Islamic River

اسلام رود: جغرافیای "طبیعی" ایران

BBC Persian: Debate over separation of
male and female students at universities

06/23/2011 - 15:30


Like it, add this to one of IRI progress

by عموجان on

Now real Muslimmen can show who is wearing skirt.

But why womengot to live on dry side ?

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Didn't think about the ghosl angle, so I humbly accept the "C" for research.

Also, regarding Dr. Saadat Nouri and Divaneh's comments, you can find them  in this thread. Through some miracle of Islam, two separate blogs were accidentally created, perhaps with a divine message of blog gender segregation to IC members. But nobody follows the mahram rules around here. 


Cut back

by oktaby on

on whatever you are smoking. Saadat Noori did not show up yet.

You want the grocery store. This is a bank :)



عالم دیوانگی


دیوانه هر چه می خواهد بگوید و بنویسد ملامتی برش نیست. ولی استاد سعادت نوری چرا؟ استاد جان اسلام در قرآن به معنی مایه حیات و جنبش جسم و عقل است.کوه اسلام و رود اسلام یعنی چه؟ آن دو به همان اندازه چسباندن جمهوری به اسلامی غلطند و مقبوح. از استاد محترم هیچگاه انتظار چنین اشتباه فاحشی نمی رفت.



by oktaby on

You sorely lack insight into dine mobine eslam:

-A good moslem will split Iran such that this river should run east/west. Symbolizing overtaking of the west while properly dividing Iran to appropriate (halal) North (female/fertile) and South (barren and thirsty)

-This proper splitting of Iran into a symbolic bed leaves the proverbial Male and zaiife occupying each side of this Shi't bed, to conveniently roll to their respective bed side and fall into a body of water for Ghosl after doing the nasty.

- Even in your Sunni version the right shall be the Male (barren and thirsty) and left 'shagghe' female (Fertile and moist)

A for creativity and color of river

C for research/lack of islamic knowledge