Shahrzad Shams: First Active Iranian Female Airline Pilot

Aseman Airlines

Against all odds, Ms. Shahrzad Shams could pass all the obstacles and become the first active Iranian female airline pilot. Presently, she flies domestic flights in Iran as First Officer with Aseman Airlines.


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Aseman Airline

by amirkabear4u on

gone a long way from the one I knew.

Maybe their service gets better.


Dr. Mohandes

Just Imagine

by Dr. Mohandes on

Under the previous system of Government having a fe male pilot was a given not a feat or even an accomplishment. It was not a priviledge. Any female would have been able to try her chances and become one.

The "SYSTEM" was set and designed to allow for female participation in all forms and shapes and in whatever capacity possible.


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Now we have two problems for takeoff........spare parts, and pilot's mood swing. Period.

Just kidding.........With best wishes for her and the system which allows her social participation..............

And hopefully it won't result in women-only flights............


More power to her and all other Iranian women..

by Bavafa on

Fly safe


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory