Khalil Najafi: Camera carrying insects

Flying insects could soon be used in search and rescue missions

telegraph: Minute cameras and microphones mounted on the backs of beetles will help emergency services find victims trapped or buried underneath rubble. Researchers aim to power a tiny “backpack” of sensors by “scavenging” energy from the insect’s own wing movements to help create a lasting power source. The bugs can then be released into collapsed buildings or other areas seen as too dangerous for human rescue teams. Professor Khalil Najafi, who is developing the new technology, said the insect’s own kinetic energy would act as a battery for a variety of communication equipment. He said: “Through energy scavenging, we could potentially power cameras, microphones and other sensors and communication equipment that an insect could carry aboard a tiny backpack >>>


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عجب فکر بکری


قاضی به متهم: انکار فایده ای نداره. دوربین نصب شده روی کمر سوسک مقتول نشان میده که این دمپایی شما بوده.


مامور امداد به سرپرست: فکر نکنم با این سوسکه به جایی برسیم. الان دوازده ساعته که یا تپاله جمع میکنه و یا توی تپاله ها قایم میشه.


پدر خاله سوسکه: آقا زاده اشتغالشون چیه؟

مادر خواستگار: پسرمون خبرنگار عکاسه.



by Arj on

How does the command center control the itinerary of the bug? What if it decides to take a detour for an alternative objective (e.g. some flower, fruit or dung!)?!


Very proud of the achivements of these great talents..

by Bavafa on

University of Michigan has been home to many talented Iranian engineers who have been working on great ideas and have achieved great successes.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on


Well done!

P.S. my contribution in support, will be to tread carefully. :)