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شاهین نجفی... شیر شاهین ... ایران و ایرانی همراهِ شاهین نجفی.
05/11/2012 - 07:08


Shahin Najafi I salute you

by Simorgh5555 on


Lanat be Mohammad va Ale Mohammad.

I spit on the memory and legacy of Mohammed, Ali, Hussein and all the Shia Imams

Islam will perish and wither away. I pray that all so-called Iranians who identify themselves with Shia Islam regime and are considered devout Muslims become collateral damage. May an Israeli rocket visit them in their sleep and wipe them and their filthy seed from the face of the earth.

Attack, oh Israel. Attack!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ممنون مازیار جان... خدا شما را برای ما حفظ کند .

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Mr Red wine.

 for your artistic talent and your taughts toward our motherland.

culturally we (the majority)

Of Iran residence (I'm in the U.S) are entangled with DEEN,khorafat and.....

It will take N years to get rid of that and FREE our land.

shad zee                                       Maziar

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

داریوشِ گرامی‌،من هیچگاه نمی‌توانم تصور کنم که ایران روزی به مانندِ کشورِ اسپانیا شود چون از لحاظِ تربیتِ اجتماعی،فرهنگی‌ و سیاسی از اسپانیایی‌ها به مقدارِ سالیانِ نوری دور و عقب افتاده ایم.به هر جهت پایبندِ آن هستم که مردمِ ایران تصمیم گیرند،زنده باد جمهوری تنها به معنای حکومتِ مردم بر مردم است،این عقیده و ایمان من است.

همانجور که گفتم درین نقش و نگار تنها هدفم ایجادِ نمایشِ شجاعتِ شاهین بوده است،شیر تنها حیوانی است که این ابهت و کرامت را دارد.

من از اواخرِ سالهای ۸۰ میلادی در فرانسه به سر می‌برم،مطالبِ ما را تا به حال نخواندید :) ؟!

پایدار باشی‌ داریوش بزرگوار .

Darius Kadivar

Red Win Jan Aziz "Padeshahyeh Parlemani" nah "Saltanat Talabi"

by Darius Kadivar on

Again sorry to insist the Lion is a symbol of Royalty ... The Crown and King being merely the physical embodiement of the dynasty which is supposed to defend and or represent the royal institution , hence the Qajar or Pahlavi Crown or Crest which is often added to above the Sun and Lion or any other Royal Flag ...

This is a Universally accepted concept and in all cultures and civilizations who have had monarchies. Because the Lion is deemed rightly or wrongly as the "king of the Jungle".

One can find variations as in the case of Germanic or North European Dynasties where the Royal Crest is often associated to an Eagle itelf inherited from the "Saint Empire Germanique"

In Thailand for instance they also have a mythological bird which represents the Royal institution.

But it is generally a well known accepted fact that the Lion as "King of the Jungle" represents the Monarch who symbolically embodies the nation.

There is absolutely no distinction between the two.

In modern distorted minds maybe but not in view of a country's history and culture:

HISTORY OF IDEAS: Georges Dumezil, on Indo European languages and Myths (Apostrophes,1984)


Most European Monarchies including the UK copied that symbolism from the Persians and Middle Eastern Monarchies ( Assyrian, Babylonian etc ...)



One can then very well argue on the legitimacy or not of a given heir apparent regardless of the Dynasty in question.

As such I have never questioned the right to the throne of any given Qajar heir or deemed head of a royal house.

The officially recognized head of any given Royal House prior to the Pahlavi Dynasty has as much right to his or her claim to the Throne of Iranzamine as the current heir apparent of the Pahlavi House ( i.e: RP2)

You very well know that in Spain where you live the King of Spain's legitimacy was in the balance with other pretenders to the throne of Spain too. So the concept of Legitimacy and democracy is an entirely different debate which I am willing to have with anyone interested on a different thread. But that is not the point. 

I have never questioned nor dismissed that right for ultimately the issue is one of Legitimacy and Continuity of the Royal Institution as has always been the case for all monarchies in the world ( Malaysia being an exception to the rule).

Up to each heir apparent to claim that right or not or to submit it to national approval as seems to be the case with the current Pahlavi heir apparent.

But we cannot distort symbols just because it fits a given Political correct and Fashionable Tendency including one which consists of boiling down the concept of democracy to a Republican Dogma:

ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican

Iranian republicans including those who advocate a secular one are accountable for the current Republic they brought about in our country today.

If they dismiss their own responsiblity in it's advent then they cannot hold us Monarchists any more accountable for the lack of democratic practice or SAVAK's deemed crimes either since that would equate to intellectual dishonesty very much like a Ponce Pilate washing his or her own responsiblity in the name of the "masses" they claim to speak for ...

Sorry I don't buy that excuse.

Cause each time one say's "zendeh bad Jomhury"  or hypocritically advocates "Hambasteghi" (but takes no step towards those who don't share their republican mindsets but demand it from them) but offers no apology for what that slogan cost the nation and resulted to the loss of so many lives it's no different than patting Ebrahim Yazdi on the back and putting another nail in the coffin of all the Brave patriotic Iranians who paid with their lives for that Poor Choice:

Sorry but as much as I fully support this young man in his predicament and wish him well, I am in no way ready to see what we paid so dearly for be highjacked in the name of fashionable trends ...

