decide to leave the Evil West. Please let me know, and I will buy you and your 5 admirers on this website those plastic keys specially delivered from Taiwan.



by Demo on

The thinking/believing that Mousavi is in any way embracing the red & for that reason he is being kicked out by the US is absurd. He has been @ the elite IRI dictatorship services (“The Khavas”) for the past 31 years and has been acting pretty well to silence/catalyze the recent uprisings by the way he knows quite well, i.e. green shining it & by issuing his going nowhere speeches. Such is serving the West the best to back up the IRI military coup as they always have been doing for ages against the popular uprisings in many parts of the world.

marhoum Kharmagas

Iraj jaan, damet garm

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Zendeh baashi.


Iraj you are always 100% predictable.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Right on spot. Many thanks.

by Bavafa on