IRI wins American hearts and minds


Ari Siletz
by Ari Siletz

The American public is applauding Iran for handing down the death sentence to four Iranian bankers convicted of fraud.  The last time Iran became the envy of America was in 2009 when Iranian election protesters stood up to the IRI. This time though, it is the IRI who is receiving the standing ovation. A sampling of comments from Huffington Post:

Now if WE could just kill a few Wall Street almost makes you admire the Iranians

A lesson we should learn in the US...bringing our banker to death row sound reasonable.

Well there you go, Iran's not all bad after all.

I'm not a big fan of capital punishment. But when compared to our system... I'd have to say it's better than no punishment at all.

Time to do that in America

Well, I never thought I'd give some praise to the Iranians, but in this one I think they got it right

great justice!! go iran!

So THAT is why the American government hates that country... Iran hangs it´s dirty bankers

Iran is a lot more civilized than United States and deserve to have the nuclear capability to keep the world sane.

If only we could do this in our country.

If the United States started to punish the white collar crimes of Wall Street and the Corporate world like Iran does the economy would do a full 360 turn around.

I'm not normally one to agree with anything Iran does. In this case I think they may be onto something.

Ahmadinejad knows the right way to deal with corrupt bankers. In the U.S., Obama and Holder won't even put them on trial. If a Republican was in office, they'd probably get medals.

That is exactly what we need... some good old Iranian justice down on Wall Street.

well a least he [Ahmadinejad] is doing something, In America we give them a raise and a new job

Some politicians in countries like Iran is actually looking after the interests of the majority of the population in their country instead of acting like pimps for bankers and fining them millions for activities in which they make billions in profits to hush up every scandal.

Here's a link to the hufpost article.


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Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

The 360 degree commenter is on to something deep Believe it or not, at a fundamental level you've got to turn a thing around 720 degrees before it goes back to its original state(see second paragraph of this web page).  So with a 365 degree turn you only turned your life around a little over half way. It is as though you were holding a chicken egg when you turned your life around 360 degrees and you ended up the same way except the egg was upside down. You have to do another 360 for the egg to get right side up. And they say people are weird! 

Multiple Personality Disorder

Why hang them! They would die too quickly...

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

A better punishment for them would be to make them stand in the chicken lines in the scorching heat of summer; that should them a lesson.

Multiple Personality Disorder

I just remembered,,,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I once decided to turn my life around, but I couldn't remember I was supposed to turn around 360 degrees or 365 degrees, so I finally decided on 365 degrees, because, you know, a year has 365 days, so then my life did turn around, but it was off by 5 degrees.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Absolutely! The reaction is nevertheless revealing:

It shows that American public opinion about the IRI is skin deep as it has nothing to do with human rights or liberty (hangings are OK if the IRI "bad guys" and the American "bad guys" happen to coincide. This has been patently obvious about the US Government, but now we have reason to wonder if it may also be true of the American people.


This is by far a reflection ....

by Bavafa on

Of Americans feeling and attitude towards their own fraud bankers than a sense of agreement with IRI.   Sadly these sentiments are not being taken seriously by our politicians to deal decisively, perhaps not IRI style but something more severe than a raise and bailout as these politicians are bought and sold by the very same bankers.

As the punishment in Iran, I believe once IRI has established accountability for ALL thru open process, only then they get my praise.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



"Yes, and IRI is

by Rea on

.... the last bastion of freedom standing up to greedy imperialist West." Or so they say my compatriots.

Hate to hear that. Even though, personally, dont like bankers, insurance people and com. operators.

Iran Paidar 1st


Iran Paidar 1st

تمام ابلهانی که این چنین نمایش دادگاه‌های جمهوری کثیف اسلامی را باور میکنند و این خبرها را تبلیغ میکنند، آیا هرگز از خود می‌‌پرسند که این متهمان که هستند؟ آیا از خود نمیپرسند که چگونه است که بعد از تظاهرات سال ۸۸ جوانان ۱۷ یا ۱۸ ساله متعرض را با نام معرفی‌ میکنند و در تلویزیون به نمایش میگذارند ولی‌ شکنجه گران و دزد‌های میلیاردی هیچ گاه نه در تصویر دیده میشوند و فقط با نامهای الف. جیم. و یا غیره معرفی‌ میشوند؟

حماقت تا چه حد؟ اگر حتا شعور ندارید که این چنین مسائل ساده‌ای را درک کنید چیزی جز نام حیوان به شما نتوان گذاشت

