Hang on to Your Hat

Those who think that the US is the champion of democracy should
listen to the last sentence of this analysis of the Egypt situation >>>
01/29/2011 - 01:32

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by Raoul1955 on

Often times real life situations cannot be reduced to a caricature.

BTW, have you ever drawn a caricature of Mohammad, the founder of islam?  If not, why not?
Please disregard if you are a muslim, or know that if you did draw a caricature of Mohammad that muslims will kill you with their 'kindness.'  LOL

Mash Ghasem

"US is the champion of democracy?"

by Mash Ghasem on

Probably  not!

Yet the U.S. offers more freedom and democracy even in its worse days ( that's a reference to "the good ol days" under Bush Ceheny regime ) than any other country in the world. This site and thousands others like it are just a minor example.

How do you, Mr. Esfandiary explain this paradox? please enlighten us, cheers




Your binary view of dictators (arab dictators bad, mullahs good)

by ImtheKing on

is really amazing!!

I think that the fall of dictators like Ben Ali and Mubarrak will end on the head of mullahs - that you back - not Israel, Haji!!

I'm wondering to whom they'll ask for help .... Oh, I got it, they'll ask help from Hajis living in the west like yourself, oh yeah, lol!


Keep on drawing, Haji. Your west-like cartoons will keep mullahs safe.