CLUELESS JON STEWART: "Ebrahim Yazdi Such a Lovely Man"






Other Related Blogs:

pictory: Bakhtiar Denounces Bazargan's Provisionary Government in exile (1979)

RESTORATION:Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

داریوش جان،به نکته جالبی‌ اشاره کردی اما این گونه نیست ...

-هر عاقل و دانا مرد و زنِ ایرانی می‌‌داند که پرچمِ اصیل و اصلی‌ ایران شیر و خورشید است ،تاج را بعدا به رویِ پرچم دوختند و داستان ساختند.

-درین نگاره (پوستر) از جلوه دادنِ شاهین نجفی به شیر،خواستیم شجاعت و هیبتِ والای او را نشان دهیم،نقشه ایران نیز نشان دهنده این است که ایشان برگزیده ملتی هستند که مشغول نبرد با اسلامیون و نوکرانش هستند و درین زمینه شیوخ و دیگر انگل‌ها شکست خورده هستند چون هر که با مردم در افتد .. خیلی‌ زود ور افتد.

-بنده خواستارِ یک سیستمِ حکومتی مردم بر مردم هستم،عضوِ هیچ گروه،دسته،شاخه و حزبی نیستم چون در ایران و در خارج از ایران ما حزب و گروه درست و حسابی‌ نداشته و نداریم ! رنگِ ظاهر و باطنِ ما سبز و سفید و قرمز است و قلبِ ما شیر و خورشید... هر چه مردمِ ایران خواهند،ما نیز بدان پایبند بوده و در راهِ آن جان می‌‌دهیم.

-از سلطنت و از سلطنت طلبان نیز گلایه‌ای نداریم،اگر تشخیص بر این است که این روش (سلطنتِ مشروطه) بهترین نو حکومت برای ایران زمین است،ما نیز بدان احترام خواهیم گذاشت،در آخر مهم این است که ایران آباد باشد و ایرانی خوشبخت،بقیه این مطالب حرف است و حرف !

ممنون داریوش جان از پیامی که دادی.

از تمامِ دوستان سپاسگزاریم.

همچنان شاهین نجفی را حمایت می‌کنیم.

آزاد باد ایران زمین از دستِ ضحاکانِ اسلامیه.

Darius Kadivar

The Lion is a symbol of 'Royalty' Not 'Republicanism'

by Darius Kadivar on

Regardless of the Beautiful Art Work displayed here My Dear Red Win Jan but Not sure you are doing your likemind ( if indeed he is a Jomhurykhah aka Republican like you ) a favor ...



Monarchists Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani, and Arash Rahmanipour forced to confess on IRI Press TV before their exécution (2009)


All the more that other GENUINE Monarchists paid the ultimate price for defending it:


The general's widow - by CK



ROYAL MARTYR: Prince Shahriar Shafiq Remembered by DK


JAVIDAN: Shah's Imperial Guard dies during an attack by Khomeini guerillas (1979) by DK


JAVIDAN: Farokhroo Pārsā (1922-1980) by DK


JAVIDAN: Fereydoon Farrokhzad (1935-1992) by DK


JAVIDAN: Generals Ayat Mohagheghi and Mehdi Rahimi by DK



So please don't highjack a quintessential herald and symbol of Royalty just because it fits your Republican ideological purposes unless of course you truly share the same belief ... 


Lion (heraldry) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


SYMBOL OF PERSIA: Xerxes Presents a Lion Cub to Queen Esther in "Esther and the King" 



Thank you in advance and look forward to an immediate end to the unfortunate and unfair predicament over this gentleman's life because of this ridiculous religious Fatwa .





An Un apologetic Monarchist

Paris, FRANCE 


PS: No hard Feelings Red Wine Jan just a blunt observation from someone who has had friends and family who paid dearly for their Loyalty to that SACRED (in our view)  Shiro Khorsheed Flag ...




"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow.



درود بر شاهین نجفی این هموطن شجاع و وطن دوست


و درود بر آقای شراب سرخ برای این کار زیبا.

حقیقت امر این است که علمای  دزد، خائن و آدمکش شیعه، و فرقه من در آوردی شیعه دوازده امامی و تمام خرافات مربوطه  در طول تاریخ بد‌ترین صدمه‌ها را به ایران و ملت ایران زده‌اند.

سرنگون باد رژیم دزدان، قاتلان و ادمکشان ولی‌ فقیه 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

من از این آهنگ‌های "ریپ" خوشم نمیاد، ولی‌ "نقی‌" بامزه است

Shazde Asdola Mirza

دست شما درد نکنه، شراب سرخ عزیز



by Faramarz on


مرسی از شجاعت شاهین و خلاقیت شما شراب عزیز.


ما گلهای خندانیم، فرزندان ایرانیم.

Soosan Khanoom

Brilliantly vivid illustration !!

by Soosan Khanoom on

He is Iran and he is the country's voice.  

Thank you dear Red wine... 


Well done! Red Wine

by Mehrban on

as usual, your work is on target.  Thank you! 



RW Jan, Gol Gofti

by Azarbanoo on

IRAN & True Iranians are with Shahin.