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Azadeh Azad's response: "Sure, Let's Talk!"

05/23/2010 - 10:04

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Wyatt Earp

by benross on

This is an old news. The Shah once was complaining about this fact in a 60 minutes interview.

But the cold war is over. And along with it, many parameters has changed. The mentality of some -on both sides of the issue- has not changed yet. But the reality has changed. And Obama is acting according to the new reality. 

Wyatt Earp

It is called character assassination

by Wyatt Earp on

Those of you who deny power of Israel Lobbyists (AIPAC) on American Foreign policies are ill informed.   It is an undeniable fact. 

In western countries anyone (Professors, Ex presidents, journalists) who expresses unfavorable views about Israel is attacked.  It is called character assassination and they have the means (Radio, TV/Cable, Books, Newspapers, Movies, Magazines) to do it better than anyone else.  So much for freedom of speech! 


how appropriate

by Darveesh on

this is amazingly appropriate cartoon of Houseen agha Barak.

Only if he was not a nokar to Israel-istan and aipac-istan  he would have made very decent first black president. Dr king is certainly turning in his grave.

Mola Nasredeen

"You are right on the money brother Iraj"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Said Hazrate shotor.


What a depiction of Islamic mentality

by comrade on

Physical confinement( ie:holding the legs ), as a means of silencing the thought. How Islamic indeed.


This very naive and stupid even for a mouth piece

by Khar on

Islamic republic of rape foreign policy is to buy time and nothing more!

Real McCoy

Time to say thank you Israel

by Real McCoy on

What is missing is the portrayal of  a Chinese, Russian, and to some extent European mouthpiece for the IRI fellow.

The illusion of Iran, standing up to the US, so independently, is disgustingly stupid.


What is this "Iraj" saying?

by shahabshahab on

Is he saying that if Obama were not concerned about the Jewish lobby, he would make a deal with Ahmadinejad?! That would be te ultimate mistake for Obama to deal with this mass murderer.

Over the years, ALL of Iraj's (or whoever it is behind that name) is pro Islamic republic. He uses this concept of anti jewIshhness to rally the simple-minde Iranians amongst us. Apparently, he succeeds every time.

Clearly, he is the mouhtpiece of the Akhonds with very simplistic thouths and views.


Obama policy provided us

by benross on

Obama policy provided us with invaluable time to regroup. Ignorants notwithstanding.



by Fatollah on

you blame others easy too! you are not a person who would want goodness for Iran and Iranians no matter who rules that anciant land! and Obama doesn't have what it takes, none of the US Pres. had, remember Obama's speach to AIPAC, in fact they rule America not Americans America ...


Jews always did it.

by پیام on

The easy ususal suspects for the ignorant middel aged middel eastern men.


Easy answer

by Fred on

Regardless of solid contrary evidence having someone or group to blame all the times makes things a lot easier.

Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty lap poodle of ally remain loyal to their dogma for the easy answer it provides.