The enemy's Mother and Sister

Mother and sister of Ramin Mehmanparast, a member of the fascist ruling elite in Iran, were repeatedly insulted by a small group of protesters, mostly members of the hated Mojahedin-E-Khalq, near the United Nations in New York on Wednesday, September 27, 2012, after an address to the international body by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The sane Iranians are looking for a logical reason why MEK men, when emotional and hostile to other men, suddenly think of their mothers and sisters and begin bad-mouthing them!!!09/29/2012 - 05:47

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

You are seriously out of your mind and are blindly supporting something , as system you either don't know too much about or that same system is still paying your way through life or school or anything else that is vital to your existence, because you know that 99.99999% of your "arizeh" amounts to nothing substantial.

You can NOT be for a better society in iran, the one that is based on observing human rights and all the good democratic values, and actually stand for supporting these lunectic under the disgusting and hypocritic "personal protection". That is just a load of you know what! For it does not matter who the person, the fact that they are working for facistic and mafioso and criminal system is ALL WE need to know to do right by them and show them their own brand of justic and fairness. When you are Freaking Government official , You ARE NOT supposed to have a normal personal life.

Should have thought of not jeoperdizing it before deciding to joing the gang of crooks. I hope you DIG That.

There is also the matter of them looting our oil income, which DOES belong to each and everyone of us.

Iran's image as a whole will never improve so long as we are stuck with this bunch of rebels and bandits, no matter how you slice it, and any form of investments that is undertaken by anyone or any group for that matter, has to always be screened and invesitigated by a bunch of bozos and once they have secured their share of the project's profit, that is when they will give the go ahead. There will be no job creation in any sector of the economy for as long as you have a centralized system of government who exerts a tight control over everything. Or simply put: you either get with them and become one of them or you can kiss prosperity and decent life goodbye.

SO you and everyone else is really, really, really and reallly are wasting your time pushing and promoting the lifting of the sanction to prolong the life of traitors. 

 Oh and one more thing: they have been fighting dirty good ol' boy, just in case you were asleep, which looks as if you have. Can't get any dirtier than this and it is payback time and as they say payback is definitely a biaatch and it takes a real shallow person (no pun intended here) that it is US People who are provoking them into a dirty fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!


no it is my oild money

by nojanthegreat on

We are not on some personal vendetta. No matter who pay for their trips their personal life is protected.

Usually government use taxpayer money for their expenses, but since that tax codes in Iran are very relaxed and people don’t pay any taxes or they pay less taxes that they should, government need to rely on oil profit.

There is struggle 9 fight ) and then is dirty fight. If we want government to play clean we

should follow our own advice.

@ MR Amirparviz you are right on. I do also personally prefer an monarchy for Iran. I think it a good model. I hope Iranian gather in groups and come up with new ideas to improve the situation for Iran. We really need to find some project to improve Iran image in the glob and work to end sanctions specially on civil airplanes and investment in ran. As many job that be created in industrial and farming market of Iran. We have a better chance to bring equality to Iran .


Nazok Narenji !!!!

by Shemirani on

Feeling ZERO COMPASSION for His mother&Sister !! First of all who paid for their trip ??????!!!! STOLEN MONEY FROM OUR OIL (money that Should be spend for Iranian in huge needs like Azarbaijan earthquake ...) These women shoudn't even be in NY !

And of course Angry people shouts insults !!! what else ? Gorboon beran ?!!!!! We all know that being polite is a vertu but come on now IT'S A FIGHT   !!!

ps: Don't play the female card to victimize them ! I'm a Lady i can remember lots of humiliation these "chadori " in general did to me and lots of my friends ! These Zeinabz were the first to be cruel (baddahan o badlahn), so many times, we saw their sadistic look !!!!!!! Female victimes ???? My eyes, my foot !

ps: I dislike MEK, i see them as dangerous cult not a political group ! far from being secular and democratic ! but i don't blame them for this !



by Tehran4Iran on

I guess I have always been neither for, nor against MEK. But I have one question to ask those who stand against them, and that is are these people not the ones who stud against IRI, and fought against them, which is some thing most of us would like to have the opportunity to do? What is so wrong about that? I 4 one think enemy of my enemy should be my friend.



by MRX on

If that really happend that's great. This is nothing comparing it to all the humilation that thousends of Iranian mothers and sisters have gone through when they visited thier loved one's in the IRI prisons.


As nojan knows Change will be tough and will take time

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

because it is too deeply rooted, however i disagree on other points the impact of a separation of church and state and a democratic king that supports the emancipation of women and the development, health and education of the country will make a Massive positive difference in iranians lives. Success is the correct path towards a better future as the late shah proved and the clues that his wonderful period as king gave Iranians may not be realisticaly matched ever again or surpassed, however if we live by with the same ideals and principals he lived by, at least we have a chance of coming close.


Not So Shocked

by nojanthegreat on

I am not shocked about this incident at all . We Iranian , well maybe most of us at least have a mob like mentality . We become braver when we are in pack and we lose our control. This type of actions do not

End with MEK ( allegedly at this point) members, great majority of Iranians do take political and social opinion of other , a bit too personal. We don’t simply disagree with each others , we intend to hate each other for what we believe. We start with name calling and sometimes , like in this case we even cross the line to a different level.

