Message to Israelis

03/18/2012 - 19:33


Sal e Noo mobarak. IRAN is different than stinky mullahs

by Siavash300 on

Stinky ruling mullahs in Iran are not representatives of Iran or Iranian people. Let's make this simple fact clear for our friend Maemor and then we discuss about other issues here.

    We are proud of our rich history and culture. Iran's history intimated with Padeshahi. We are proud that our ancestors introduced Padeshahi as a form of political system for the first time to the history of mankind. We are proud of Koroush Kabir, Dariush, Babak, Kaveh, Nader........and Reza shah the Great. These are our precious history, NOT stinky mullahs who can NOT even control their body odor.

Did I make myself clear my friend?




بی خودی که به


بی خودی که به ما نمیگین مامور!!!
سال نوت مبارک

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Mamour jan

by Fesenjoon2 on

How did you figure out Amirabad is a target? 


عزیز برادر


Thanks for expressing your political points of view and made them clear to me. Mine is clear too isnt it?

I just womder how it will be like in peech shemron va medon tajrish after Amir abad facility being bombed?


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by Fesenjoon2 on

That's what we've been advocating all along: the strategic surgical bombing of IRI targets.

Unfortunately the IRI supporters on this site love twisting things to their own advantage and make it sound like peech shemroon or Tajrish Sq. will be bombed and invaded with The Marines or US army infantry units. 

Yes, Iran and IRI are separate. Noone's after Iran. What the world wants to disarm is the mad fanatics ruling Iran. 


 But Iran will never BE

by مآمور on

 But Iran will never BE ABLE to bomb Israel back

sorry I must need glasses, I thought u said this. it must be my illiteracy!!!

however please replace the noun-iran with ruling mullah - in the question and then answer the question!!!

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Ma'mor correction

by Siavash300 on

اگر ایران قدرت جوابگوئی به حمله خارجی ندارد"


The correct reading of above statement is "If ruling mullahs has no power to respond.

Criminal ruling mullahs has nothing to do with Iran or Iranians. We are peacefull people. Do you remember Farhadi's statement in Oscar ceremony? you should separate stinky mullahs from Iranian people.


فسنجون عزیز پس


فسنجون عزیز پس اگر ایران قدرت جوابگوئی به حمله خارجی ندارد! چطور است که ایران همانند عراق افغانستان لیبی و سوریه(۲۰۰۷ حمله هوای اسرائیل) هنوز مورد تعدی قرار نگرفته؟؟
میگم یا از من میترسن!یا رعایت فرد را میکنند!!!

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Sheila K

he looks like Ahmadinejad's cousin

by Sheila K on

a relative?


Smart but not funny....

by Bavafa on

The message of "we never bomb you back" is a not so hidden message to say that it is OK for you to bomb Iran and fear of no retaliation as we will never hit you back.

As he claims, he has a lot of fans in Iran and it is not cool to want your fans to be impotent and not hit back if they are hit.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



hate to break it you

by Fesenjoon2 on

But Iran will never BE ABLE to bomb Israel back. Their airplanes run on do'a o salavat. Their missiles explode before they even launch. Their pilots know they will become "Shahid" in an actual combat.

The only thing Iran is good at is cowardice operations ("asymmetric warfare"): supporting others (like Hizbollah) to shoot rockets across borders, injuring somebody in a biyaboon.  


Smart and funny!

by Arj on



Question for Saman Arbabi

by ILoveIran on

My Question for Saman is here: 


 Saman, I'd love it if you proved me wrong and ran at least 1 of these stories on Parazit.

Hillary Clinton: "We created Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and helped spread Wahabbi Islam in Afghanistan."

(Afghanistan - also known as the larger Province of Iranian Khorasan - was a part of historical Iran that the British took by force during the Qajar era.)




by پندارنیک on

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