Fuck You Mr. Ahmedinyahu

03/23/2012 - 12:11


Well done...

by Bavafa on

The two side of the same coin ought to be rejected by all.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



 دلم گرفته می


 دلم گرفته می خوام ناله کنم
یک چیزی را بدین پاره کنم
عزیزان صیهونیست ناراحت و مگسی نباشند! تمام مشکلات با برگشت شما عزیزان به خانه همه مشکلات حل میشود!!

I wear an Omega watch


نتن يابو چه ميخواهد ز جان ملت ايران


 عجب حيوان بدخويى
تو گويى قصد اين دارد
كه ايران را
به ياراى
دو صد مزدور
در الحاق خود ارد
وليكن او نمىداند
كه اين نسل جوان ما
دمار از روزگار
يابوى سركش
و يارانش برون ارد
يقينا احمدى و احمدى ها
حاصل دست
همين حيوان بد خويند


Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

mollahs in Iran...

passed their expiration date TIME 2003 Iraq invasion.

they've got to GO.




Bachelor Bibi is in Demand!

by Faramarz on

The Regimi crowd are falling all over each other for Bachelor Bibi!

The good Doctor is in cardiac arrest and needs a defibrillators shock.



Oon Yaroo

I thought BiBi was getting married to Maryam Rajavi!?

by Oon Yaroo on

How can he be with both Maryam and Ahmadinehad?



So paranoid....?

by Demo on

Not really if once notices the key word 'believers' in the original comment. The % of such among the 2 mentioned crowds & among the Christians might be 0.00001 or even less! Please ask GOD himself about the real 3 figures!

PS: Perhaps the word 'dupe' was not the right one to use! Owing a sincere apology to PN! 


Ahmadinejad Jewish? / Israel accurately portrayed in cartoon?

by ILoveIran on

The Telegraph newspaper and other media sources (that have vastly supplemented that story) report that because Mr. Ahmadinejad originally comes from an Iranian-Jewish family he is overcompensating for this fact to shed any suspicions about his Jewish roots.



Secondly, and more importantly, it's silly to suggest Israel does not seek to harm Iranians when:

1. High-ranking members of the Netanyahu government called for the mass starvation of Iranian civilians.



2.  Israel supports terror groups like, Jundallah (Al-Qaeda affiliated suicide bombers that detonate bombs among civilians in public places in Iran).   


 3.  Israel supports the terror cult Rajavis/MEK (that do the same things Jundallah does - kill and brainwash people).  


4.  Israel's spy agency director is on the record as saying Israel helped killed Iranians during the Iraq/Iran war to increase the number of Iranian casualties and cause damage to property. 




Red Wine


by Red Wine on

چه ساده لوح میبایستی باشی‌ گر تصور کنی‌ این دو در این بحث کاره‌ای هستند.

هیچ ایرانی حاضر نیست که به اسرائیل حمله شود،رابطه ما پارسیان با یهودیان بسیار عمیق،گرم و دوستانه است.


همیشه سبز باشید.



DEMO you are so paranoid

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

"On Ahmed-in-Yahoo= Praiseworthy GOD"

The Idea of god is in ruins thanks to USA, IRI and Israel, the religous extremist right are the schemers in any country as they promote their dirty values and this is regardless of which religion they represent, they are the corrupt and intolerant actors of today. 

"& to "F' such a "Praiseworthy GOD" is extremely offensive to both Jews & Muslims believers!"  Not at all, the opposite is true actually, any true believer realizes that what ever god, the extremist corrupt authorities hide behind, that God is Not Praiseworthy and is fair game if it involves itself in Politics.  If muslims do not condemn Extremists, Al-quaeda, Khomeini, AN, Khameneii, and jews can not condemn their extremists BiBi and Christians do not condemn their extremists like Carter/bush etc then they are mistaken, the gods of these Leaders are not praise worthy at all and need to be condemned by all true believers in addition to the leaders. 



by Arj on

Although they don't look alike in physical terms, but resemblence in spirit is uncanny! Both fake representatives of their peoples who ride on the tides of fear and hatred, both demagogues and big-mouths who are willing to scarifice other people's blood and treasure for their petty ideological nuances...

Excellent work.., beautiful depiction!  


Of being duped......

by پندارنیک on

The only other option for the Zionist designer would have been: "Fuck you Mahmoudamin"............I don't blame them for not taking it!



by Demo on

Ahmed: From the Arabic word "Hamd" that means to praise in English

Yahoo: Summoning GOD in both Arabic & Hebrew

Ahmed-in-Yahoo: Praiseworthy GOD

& to "F' such is extremely offensive to both Jews & Muslims believers!

PS: PN below is alraedy duped & is using the "F" word to offend 'Ayatollah' rather using the straight Bibi's name. And that is what exactly zionists mullahs expected by coming up with sush dirty scheme! 




Of fucking one, for the pleasure of two.......

by پندارنیک on

Fuck you Ayatollah Bibi.