Confessions: Noureddin Kianouri

Tudeh Party leader forced to go on tv

Wikipedia: Noureddin Kianouri (1915-1999) was an influential member of the Central Committee for the communist Tudeh Party. He acted as the party's General Secretary from 1979 to 1984. The Tudeh party was reinstituted with Kianouri as General Secretary. In 1983, the Tudeh Party was again banned following accusations of espionage for the Soviet Union. Kianouri was imprisoned and later forced to publicly confess on a televised broadcast. After his release in 1984, Kianouri wrote an open letter detailing the torture of himself and his wife while in prison. He died on 5 November 1999 >>>


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My experience with those of

by Khebedin on

My experience with those of communist mind/thoughts is not good, they all have a short fall of a kind and a chip on their sholder with a set mind. No wonder why Communsem totally failed and sought help from America


More on Tudeh

by Faramarz on

About a month ago BBC Persian had a series of articles about Tudeh and the plight of Iranians that fled to the Soviet Union. I found these 2 articles extremely interesting and informative


خسرو روزبه؛ اسطوره حزب توده - عباس میلانی 

سرنوشت تلخ ایرانیان مهاجر در شوروی - محسن حیدریان 


Tudeh serving the Russians

by divaneh on

About a year ago a Turkish client of mine invited me to a restaurant to have lunch with him and a few of his friends. One of his friends was an old man who belonged to some Turkish communist party. He started telling me how their party, Tudeh Party in Iran, and a host of other parties in the area were all in touch with each other and were taking their orders from the Russians. He did not think it was treason. He said country meant nothing to them as they were all working towards a fair world, and Russia was seen as the leader in that movement. He knew Tabari, Kianouri and others. Unfortunately my client who did not seem to like the discussion interrupted us and denied me such a golden opportunity to gather more information from the old man for a good blog on the subject.

It is now clear to everyone that how these people were manipulated but they still seem to be deep in their own delusions.

Anahid Hojjati

Roozbeh, Tudeh supporters

by Anahid Hojjati on

demonstrated against mandatory hijab. 


worse than spying for Soviet Union....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

To me the Tudeh's biggest treason is their collaboration with islamic regime. The way they attacked other secular groups (mostly left) for opposing Khomeini's regime, at times even betraying the names, leading to executions. the way they cheered the executions. The way they attacked women who demonstrated against mandatory Hijab as "Monarchist whores". The list of shame goes on...

I believe that the vast majority of Tudeh Party members were honest, good people, betrayed by their leadership. Many even in leadership opposed Kianouri.

As for Kianouri himself, of course these confessions of "espionage" were extracted under torture and not worthy. I see his trial as no different from the show trials of "green opposition leaders", who also "confessed". We should remember though that for every Kianoury who "confessed" and saved himself a few more years of shamefull life, hundreds of young and old Tudehi and other leftists resisted, did not repent and gave their lives to their cause. Therefore , I feel no pity for him. In fact if alive, in a post Islamist regime Iran, he and other leaders of Tudeh party who did not oppose his traiterous acts against Tudeh Party members, Iranian left and iranian nation, should be tried for high treason.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anahid Hojjati

thanks Mehrban

by Anahid Hojjati on

i did not watch it either. however, i saw it many years ago or saw videos similar to it. even then i thought "confessions" obtained under torture are wrong and i was barely 20 yrs old. 


Anahid I agree with you!

by Mehrban on

Content of forced confessions under torture are worthless.  This tape may only have a historic and archival value.  That is it!

I did not even watch it.   



Bbc persian has good articles

by choghok on

Bbc persian has put very good articles and interviews with tudeh party members online. Also to those calling names and so on, think about how big tudeh party was and how many of them were jailed tortured and executed before and after revolution.

I am not communist but I do beleive that many of the people who joined all these parties did it because of conviction and trying to improve all iranians situation. They did not know what we know today and take for granted.


I thought you were only deaf, but you are also blind

by Souri on


Have you read this comment below?


Mash Ghasem : Once! and forever!

by Souri on

Mash Ghasem

Still not a single word,in refuting the facts, you people simply

by Mash Ghasem on


Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on

don't expect me to discuss tudeh policies with you on this thread. i belive i was quite clear about my objection to posting this video. it has nothing to do with tudeh policies. now if you want to use this thread to do your usual, don't expext me to be a party to that.also your jungle, tree comment did not make sense just like so some of your other comments that are really lies  and are not worthy to be called even comments. 