The vulgar language used here by itself does not carry a great harm to the Iranian official in this case, but will show that some of us can not hold a positive and polite argument and dialogue with each other no matter how we feel about each others opinion . Name calling or simply incriminating others is a daily deed in our community , aboard or inside . We hear it in this site and we do also here it in our friendly gathering . Same tactic is being used in the comment section right here . Calling someone an IRI agent or lobbies or apologist , or on other side calling people Baha’I or Zionist or Israeli spy.

We often blame Iranian officials and hidden government or ruling party , for the violence in Iran. We point out the executions in 1980s , use of inhumane interrogation techniques and other similar cases in the past and act like IRI is the only problem and as soon as the officials in Iran leave the power we become a democracy and freedom will shine in our streets and we will change everything and every one in the world will change their views about us and we will be a nationalistic patriotic country and every one will be fed and corruption will be dealt with and you get the point . In reality IRI is not our main problem , we are indeed the root of all evil. We act westernized , freedom loving and we will deny our love to power and ability to control others life , but as soon as we become rulers we do exact the same thing. We put flowers on solders and will massively execute their officers ( shown in the case of mass executions of military personnel after 1979 regime change ) .we say that the current government act inhuman to its political prisoners and activist., as soon as we become in power we will hang them in great numbers.

Accept it or not , IRI is as Iranian as Persian rug. When it comes to liberty , religion and politic we are as close minded as other side. We want liberty for us , but we do not wish the same fro others. We want power for us, but we do not like to share it with others. We want political life and freedom for us but we want to band others from the same.

We suffer from cultural and moral problem. As collapse of Pahlavi monarch did not change anything so will not end of IRI change anything and solve any problem. We need to focus on our culture and upraising. We need to care for social change. We need to fight for more openness in our views and conversation , not to simply try to eliminate our rivals.

Sign MINI Mulah


Don't know much about MEK

by Rea on

... but insulting female family members is not their and/or Iranian exclusivity. 

In most nations where family ties are still strong and the notion of family honour still exists, hurling insults at your opponent's females is a norm. Unfortunately.

@Shepesh, good link, very appropriate. 


Honestly, Flagging Roozbehs Comment is an OutRage.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I am not an admirer, yet the comment is an appropriate point of view on this subject and is done with tact in addressing lies and those who indulge in them.  Lets not lose our Focus and in anyway support the savagery and lack of people of good thoughts and actions that are present with both the IRI crowd and the reformist/injutice crowd.


FACT:Iranian political culture is hopelessly male chauvinist.

by Zendanian on

Not to mention extremely violent and intolerant.

Sooner we admit to these facts of the matter, sooner we might have a solution for them.

De nile is not only a river in Eygpt.

Denial is also a permanent part and parcel of our political culture.

Fessenjon: We could and should be vociferous, militant and force full while confronting IR thugs. But once we start acting thuggishly like them, (lower ourselves to their level) then there's no difference between us and them. That's why most Iranians have no illusions or faith in the so callled "opposition." For the most part there's no qualitative difference between IR and many of its "opposition" groups. Needless to say the revolutionary movement of Kurdestan is an exception that confirms this rule. 


Vulgar insult not unique to MEK

by Shepesh on


To the person who just flagged my comment on this blog:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 There is absolutely no profanity or personal attack in my comment. If you disagree with what I said, put forward a counter argument instead of flagging my comment. By flagging a perfectly reasonable comment, you are simply signaling that I have stated a fact which you feel very uncomfortable about.

Admin: please read my comment first before removing it.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


نگفتم ترک عادت موجب مرض است!!!!


Case in point,

Ironically, in a cartoon that its main topic is about using vulgar language about those who we disagree/oppose, we see a sample of using vulgar language to express ourselves.

  You can take one out of Basij  but you cannot take Basiji like behavior out of him.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


iraj khan

Just saying

by iraj khan on

Jenabe user who goes by the name of 'Imam-e Zaman',

selecting this name is an insult to many non-violent

religious Iranians. Also, with the understanding that I have of

Mojahedin, no member of Mojahedin would select this

user name either hence, questions arise

about the motives behind the name.



مرسی سواد


مرض (نه مرز) را اونهایی دارن که نذر دارن بقیه مردم را مثل خودشون از خایه اعراب آویزون کنند. اول ایران بعدا فلسطین!




rrrezz: Other experssions that comes to mind knowing some...

by Bavafa on

ترک عادت موجب مرز است


Old Habits die hard

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Imam-e Zaman

Take it easy

by Imam-e Zaman on

Take it easy folks. I think you're all being too hard on MKO. Most of you folks probably don't know what MKO members have gone through  , and now show moral indignation at a slight show of profanity. One wonders what you would have done if it were you. Think about it. Is it not hypocratical? Is it  not a reflection of your hatred for "the hated MKO"? wouldn't  your reaction have been different if it were the " not so hated monarchists"?

