Patraeus Affair Linked with Israel


by ayatoilet1

Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus resigned after a probe into whether someone else was using his email led to the discovery that he was having an extramarital affair, according to several people briefed on the matter.

We all know Patraeus did not really have to resign. After all there is a lot of precedence; can someone remind me why these same considerations might not have applied equally to Dwight D. Eisenhower for his own marital indiscretions as Supreme Allied Commander in the Second World War? Or how come Bill Clinton wasn’t let go…even got re-elected?

Let’s start off by recognizing that the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi was in fact a CIA station. The other three “diplomats” that died with the U.S. ambassador in September, were all CIA agents. Somehow, ‘rebels’ had been tipped that the U.S. ambassador (who normally resides in the Capital, Tripoli – some 2 hours air flight away) was visiting! And, somehow, the consulate or CIA outpost had been denied additional security.  Given that fact that all the staff there were CIA agents, would not that decision to add manpower to secure the location have been made by the CIA?

Yes, the CIA, was responsible for that outpost, And General Patreaus was the man in charge. And somehow, additional security was denied. Additional measures to protect the facility were not taken? Why?

And then, only a few days after the election, there is an announcement that an FBI investigation, led them to identify Patreaus in an illicit affair – with Pamela Broadwell. A little digging, and pretty soon you will find that in fact Broadwell is her married name; her maiden name is Paula Kranz. Once again, we find a pretty Jewish girl (like Monica Lewinsky) in the thick of things at the highest levels of America’s executive machine. Remember, Natenyahu was Israel’s Prime Minister during the Lewinsky case too. Patraeus was seduced like good old Bill Clinton – and caught in an Israeli web. How brilliant of the Israeli’s to plant her as ‘his biographer’ assigned by his Jewish publishers…she would have close contact with a lonely general in the desert in Iraq, and then follow him to Washington, all in the cause of writing a book. Witnesses recount them taking 5 mile runs into dark corners of the base!

A Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry into use of Mr. Petraeus's Gmail account led agents to believe the woman or someone close to her had sought access to his email, the people said. You have to hand it to the FBI. Great job guys; I am shocked Tel Aviv did not have enough pull inside the FBI to pull you guys off the case.  But I am sure Obama and his cohorts knew maybe even a month ago or more. And to put the Israeli’s off their case they had Susan Rice – ambassador to the U.N. – go public to say that Benghazi was the result of a rowdy crowd outside the embassy….nothing pre-planned (by the Israelis)! The FBI misled the world long enough to sniff out what was going on. Meanwhile, FBI uncovered it all. Excellent, just excellent – a real tribute to the system! That the FBI was even involved in investigating the head of the CIA is a huge – massive - deal.

Everything suddenly adds up. And obviously to avoid embarrassment, Patreaus was told to wait ‘till after the elections to resign. 

Only weeks ago, there was a short news item about a snap trip by the the Israeli ambassador to U.S. making a fast run to Jerusalem to privately brief Netenyahu! Why? Well their scheme had blown up. And then on the heels of the briefing, suddenly Natenyahu made a snap decision to have a quick election in Israel in January. Did you notice how Natenyahu’s rhetoric suddenly stopped?  By the time the new president (likely Romney) officially takes on his post in January Natenyahu figured he would be re-elected as Israel’s Prime Minister. Obama would be knee deep in dealing with the Fiscal Cliff, and would not have time to deal with Natenyahu’s and his dirty schemes before Romney takes office!

I wonder what Patraeus was offered in exchange for helping embarrass Obama’s administration? Did they tell him they would crown him king? I am sure he looked in the mirror and saw President Patraeus in 4 years? Oh, how narcissistic he must be?  Did he really believe that they would shower him with cash and set him up in the Oval office? How vain? How stupid? Did he really think he would get away with it? Did he really think the plan to humiliate Obama would work?