Deja vu!

by Souri on

All those "documents" always from the same site, have been already bowl shetting here, by no other person than yourself!

I recommand  you  to post them many many more times, until somebody finally gets interested!


Mash Ghasem

Documented treachery of Tudeh, according to their own newspaper

by Mash Ghasem on

and how they betrayed:

Iranian workers:

National minorities in Iran:

Iranian intellectuals:

To bring all these quotations from your own rag of a newspaper would turn this into a seperate blog (that's how extensive Tudeh's treachery is to Iranian people). To get a full picture, just read this link below:



Mash Ghasem

"Nothing wrong with helping KGB!!!!"

by Mash Ghasem on

Monarchists claim nothing wrong with CIA & MI6 "helping" to bring back shah in 1953.

And we have to ask ourselves why have we been historically so phocked over?

With such  subservient attitudes to foriegners, and taking pride in being their water boys and water girls, how in the world could we not be so phocked over. You people simply disgust me.


Absolute BS

by Souri on

"What you have to say about the responsibility of Tudeh in sending tens and
hundreds of opponents of IR to jails of IR, by infiltrating thier
organizations, identifying thier wher abouts and callin gwho ever
opposed IR thugs "spies of US?"

I answer: This is the absolute BS!

And you know it very well!

The truth is, you as the chap efrati, are the biggest enemy of Toudeh! 

No political group in Iran, is so much afraid of the popularity of TP, as you "the Maoists" are.

Have a nice day, you too!

Mash Ghasem

AH, you see the tree, yet you fail to see the jungle

by Mash Ghasem on

Torture is unacceptable and condemned no mattter what the context.

Execution is unacceptable and condemned no matter what the context.

Incarcerration and imprisonmnet due to political, or personal beliefs is unaccepatable and condemned under any and all circumstances.

Condemnation of Musavi's house arrest does not mean supporting his crimes against humanity for a second. We're still in favour of bringing him, nad his co-horts to a proper court of law (in which he'll have the right to defend himself).

Having said all that, what do you, Souri, PN... have to say about the responsibility of Tudeh in sending tens and hundreds of opponents of IR to jails of IR, by infiltrating thier organizations, identifying thier wher abouts and callin gwho ever opposed IR thugs "spies of US?"

You don't have a word to say. As I though so.

Have a nice day.


Mash Ghasem : Once! and forever!

by Souri on

Here's my answer to your stupid question. Take it, keep it and stick it to your ears:

I was not a member of TP. I had no information about their relationship with KGB.

But from all the evidances, I could obviously deduct that the answer is : YES. They have been collaborating with the KGB. 

And I don't see nothing wrong with this! All depends on what you (and your hesbollahi friends in dastgah) call the "collaboration" and what you mean by this! 

What is wrong, is not the question you ask. What is wrong, is the fact that you don't want to listen to the answer.



Mash Ghasem

None has yet refuted the fact: Tudeh & KGB were cooperating,

by Mash Ghasem on

and working hand in hand. As is also extensively documented in here: page 2-7.

Case closed.

OY jaan, call me spolied if you will, but if it's not Dark Chocolate, I can't have it. Doctor's orders! As far as these 'comrades,' their attitude to Kiannory reminds me of how Hezbollah treats Khomeini, or some extreme monarchists treat shah. They just can't tolerate a single word against that SOB, may he always burn in hell, if there is one.

PN; sounds like you're really missing Imam's plastik, shall I deposit it in one of your items?



Souri's comment...

by پندارنیک on

If the link in Souri's comment takes you to an ERROR page, please try this one.



by Souri on

If you read this (posted first by Pendar Neek)

You will see how and when the Tudeh leadership went wrong. As I have mentioned in one of my blogs, they had planned to send some of the "hey'at markazi" members abroad, but Kianoury himself and Maryam Firouz and some others, were not willing to leave. Why? Because of the same accusation and eftera, which has been weighting on Tudeh, since the aftermath of 1953.

But nobody wants to read and learn anything. People love to ruminate the past, with same look, from the same angle. That's why we never get no where.

PS_ and yes, of course the fail of "Nojeh" coup d'etat and also the attack on"laneh jasoosi" of  the American Embassy, both have been initiated and helped by the Tudeh party of Iran.

