West Betrays Secular Iranians yet People are with US


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

I was watching this video made in Iran showing the grass roots changes I hear about from late teen age Iranian students in the UK.  More evidence that good/positive changes are going on within Iran, even as the west puts everything it has on undermining the people of Iran and supporting the path of the destruction of Iran, mainly by supporting the Mek and sepratist kurds in Iraq and Iran together, instead of supporting secular democratic groups which are numerous and actually have electoral support within Iran. 

While the people of Iran reject Sharia, Violence, Intolerance, Terror Punishments Like Torture, Amputation & Death.  Do Not be Mislead or Fooled.  The West, is still not finished with Supporting the types of extremists they imposed on Iran in 1979.  The Wests opposition is to Iranian Freedom and Development, which is at the heart of its desire to 1) support regressive Groups and 2) misrepresent the late shah of Iran and his team as the opposite of Moral, Ethical, Decent, Noble and Just. (because he was standing up to the wests desire to dictate nd exploit Iranians) 

In Reality, In Truth, the only Dictates that have existed, have been those coming from the Governments of the West towards the People & Culture Of IRAN.  Talk of War Is a massive Distractions Tool, while the Wests Goal is the destruction/division of Iran, not a simple removal of the IRI.  Awarness of the wests motive, in a world flooded with distractions, is the key and attention to unity is the only path, against the groups the USA is working with in the hopes of keeping Iran on a path of ongoing distruction.


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