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Islamic fashion designers tackle the hejab


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compare and cry

by Fesenjoon on

How utterly tragic that while these morons have for years been trying to declare the Chador culture as "lebas e melli", in other parts of the world, you see mesmerizing things like this (see until 2nd minute):

And the tragic part of it is that the flamenco/guitar culture of Spain actually originated in Iran.

What do u say to people who bury their own past, and instead manufacture a new fake one (based on 7th century beduin ideology)? You say khaak bar saretoon konand.


The Purpose of Chador

by HHH on

Chador was created by women who didn't wish to control their diet, exercise or even bother to spend time buttoning or zipping or fitting clothes or even brushing their hair.

It's a quick-on quick-off Hejab. So Iran's girls started wearing it to be able to wave it off as the boy across the street passed by.

But why mullahs created Hejab at all?  Because they were and they are sexual perverts incapable of controlling their arousals and they look at every female only as a sexual object or a baby-producing machine who they can not count as equals in anyway.

So Hijab wasn't created for women's respect or "Nejaabat" but for men who can not have respect or "nejaabat" while in female company. 

In a civilized society men and women can walk in bikinis and neither get aroused or bothered while they all all respect one another.

Unfortunately the Arab invaders brought their culture to our country which bites our culture once every few centuries, and this will  continue until all Iranians get educated and keep away from organized religions. 


You delete, I'll repeat

by Rea on

Degrading. For any woman !


Hope honestly

by Rea on

These are not representatives of Iranian women.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mandatory Veiling

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Khomeini should have veiled his own face. Now we all know who he really was:

On Her Majesty's Secret Service:


Mandatory veiling

by varjavand on

Mandatory veiling is nothing but the instrument of control. Please review this article

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Q Khaan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


actually, your gender isn't nearly as important as your ignorance

So I guess my gender is somewhat important! How important is it? Dude you call me bigoted while you admit that my gender DOES matter! 



LOL VPK, well "unlink" you too!

by Q on

actually, your gender isn't nearly as important as your ignorance obviously based on extremely limited personal experience with this issue, mixed with a healthy dose of bigotry.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ooohh Q

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If you think calling me Khanum is an insult you are very wrong. I have the highest respect for women unlink you. It just happens that I am a male of the species; and a fine specimen I might add!

Fesnejoon responded well to you. So just go read what he said. 

BTW: take your misogyny with you.


Islamic Fashion ???

by Demo on

"o ye children of adam! we have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. but the raiment of righteousness,- that is the best. such are among the signs of GOD, that they may receive admonition!" (Verse 26 of Section 7 in Quran)

Khomeini caused the most damages to Islam by his own invented fashion of attaching "Islamic" to everything. Here goes another clear proof of such action: "Islamic Fashion!!" One should read Quran before making any comment about "Hijab."


mandatory or optional chador is not the point

by Fesenjoon on

The question is not whether Chador is mandatory or an option. It's whether women in Iran have freedom NOT to wear Hejab if they choose so.

And the answer is a resounding NO. They dont. Women in Iran must be covered to protect men's sex drives. Men are weak creatures in Islam. Their penises can easily become aroused by the sight of women's hair. Who knows, maybe the people who make these backassward rules are into things like pearl necklaces.

But seriously, I doubt there would be millions wearing the chador (or any hejab) willingly, if Hijab were suddenly to be announced not mandatory anymore in Iran.


vailed khanum,

by Q on

Once again, you seem to be blinded by hatred plus a touch of islamophobia and classism. None of the people in the video were "your servents" or even your "granparents" generation. But what difference does it make who wears it or what status of society they are? The fact that there are millions of Iranians who do it willingly is the only thing that matters.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Q Khaan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Obviously there are some people in Iran who want to wear chador. My grandmother had one which she sometimes wore. Our servant wore hers regularly. So what? 

From what I am hearing most people at Friday prayer are the older folks. That makes sense because they are the more religious types. It was them who fell for the Khomeini lies and brought this upon their children. They are now being cursed by their own kids. The younger generation is definitely not the ones going to the prayers.

Now go practice your "marg bar amrika" some more :-) I command you! 



VPK, you're confused as usual

by Q on

which one of your lame excuses, "quick cover", "assassination", etc. explains why people in the video are wearing chador?

Which one explains why millions of woman in Iran wear black chadors in their daily lives, or when they are demonstrating or going to Friday prayers?

I thought so...

You have some authority issues, I get it. But you need to control who you lash out against and for what reason, otherwise, you are in danger of being totally incoherent.


از خدا و بچه آخوندای اینجا پنهان نیست. از شما چه پنهان!




دو مورد از مشتبهات معروف در قرآن، عبارتند از : حجاب و لمس زن. که
تعبیر و تفسیر‌های متضادی را در خود دارد. یادتان میاید بازرگان با زن دست
داد یا خاتمی شانه دختر را فشرد؟ و همین دو موضوع که
ساخته و پرداخته قشریون
است برای دست و پاگیری التزام عملی‌ به دین شریف کافیست. حالا هم به جای
اینکه وقتتان را اینجا تلف کنید تشریف ببرید توی قسمت استاد ترور شده که تا
چند وقت دیگر خواهید دید برخی‌ اساتید هم با بنز ضدّ گلوله و پیشقراول
پسقراول رفت و آمد خواهند کرد.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


was always an option for women who had to rush out for a minute and did not want to get fully dressed. That is why some opt for it. However this was a CHOICE. I knew many women who most the time wore very fashionable and did not wear chador or scarfs. However once in a while used the chador as a quick thing to "throw on" in a rush. So that is why "opt" for the most "restrictive" one Mr. Q.

Other benefits of Chador are for Islamist assassins. More than once has a cowardly Islamist assassin used the chador to get away. Of course I don't expect any different from Islamists since they have no manhood.

Regarding Iranian dress: It is whatever an free Iranian decides to put on. Not up to you Mr. Q or your Mollahs to tell us. Maybe I want to be shaven maybe not. None of your business. It is called freedom; a concept alien to Islam.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

The design  on the mannequin at 1:07 catches the eye. The scarf brooch on the designer also works.  The designers sound more like engineers than artists though. Their technical challenge being how to keep the chador from being a hassle to wear while active.


oh yes, "Persian" clothes

by Q on

like 3 piece suits, ties, clean shaven face, Gucci shoes, dresses and bikinis, miniskirts and make up for women. Very "Persian" indeed!

funny how haters are always blind to their own prejudices, even while claimng to refrain from "insults" and judgement of others.

I fully concede that head covering, as little of it as is necessary, should not be mandatory on anyone.

But the fact is that chador is not mandatory, even in Iran. So, you have to ask yourself what problem you have with people's choice? If they hate all hejab, why go for the most constraining one?





by Khar on


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

More disgusting

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


they become the harder to defend! I say let them get really vile. Have the world see what Islam is all about and vomit at it. Now wait for the defenders to come out. They will tell us how we do not understand "real" Iranians.

How we are out of touch; right.


They may be Muslim clothes

by Simorgh5555 on

.............but they sure as hell are not Iranian!