Not only did it not work, but you have to take your hat off to the people of America – who despite a barrage of ads, despite over a billion dollars in attack ads on Obama – handed Obama another term. The Benghazi humiliation had clearly not worked. People saw through the wall of crap put up in front of them by Republicans.

One final thought and mark my words: Susan Rice will be the next Secretary of State! She, clearly, was on the inside on the Patraeus case. And she took the heat, but ultimately proved that she could be trusted.


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Anonymous Observer

WRONG Toilet - you're making it about the Jews

by Anonymous Observer on

Your ONLY "evidence" (and I'm using that term extremely loosely) of this being an Israeli connection is that fact that she may be Jewish.  No other source on this planet has linked this sexual affair to Israel but you, and your only "basis" is that she's Jewish.  So, I'm not confusing the two, You are! 


AO, the Other Good News!

by Faramarz on



The other good news in this whole affair is that no matter if you are Muslim or Jewish, single or married, you get the same treatment from the General!


AO - This is About Israel (Not Jews)

by ayatoilet1 on

Do not confuse the two, you are right, Jews are highly educated, cultivated, Nobel Prize winners, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and extremely successful.

Israel's leadership, on the other hand has a very destructive edge - lets see here: destroyed Patraeus's career, She (Paula) is toast, The Ambassador is dead, 3 CIA agents are dead...

Pretty soon, they (Israel's leadership) will destroy Iran as we know it, break it up into 5 pieces - and put the MEK in power!!

Do not confuse the two - Jews are great and constructive; Israel's leadership is on a war/destructive path. Paula will be spy number 31 uncovered in the U.S. - so much for being America's best friend and ally.

Anonymous Observer

Oh, Oh Faramarz

by Anonymous Observer on

I think you just Toilet into a head spin.  Is there now a Lebanese Arab conspiracy involved?!!!  How's he going to reconcile that with his Jewish conspiracy theories?!!! 

Gotta hand it to the General though.  He likes ethnic women.  No vanilla for him.  :-) 


The Lebanese Connection!

by Faramarz on



It turns out that the other woman, Jill Kelley is Lebanese-American (Jill Khawam) and is married to a famous doctor in Tampa. She has a twin sister named Natalie. Pictures below.

Now the plot thickens!

I want to see how AyatWC explains this one.

But the good news in all of this is that married people have sex too; only with other people's spouses!


Anonymous Observer

And here's how they really met

by Anonymous Observer on

It's not as SK wrote below.  Here's the real version:

"How did she and Petraeus meet?
Broadwell met then–Lt. Gen. Petraeus when she was earning her master's degree at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and he was giving a speech. She introduced herself at a small dinner gathering following the speech, told him of her interests in counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, and he gave her his card and offered to help. Soon after, she decided to write her dissertation on his leadership style, and he agreed to cooperate. In 2010, when Petraeus was named top commander in Afghanistan, Broadwell decided to turn her dissertation into a book, teamed up with newspaper editor Vernon Loeb, and landed a book deal. She traveled to Afghanistan six times to interview Petraeus and his aides, earning what his team viewed as extraordinary access to the general. The book, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, came out in January."

From here:


Anonymous Observer

Dude - It's not about the Jews

by Anonymous Observer on

It's about Patraeus' penis.   He just couldn't keep it in his pants.  get the Jew paranoia out of your turban.  The fact is that whether you like it or not, Jews are in prominent positions in this, and many other countries.  And not because it's a giant conspiracy related to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but because of the value they place on education.  So, the fact that there's a Jewish author out there who was working on the General's biography, and he ended up having an affair with her-- after spending untold number of hours with her--is not a surprise.  Here, read this, and you may open up your mind a bit about Jews, and think less of conspiracy theories:



Jill Kelly's Picture

by Faramarz on



Here is the other woman Jill Kelly with her husband, Petraeus and the Mrs.!

Guess who is not getting any action!




توالت جان!




You are missing the emotional and the romantic side of the story and instead you are filling the blanks with Jewish conspiracy theories.