As for profanity, you all know that westerners, even their most urbane,  use a lot more profanity in their speech than most Iranians.


And what if....

by Demo on

the whole thing had been a set up by the AN's gang to divert everybody's attention away from:

1. Why 160 traveling heads for an hour speech of AN @ UN?

2. How much $$ exactly spent out of the national treasury to pay for the gang's trip?

Since there is not any solid proof of any enemy's involvement with the incident, this could as well be an inernal regime's scheme to dupe us all. Couldn't it?


No, you don't have to be that meak

by rrrezz on

No, you don't have to be that meak. There is no question about giving them "a hard time". However there is no need or advantage in using obscenities. 


از کوزه همان برون تراود که در اوست.



yes, we should ask them politely and nicely

by Fesenjoon2 on

"Excuse me Mr IRI, would you please be so kind to remove yourself from power? Please? Pretty pleaaase? And here is my bouqet of flowers..."

Lets see how that works. Fools. 


MEK has always been like

by rrrezz on

MEK has always been like that.


What did we do? We

by vildemose on

What did we do?

We applied the exact same unrestrained violence against them, execution with no trial, no right to defense and worse. Thus paving the way for the future massacres to come.

For the past 33 years we have been experienceing the unrestrained violence of Islamic Republic of Hell. And what's our first reaction when we think we have the upper hand on them, even on a sidewalk in NY?

Apply the exact same unrestrained violence on them.

Yes, we have not learned a damn thing...MEK obviously has not renounced its violent ways as they say they did.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


And this is who the U.S. wants to put in power in Iran...

by ayatoilet1 on

One golden rule in politics is that you NEVER, I MEAN NEVER take revenge on people's relatives. If you believe in democracy, liberty etc. ultimately you have to believe that people are INDIVIDUALLY responsible for their actions. NOT COLLECTIVELY. This basically puts relatives off limits.

Look at Syria, do you know how the fighting really started? A bunch of kids in a high school in Homs, wrote anti-government slander on the school wall. The Security forces rounded up the kids, apparently killed a few, raped others and when their parents came to ask for their release - the security apparatus told them 'forget about these kids, they are no longer yours. Go make new ones. And if you are too old for your women, we will come and make those children for you".  So what happened - Syria Homs became the nucleus of the anti-bashar rebellion that has now engulfed the country.

If you really want to perpetuate the regime for another 30 years - attack their wives and children - and watch how they figure out ways to stay in power. This is the wrong way to oppose the regime.

And its quite obvious that the U.S. is trying to prepare the MEK for an attack on Iran, and ultimately for power in Iran. And look at the animals that they are.

Of course most Iranians,  know who the MEK are and what they stand for. The West - well they can eb fooled. WIth constant job changes in the adminstration and new idiots in charge all the time, the MEK have plenty of opportunity of "brainwashing" new desk clerks inside the government. Look at how stupid the CIA and Hillary Clinton have been 'inviting" Trita Parsi (who we now know is an IRI agent) to give them advice.

It is very sad. And in the end, I really cringe for Iran's future when these MEK/MKO/PMOI/Monkeys show up anywhere as part of the opposition. Shame on them and everything that they represent.


Shameful way of showing contempt for the IRI a& its officials...

by Bavafa on

Acting in similar manner as those fundamentalist who set fire to the embassies just because of s stupid movie will play only in the hands of IRI and to be used as propaganda to victimize themselves. This was a shameful behavior but somehow I am not surprised.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Momentary relapse into Barbarism is not justified or acceptable

by Zendanian on

Back in 1979, after years of experiencing unrestrained violence from shah, Iranian people had a chance to bring them to justice.

What did we do?

We applied the exact same unrestrained violence against them, execution with no trial, no right to defense and worse. Thus paving the way for the future massacres to come.

For the past 33 years we have been experienceing the unrestrained violence of Islamic Republic of Hell. And what's our first reaction when we think we have the upper hand on them, even on a sidewalk in NY?

Apply the exact same unrestrained violence on them.

Of course as Azadeh's contribution in here also makes clear, while physical violence is directed towards male agents of IR, symbolic violence (of the most degenrated, degraded forms) are directed towards his female family members!!!!

What have we exactly learned in these past 33 years?

At times it appears we haven't learnt Shitte from Shitte.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Only one man (who knows what affiliation) cursed his family

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... which is not nice, but shouldn't be used by the IRI friendly lobby agents, who are whitewashing the IRI crimes here, every day of the week.


iraj khan


by iraj khan on

the video clip on satellite TV while visiting my mother.

She is not a supporter of the present regime of Iran.

She also knows another elderly mother who is a supporter of

Mojahedin and they talk on the phone once in a while.

I was surprised to hear those words from a member of a political

organization that had spent millions of dollars and the backing

of many powerful lobbies, including Israel Lobby,

to get delisted as a terrorist organization. 

Then I heard my mother started complaining.

She was embarrassed and annoyed hearing those words 

repeated over and over. I lowered the volume

feeling very embarrassed myself.

Soosan Khanoom

Good one ... Azadeh jan .. Good one!

by Soosan Khanoom on