Ari Siletz

MM, I agree about legal.

by Ari Siletz on

The bulk of what went wrong (and is wrong) with the US financial system doesn't have to do specifically with personal ethics of the bankers. It has to do with an ill designed system that makes honesty a liability for politicians, otherwise money is doing  what it has always done: try to put a price on the not-for-sale power that people have entrusted to their leaders. Also I believe that part of the reason Iranians fall for charismatic dictators is that the Iranian public is aware of the difficulty of designing a representative system of government that does not ultimately rely on the personal integrity of their representatives. "So," they ask, "what's the difference; it all comes down to trusting someone."



by MM on

In mid 90's, an American teen was supposed to get lashes for painting graffiti on a car in ?????  There was so much support for the lashes that the US did not even try to reduce the sentence, although afterwards, he did not look so hurt!  In this case. As much as the bankers / wall street pay the politicians, I don't think they will spend a day in jail.  What the bankers did was shady, questionable, immoral and ........etc., but all in all, their actions were blessed by the legislators; legal.


Killing four thieves, pulls 35 million Iranians out of poverty!

by Zendanian on

Now, if that's not a miracle of Islam, I don't know what to call it.

Progressive Iranian-Americans (who would logically side with Iranian people, and not the rotten ruling class of Islamic Republic of Hell) have an obligation to expose the true nature of mullah thugs in Iran to the American public, not to further confuse them with cheering for more executions, as a cure for social ills.

Financial and banking frauds are not unique to any single country, they're rather systematic, long-term and large scale, only a demagogue would agrue capital punishment as a solution to such structural deficiency.


Mafia Justice!

by Faramarz on



"Barzini is dead. So is Phillip Tattaglia. Moe Greene. Stracci. Cuneo. Today I settled all family business so don't tell me that you're innocent. Admit what you did. "

- Michael Corleone


Ari Siletz

For our American side of the hyphen.

by Ari Siletz on

The readers I have in mind for this blog are Iranian-Americans who are also interested in American political and sociological trends, particularly vis-a-vis the U.S. conflict with Iran. 

Zendanian: "...are we suppose to believe that some stupid show case of "Islamic
Justice" has absolved Islamic Republic of Hell from all its crimes
against humanity?"
The American public seems inclined to a "yes" answer on an issue they resonate with. Following a  train of "logic" on this observation could make your heart and mind even sicker.  



What's the point

by Harpi-Eagle on

of publishing this stupid Huff. Post article (Written by some paid American Idiot I'm sure) here? 

Now, as Iranians who are familiar with our country and its evil government, we all know this is just a show trial and all the real culprits who are most likely very well connected to the "Daftareh Rahbari" got away scout free. 

Ari, by posting this stupid article here, you have sunk to new lows and become a mouthpiece for the "Satanic Republic".  I think it is befitting that you declare your own position very clearly on this BS Article. 

All our efforts should be focused on demonizing this aberation called IRI not glorifying it.  Shame Ari and, shame.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


Is this suppose to be some kind of very dark humor? A sick joke?

by Zendanian on

Or are we suppose to believe that some stupid show case of "Islamic Justice" has absolved Islamic Republic of Hell from all its crimes against humanity?

If we're to take writer's logic at face value and follow through to its logical conclusion:

- shouldn't political prisoners in the US also be raped before being executed?

- Just to make sure there's logical consistency, let's not forget to stone to death any women who dares to have a relationship while married.

- And while we're  on our holier-than-thou policy, why stop at bankers in the US. The LIBOR scandal proves that almost all bankers have been consciously cheating everyone on Earth out of their monies at least for the past decade, if not longer.

Not sure about America's heart and mind, but my heart and mind in sick and devastated by the "logic" in here.

P.S. Best way to control fraud in large financial institutions is through turning them into giant Credit Unions, and Financial Cooperatives, with strong, transparent, systematic inspections. Keeping them away from both: private sectors' "clubhouse mentality," and public sector's inept bureaucracy.

P.S.S. According to IR's own Center for Statestics, there are:

-10,000,000 (that's ten millions) Iranians living in "Absolute Poverty,"

- while (again according to IR's own stats) there are another 25,000,000 (that's twenty five millions) Iranians living in "realtive" poverty.

Out of a population of 76.8 millions, we have 35 millions (almost half the population on Iran) living in poverty, in a country rich with natural and human resources for all.

Now killing four idiots is supposed to take 35 million Iranians out of poverty?