Petraeus saw in Paula a younger, female version of himself; an attractive person that is in military and intelligence field, has been deployed to war zones, is a PhD from Harvard, runs 8 miles a day and can easily do 100 pushups. Very much like Petraeus, Paula had outsourced her home life to her spouse and was traveling around the world pursuing her dreams. Of course he would fall for her and share intimate information with her; most men do.

What the hell, If I ever run into a female version of myself, I would let her use my laptop, iPhone and my car!

The problem started when Paula learned about the other chick, got jealous and started getting nasty.

I don’t understand what Benghazi has to do with this. Ambassador Stevens was the man on the ground during the uprising in Libya and the person responsible for the fall of Gadhafi. Benghazi was the “friendly” part of the country, very much like Iraqi Kurdistan. He felt safe there but in hindsight, he should’ve had more protection than a handful of private guards. The people that came after him were trained terrorists and hit the place with RPG and serious weaponry. He was trying to stay low key while doing his job and ended up paying the highest price in the service of his country.


MRX - How come they found classified shit on her pc?

by ayatoilet1 on

MRX, if it was just about Patraeus being horny, then how come it turns out that during the FBI's investigation, the bureau did find classified documents on Broadwell's computer, reports the Wall Street Journal.

In September, the FBI began to do a legal analysis to see if there were any charges that could be brought. They decided to interview Broadwell.

During her first interview, she admitted that she was having an affair with Petraeus and gave up her computer to the investigators.

On it, they found classified documents.

Petraeus was interviewed too, and he admitted to the affair as well. However, he said that he did not provide Broadwell with those classified documents. Broadwell echoed Petraeus' claims in her next interview with investigators in early November.

The source of the classified documents remains unclear. It turns out that the emails sent from Patraeus to Jill Kelley were sent on Patraeus's computer by Paula Broadwe. That means Broadwell had unfettered access to a CIA issued perosnal laptop, used by Patraeus. And she was checking his email without him knowing about it.

Scorned woman - my *ss, I am telling you, whether or not this blows up to a whole new dimension publicly, and I am sure the media will suppress it, there is MUCH more to this then even the news reports this far.

And they (Feds) told Eric Cantor several weeks ago, who then proceeded to tip off the Israeli ambassador. So much for tight lips in Congress or by the very AIPAC supported, orthodox, Jewish, head of the House of Representatives. And now Diane Feinstein (also AIPAC supported, and head of the Senate Intelligence Committee) wants to investigate the investigators!! Why?? For uncovering a major Israeli mole with access to the very top of the CIA?? 

So much for Israel being America's "most reliable, true" ally! As far as Iran is concerned at least Iranians know that they want to tear the Iran apart - and are supporting the MEK, and separatists across Iran - BUT - for America this must be shock...even though there are currently over 30 Israeli-American spies in U.S. jails.

This whole story is incredible!! And it gets more incredible every hour or so as more information gets out there.  


It is amazing

by MRX on

the stuff that you come up with man and of course some where along the way there are always jews involved in your analysis and scenario..............

why does everything have to be conspirecy? How about this, the guy just got horney and wanted to get laid pure and simple! even 4 star generals have needs. Now there we go I simplified your theory in three lines.


AO-Jan: She had deep access, here's a Q&A session with Her ...

by ayatoilet1 on

During a question and answer session, Broadwell was asked about the September 11 attacks against the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

She stated: “Now I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually had taken a couple of Libya militia members prisoner. And they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted.”

The existence of a U.S. prison or CIA detention center in Benghazi would be a new development in the debate surrounding the attacks there.  The information does not appear to be publicly known.

An extensive KleinOnline search of news media coverage of the Benghazi attacks could find no mention of prisoners being held at the CIA annex.

Yesterday, The New York Times reported that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spoke to an FBI whistle-blower two weeks ago who accused Petraeus of not only having an extramarital affair but potentially jeopardizing the security of classified information.

During the same university speech, Braodwell may have also divulged information that Petraeus knew “within 24 hours” of CIA annex’s request for reinforcements, reported Israel National News.