I will try not to come back to this thread again. I don't want to break my sunny Sat. with these arajif, over and over again.

Good luck , guys.

Oon Yaroo

Mash Ghasem Jan, the 18 Wheeler of Godiva Chocolate I sent you!

by Oon Yaroo on

Did you eat them all!?

Please send a few boxes to the friends here specially the ones of the female persuasion as symbol of love and affection!


afarin, barikala

by Souri on

khob hala shoma ha yad begirid, ebrat begirid, jasous o dast neshoundeh kasi nashid.

khoda ghovat!

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on

you write as if you are against iri but then when i pose mny question, you start repeating your beliefs about tudeh party.  by talking about how wrong policies of tudeh were without addressing the issue that i raised, you show how you don't really get it. you talk big but you and many others on ic really don't get what to means to oppose a regime politically. it means standing up for rights of people even if we oppose them poltically. i seem to remember you lecturing people about how we should oppose house arrest of moussavi. so you actually defend someone who had a hand in execution of thousands but oppose kianouri and not only oppose him but clearly don't care that torture was used to obtain confessions from my case. 

Nader Vanaki

Oon Yaroo

by Nader Vanaki on

On his resume for the I.R.I. he had listed blowing the whistle on Nojeh coup d'etat.  He said that during a live TV confession such as this.  Thanks to Ali Reza Nourizadeh who has since repeated this story every time there is mention of this weasel.  As a reward for his cooperation, they released him six days before he passed away.  What a chump!

Mash Ghasem

The history of Tudeh's cooperation and taking orders from KGB

by Mash Ghasem on

See from page 2 to page 7.

The KGB agents and contacts who were also members of Tudeh, named in here are:

Abdolhasan Ghem'panah

Mehdi Kian

Ahmad Ali Rasadi

Anoshirvan Ebrahimi


These are in addition to Kianory (who was in possesion of all needed seals and documents of USSR to forge passports and other needed documents) Partovi, Javanshir,...

I find it repugnant that after decades some still have a hard time understanding how Tudeh leadership was nothing but an extended espionage apparatus for erstwhile USSR.

P.S. Kianory wrote his PHD thesis on history of architecture in Iran, and praised Reza shah (back then he had fascist tendencies). After seeing the collpase of Nazi, he switched sides and became a "Lefty!!"



آن‌كس كه نداند و نداند كه نداند.



آن‌كس كه بداند و بداند كه بداند... اسب شَرف از گُنبد گردون بِجهاند

آن‌كس كه بداند و نداند كه بداند... بیدار كنیدش كه بَسی خفته نماند

آن‌كس كه نداند و بداند كه نداند... لنگان خَرك خويش به منزل برساند

آن‌كس كه نداند و نداند كه نداند.....در جهلِ مُركب اَبَدالدّهر بماند

Anahid Hojjati

I find it morally wrong to post these confessions

by Anahid Hojjati on

It is wrong to post confessions that were obtained under torture.  Even though the text above the video mentions that confessions were obtained under torture, I still believe why publicize confessions obtained under torture. By doing this, we are implicitly stating that we believe in this practice. We are making it for IRI something worthwhile to do (torturing political prisoners to obtain confessions) because they see that there is an audience for it. I am wondering whether anyone else shares my sentiments and this has nothing to do with what we might think of policies of a group, it is just a matter of principle.

Oon Yaroo

Thanks Mr. Nader Vanaki! I never knew anything about this man!

by Oon Yaroo on

But, I have heard that he was a major force behind the Tudeh Party and their destruction of Iran by delivering it on a silver plate to Khomeini and the gang and of course falling victim to the same criminals a few years later.

I guess you just validated my understanding that he contributed nothing to and built not even a dog house in Iran!

Did he build any Masjed though!?

Thank you in advance!

Nader Vanaki

توده ای

Nader Vanaki

اصولاً نیازی به اعتراف نداره و پفیوزگری جزو لاینفک مرام سیاسی این حزبه.  این کیانوری هم با وجود اینکه دکترا در مهندسی راه و ساختمان داشت و تحصیل کرده آلمان بود، یک لانه سَگ هم در ایران نساخت. 



by پندارنیک on

No "confession" of an act of espionage can be deducted from this short video.......furthermore if confessions extracted by means of torture are not admissible now, they were not valid then too.