How to Fool US Drones

12/10/2011 - 11:01

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iraj khan

What do Iranian Americans think of President Obama?

by iraj khan on

The survey says:

"Although their favorable attitude towards President Obama’s policy towards Iran has declined, Iranian Americans are mostly inclined to vote for Obama in the 2012 presidential election."

"In 2008, sixty-five percent (65%) of Iranian Americans voted for President Obama. In 2012, fifty-five percent would consider voting for President Obama, while only eighteen percent (18%) would consider voting for the Republican candidate and twenty-seven percent (27%) would not vote."


Islamist terrorist regime is not "targeted" enough

by AMIR1973 on

This terrorist regime has got to go, just like Qaddafi, Baathists, USSR, Nazis, and the fascists during WW2 (and Assad is in the process of the same thing). Just as those previous animals were taken out, the Islamist terrorist regime has to be taken out as well. 



by darius on

What you say and what he says are  true.IRI is a rotten and abusive regime, no question about it . But it is also true that  Iran

has been  being targetted  for a long time .

Too bad if you don't like the way he expresses himself.He is the only man accountable for it .


iraj khan

"Close Ties"

by iraj khan on

Is why only 3% of Iranian Americans support war with Iran.

Zogby Research Services survey:

"Iranian Americans retain close ties to family in Iran, though the percentage of respondents who say they have immediate family still in Iran has dropped off from sixty-two percent (62%) in 2009 to forty percent (40%) in 2011. This may be due either to a hesitancy in reporting or an increase in emigration from Iran resulting from unrest and repression in the country. Nevertheless, despite the drop in the percentage, it is clear that close ties remain between Iranian Americans in the U.S. and their families in Iran. Only twelve percent (12%) of Iranian Americans surveyed reported not having any family in Iran in 2011."



The truth does hurt

by AMIR1973 on

And the truth is that the Islamist terrorist regime ruling Iran is the biggest threat to the peace and well-being of the Iranian people. Which is why all the West-residing IRI Groupies who vomit up propaganda on behalf of the Islamist terrorist regime LOVE living in North America and Western Europe and would never actually want to live under the rotten regime that they keep defending with their worthless, asinine "cartoons".



by darius on

Telling the truth  hurts,it has nothing to  do with spelling the word "Gulf".

That   caricature depicts   what  is being planned for Iran and has nothing to do with being Kiani or Omatti but the reality. 

As a Kiani  the only thing you  maynot like is that all the bomb he is drawing are not big and destructive  as the others , he uses smaller bomb in some area ( may he has some relative  in that area).Please ask him to correct that part as well.

iraj khan

and the survey says:

by iraj khan on

"Only three percent (3%) of Iranian Americans favor a military option against Iran."


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks for catching the mistake. It has been corrected.


Persian Bluff

by Tavana on



What difference does that make the 'Lefto Ommattie'  calling it 'Gulf' or 'Gluf?' What matters instead is the billions & billions barrels of oil 'Glut' underneath its waters! That is what the spy 'Drones' are all about! But once again Persian Conquerers are too proud of themelves and are full of 'Bluffs' for having claimed the shutting down of the drone by their own built 'N's.' And that is a No, No!


Illiteracy is a common trait among IRI groupies

by AMIR1973 on

Perhaps this particular West-residing IRI groupie thinks that the drone's GPS system will malfunction if it thinks it's over the Persian "Gluf" rather than the Persian Gulf...

Anonymous Bugger

Bisavad, its " Gulf" , not "Gluf"

by Anonymous Bugger on


Lefto Ommatie bisavads like u who cant spell 1 outta 3 words right gave the keys to Omarus for the re-conquest of Iran.

cheers Abu!!!