“The challenging thing for Gen. Petraeus,”she stated, “is that in his new position, he’s not allowed to communicate with the press. So he’s known all of this – they had correspondence with the CIA station chief in Libya, within 24 hours they kind of knew what was happening.”

Earlier she had said the military could have sent reinforcements.

“They were requesting the – it’s called the C-in-C’s In Extremis Force – a group of Delta Force operators, our very, most talented guys we have in the military. They could have come and reinforced the consulate and the CIA annex.”


AO - Ther's so much to this Drama!!

by ayatoilet1 on

It turns out that, after leaving the Military Academy she (Paula)'s been active as a reservist, asigned to Counter Intelligence duty!!

Wow!! Mossad recruited her, and then planted her inside America's Military Counter Intelligence units. And worked their way towards cozying up to Patraeus. By the time all is said and done, she'll put Pollard and every single one of those other dozens of Israeli spies to shame.

She's probably had more access to more sensitive information then anyone else.  I am sure she'll go to jail.

Its going to take dozens of woodward's and bernstein's to uncover all this - if its ever allowed to be investigated. We have deep access to intelligence, we have a dead ambassador, three dead CIA agents in Benghazi ...What a huge failure for America's intelligence system?

I am just an amateur commentator, enjoying reading about it all. Its like a thrilling James Bond movie - The Spy Who Loved Me - except here the spy who loved Patraeus was an Israeli plant inside the Military's counter intelligence system, inside the head of the CIA's bedroom, with deep access throughout every battle theatre in Central Asia... 

It puts the current James Bond Movie to shame.  And by the way, I love Faramarz and Soosan Khanoom's comments. Right on the money!!!

Anonymous Observer

You don't know the half of it Toilet jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I have it on good authority that there was a spaceship that was spotted in her backyard...and get this: it had a Star of David painted on it!!!!  She definitely has some contacts with the Jews in the Orion Belt.  I also heard that she's connected to the Smoking Man:


Dude, where would we--or indeed the human race--be without your "investigative reporting?"  The things you dig up on these Jews....Just BRAVO all the way dude, bravo all the way...Woodward and Bernstein (oops, sorry, a Jew) are nothing compared to you man...NOTHING!!!! 


Faramarz-Jan, It gets even more twisted

by ayatoilet1 on

It turns out that the girl Paula (Kranz) broadwell was trying to 'shoe-off' with harrasing emails was no lesser than Ms. Kelley in Tampa, the State Department Liason officer with Airforce Command (in Tampa).  So he (David Patraeus) was involved with three women all at the same time.

And, my view is, that David saw himself tangled in a mess with Paula and Israel etc. and tried to get out of it by starting another affair with Kelley - to sort of nicely get out of Paula's fangs.

Losing David would have been a real loss for all those years that it took for the Israeli's to plant Paula into David's she tried to shoe her off with harrasing emails.

Incredible isn't it? Its an amazing crime/romance/espionage novel. Someone is going to make a real packet out of it...I am guessing now that its all in the open, it will be Paula first. I mean she's probably writing it all - right now. "My Love Affair With David Patraeus"!!  And she will conveniently re-write history, and also forget to put in there all the sordid bullshit about how Mosad recruited her and got her into his circle...

What is even more incredible is that - before getting the CIA job, he was almost offered the Joint Chiefs job; and there was even talk of him getting the job as Secretary of Defense. They (Mossad) targetted him on his way up - as someone that one day could be offered a very senior position - and got her into his entourage.

Brilliant - isn't it? How incredibly smart? And she had his gmail account password; and was intimately in places where there was a shit load of sensitive documents arround.

Unbelievable? And it gets even more interesting, the Israeli lobby in the Senate - Feinstein - announced today that they want to roast the FBI for investigating Patraeus and Paula! Why?? Why are they so upset, for the FBI identifying such a huge security breach? Why do they think they should have been told early??

