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02/20/2012 - 07:08

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Mardom Mazloom

ایرج جان، ترجمه حرف ها رو به فارسی هم میذاشتی !

Mardom Mazloom

برای کمک:
احمدینژاد: بابا حالمو گرفتی؛ دارم از غصه میمیرم !
امریکا: به ک-رم گر غمت پایان ندارد ...


when you go black....

by Sialashgar on

You never go back.



by Fesenjoon2 on

This is what Iran has come down to:


Mash Ghasem

Doesn't this kind of garbage belong to Kayhan, rather than here?

by Mash Ghasem on

Demo is right; first it was the constant jew bashing and star of david, as a permenant feature. Now it's Obama's race and the "N" word. What's next Hillary gender and calling her Zaiefeh?

To Iraj, our most obtuse racist "artist" : We all know you're too illiterate to understandd these things but Obama is actually bi-racial (white mother, black father), your depiction of Black folks is an ugly reminder of the most rascist  Jim Crow, KKK depictions. Tabrik!


The "N" Word?

by Demo on

First came the hatred for the "J's" and now the "N" word!

That is exactly the option the 'Neocons' have been preparing for so long for the bearded Iranians to follow! The "N" rods, however, will not provide shelters & will not bring food to the poor Iranians' tables who are going to suffer the most under the imposed sanctions!

And only Moses' rod is again needed to wake both Isrealis & Iranians up that there is still GOD in control & not either of the two!

Wake up 'ignorants,' wake up! Learn from the human history's experiences, learn!


اوباما باد فتق گرفته!



برای درمان باد فتق از تخم شوید استفاده کنید.

دستور آن به این صورت است که باید حدود 40 گرم تخم شوید را بو دهید تا کاملا قهوه‌ای شود سپس آنرا کاملا آسیاب کنید تا به صورت پودر درآید و بعدا آنرا با سرکه سیب مخلوط کرده و میل کنید.