Rafsanjani: Father Not Like Daughter

BBC: The daughter of the former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has been sentenced to six months in prison for "making propaganda against the ruling system". Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani's trial took place behind closed doors last month. According to the conservative website Mashregh News, she has been banned from taking part in political, cultural and media activities for five years. She has 20 days to appeal against the sentence. Correspondents say that her punishment may be turned into a suspended jail term on appeal, as often happens with opponents of the Iranian authorities.01/04/2012 - 04:48

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It will be like this

by MRX1 on

They will pass a five year senstense for her. Then the rahbar and affiliate extract large sums of looted money from her dady and reduce the prison term to two months and she will then be released. After release she will move to London or Washington D.C and become a new member of Green movement in exile. Then she will appear periodically on BBC persian services and once in a while in VOA. She will then lecture the audiance about the virtues of secular Jeffersonian democracy and will even go as far as saying that her dad was really never an islamists but a true believer of constitutional monarchy! however due to a unforscene cirucmstances he was forced to get involve in politics and as a result of his fathers actions life of thousends of Iranians were saved!


شیر زن ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟


این کاریکاتور را نمی‌‌دانم کی‌ کشیده.(نیک‌ آهنگ کوثر )یا هر کس دیگه.۱: شیر بودن را نمی‌دانی چیست. ۲: زن بودن را نمی‌دانی کیست.۳: اون زنک هرگز سمبل یک زن ایرانی‌ نیست و هر کاری با اون و خانواده آشغالاش بکنند کافی‌ نیست.چون خون عزیزان ما بدست آنها ریخته شده.ننگ بر شما بی‌ صفتها.



What goes around comes around?

by عموجان on

Oh goody good good.

Let see what happen to her next, rape, death, running away from Iran. Aren't these Islamic Republic's values that she supported when somebody talk against them. she is selfish like her dady who was head director of chasing people out of country or killed them. She is no Shirzan.