Its a great story. What incredible drama??


Guys, Guys, Guys!

by Faramarz on



You are ruining a completely great romantic story where an attractive woman, a good wife and a mother of two risks everything for a man who is in the position of power and is also married and is the father of two.

That's what romantic novels are all about, people taking risks and getting caught and then shamed and ask for forgiveness!

And you guys bring Israel and the conspiracy theories into the middle of this!

Where is your sense of adventure and romanticism!


Barikala Soosan Khanoom ...

by ayatoilet1 on

Yes, you are absolutely right. This Benghazi thing smelt fishy from the very start!

What I am finding strange is the trail of people that Paula (Kranz) Broadwell had major contacts with; and the people that 'got' behind her to promote her book. Like for example the people that got her a spot on C-Span's book-tv, Jon Stewart's show and Bookstores she had 'signings and major promotions at' (and the bookstore's owner's backgrounds and links to major politicians and Israel).

Its very clear that Patraeus was set up by her - and she very cleverly and purposely penetrated his space. I mean a mother of 2 young boys goes to Afghanistan and shacks up with him for over a year!? And its not strange to anyone - especially her husband??

I am not getting a reliable number on how many books she sold, but (a) it was co-written and (b) she got a very hefty advance for it as an unknown writer! And there is now another biography being written by an Israeli-american on Patraeus, it almost seems like the Israeli's were trying to profile him and figure him out. Doesn't that all smell fishy?

And then the CIA's prime role in managing Benghazi. And the tip off to the Republican party heads.

There is much more to this story, and I am sure it will come out in years to come, like the 1980 October Surprise when it turned out the Republicans arranged for the U.S. embassy hostages to be kept in Tehran to humiliate Carter.

One strange aside on Benghazi; it turns out that Chris Stevens (the U.S. ambassador) was gay. I am sure the Natenyahu/Republicans felt good about setting him up to die for their dirty plans to humiliate Obama. The other three were CIA agents with families and young kids.

Its so sad. So tragic. My heart goes out to their families. I really hope Obama keeps his debate promise to go after the people that set up the Benghazi killings. This whole thing is really fishy!!

Soosan Khanoom

According to the person who first broke the news:

by Soosan Khanoom on

1) An other woman who is not a family member or in the government complained to the FBI that she is getting threatening emails from Paula Broadwell


2) FBI 's examination lead to Paula's email accounts


3)That is how FBI uncovered the ungoing relationship between Petraeus and Paula


4)This affair according to FBI WAS NOT a criminal matter or a national security risk and would have rested there 


5) Had it not been for a FBI 
whistle-blower to a member of congress who then reported it to the Republican Leader


6) Republican leader then asked FBI to investigate further  


7) No one in media as of now knows who was that other woman 



Why this came to the attention of head of national intelligence on election day but it did not come to the White house attention until next day?

Paula met 
Petraeus in a Run knowing that he likes to run with younger people. That is what she said to Jon Stewart .. By younger you would think like the college kids !!  She is a mother of two in her 40s.  duh ...!! indeed very fishy explanation! 

The truth is, now after all this mess ,Petraeus is no longer able to present the Benghazi case.  His replacement does it for him.  If they want Petraeus to do it then they should treat him as a private citizen which then his testimony can be done in the closed doors. 

Somehow, I think, 
his testimony was more going to damage Republican than white house that is why he is now out of the picture.  But, then, why Obama accepted it? Obama could have accepted it once the testimony was done but he DID NOT.

Indeed...same old political craps. The two major political parties are more interested in MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL than they are in governing.

Thanks for the blog.. 

: ) 



An Affair with his Biographer!

by Faramarz on



Wife: "Where were you last night honey?"

Petraeus: "I was with Pam, my biographer. We had to work late."

Wife: "Did you reveal all your secrets to her?"

Petraeus: "Yeah, I had to show her my heart and soul! I felt so naked, so exposed!"

Wife: "Don't worry honey. That's why I love you so much!"