Video : Little Girl giving Sermon

by Behnam.sezavar

Do you think really this lilttle girl Understands what she is talking about or NOT Or Maybe she has Higher IQ!!!!


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This is called brain

by MarMari (not verified) on

This is called brain washing, when I visited Iran, the "brain washed" families were so excited to have their "genius" child "mimic" the gardan koloft hayeh mamlekat!" It's quite sad actually. These kids havethe abilities to actually do something with their lives and instead they are waisting there youth and energy on this B.S. in which they really have no idea the true meaning of!!


How can you do this to a child?

by A mother (not verified) on

She has no clue what she is talking about, is her mother happy to have a parrot? then buy one and leave the poor girl alone. I don't care if what she is saying is correct or not, but to torture a child to memorize something that she does not understand at all is cruel. Grow up for the sake of humanity!


Remindes me of "Jesus Camp".

by Nama (not verified) on

Remindes me of "Jesus Camp". Have you seen it?



by mynameismoo (not verified) on

You actually think this kid has "KNOWLEDGE"???
she is barely 9 and let's say she started reading from the age of 4 this gives 5 years of reading stuff... with that much studying you think she has any knowledge to go and lecture others?? I guess compared to your pea size brain hers must look big....

I think she is charging for her appearances (like mulla's do) here and there to give her stupid talk... people give her money to talk in their "Sofreh abolfazl" ..etc....what a good way for her "moft-khor" parents to make some money off of her.
In my opinion there is no difference between her parents and Britney Spear’s parents they both spend some time training their kids so they can just sit back and eat off of her for the rest of their life.
Like Britney Spear's, this kid's life is wasted.

Hummm.. time for me to make some kids.. see u all!
kamangir.........LOVE your 1st comment. you are too funny...


This is...

by Luna (not verified) on

what they call "ver-vereh- jaadoo".


She is using wireless headphone

by Hooman S. (not verified) on

It doesn't matter if she is a genius with a great memory or she is on a wireless transmiter! She is wasting every cell of her memomry with garbage. This is a disaster.
"How can we preach, when all we make this world to be
Is a living hell torturing our minds.
We all must unite, to turn darkness to light,
And the love in our hearts will shine"


What a waste of talent

by Esfandiar (not verified) on

I am still very curious about the Hadis, and I actually believe what she says, she quotes the hadis that says if you read ghoran, then it gets mixed in to your bone and blood... metaphorically speaking ofcourse. Now let me ask you this..... has anybody been through a finals week at a university, where everyone is cramming, well if you did that with a medical text, I'll bet ostadeh daneshgah keh sahleh..... khodeh abu ali sinaro ham tu jibetoon mizarin. So tell me what is the advantage of reading something that is very philosophical (ie ghoran) in comparison to reading a simple anatomy book, and looking at it's figures to learn something so you can later become a doctor, and help the humanity. Why not teach the kids with this kind of talent some serious math and physics, so they can do the research that the "gharb" is doing. So they can be the next inventors.... there are so many things wrong with this image and this video that i don't really even know where to start... how sad.


Take this kid to kerbala!

by Kamangir on

Brainwashing the children with this , is anything but funny. 'This' is the cause of our problems.

First: Iran is not Arabia Saudi nor any other arab lands where that kid belongs to. In other words she's not Iranian and neither are her parents. (and I meant this, they are NOT Iranian)

Second: The last 30 years hasn't really taught anyhing to the backward, mediocre and brainwashed sector of Iran. Another 300 years won't be enough either, mainly because these characters are NOT Iranian, they cannot understand our Iranian essence and culture. This, would be bizarre elsewhere, but in Iran, instead of teaching the youth the 'real' and valuable history of their country, they have to learn about arabic tribal fights and barbaric laws.

Third: Jamesh konid!



by FALSE INFO! (not verified) on

To Reza411:

Actually it doesnt show the audience in there, but the audience has OTHER CHILDREN. I have seen this before in Iran. its called QURAN CLASS. you guys really dont know what you're talking about.


Iran's leaders of tomorrow

by Reza411 (not verified) on

Putting a small child in that type of situation is not smart, what ever happened to letting kids be kids. This is obviously for the adults enjoyment, the girl probably doesn't understand everything yet but she understands the attention she's getting for it, so what's next once she grows up and it's not cute anymore, then she will have to take it a step further and further to the point that it becomes extreme because that's what you need for attention, it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong it's all she knows her whole life. Also let's be fair, this type of stuff is in all religions not just Iran or muslims.


What the hell...

by Salavaat! (not verified) on

Welcoming another brainless supporter of Islamic Iran.


wheelbarrow sura

by RZ (not verified) on

wheelbarrow sura


Kamangir, she ruined your day.

by Mobarez (not verified) on

That is the policy of IRI. If you want to be shown on TV, you have to be ugly. If you want to be politician then you have to be hideous. Look at the Iranian politicians, their noses are bigger than Nasserodin shah's chopoogh. Amoung them Antarenejad looks the best but still looks like a Monkey.


Misusing a talented kid

by Anonymous (not verified) on

Very sad... so unfortunate to see such a talented kid is being misused and brain washed

no doubt, gradually she will change to one of the stupid
خواهرانِ ز ینَب
for preventing
!!!what a manipulation and waste of aptitude


Sooreye forghan?

by Kamangir on

Sooreye forghan dige chie?


To: Mobarez

by Kamangir on

Baba sad rahmat be 'raven' in bache ya (kharche) be harchi kalaghe gofte zekki!

Bayad az fakofamilhaye antarinejad bashe. Just look at the above video without playing it, just the above image, such ugliness at such a young age!



by MOSHLLAH! (not verified) on

I think you guys are all jealous your kids are not as eloquent and smart as her. It disgusts me that you guys are such haters that you are hating on a 8 year old girl. Chill out. She is cute and funny. And very knowledgeable. You can;t just parrot something like this. She truly does understand what she is saying. Dont underestimate our youth. May God Bless her and increase her knowledge.


kid mollah

by mohammad (not verified) on

I saw a very funny sermon on you tube about a boy giving a sermon,that I enjoyed watching.I wish I could post it here without registering.



by Iran parast (not verified) on

I salute the future of Iran and Islam. Keep on copying parrots, this bodes well for Iran and dear Islam.
Keep up the good work.
Alhamodellelah for such Iranians. Put more resources in these exercises. May Allah shower you with continued success. Please leave critical thinking and the sciences.
Barikallah keep up the good work,


If by any chance IRI

by Majid on

If by any chance IRI collapses today, I would like to see and listen to her in 10-15 years.


we should admit she is very cute!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

She is role modeling her parents, and must have good memory.I personaly just does not approve the parts that she is judging the "unbelievers".Otherwise it is a good practice for her memory.



Some of you guys are fufuli and crazy

by XerXes (not verified) on

I remember in Iran, kids like anywhere else copy and act out, try to imitate adults. She is funny and she'll be fine. You guys worry about your girls and we'll see how they'll turn out.
This is no big deal, look at her, she is cute and actually funny. Chill out losers.


poor kid

by IRANdokht on

Heif az in talent!


kamangir I don't mean to sound insensitive but your comment makes me laugh every time I read it




She is a child of iran...

by Setiz (not verified) on

The commenter insulting her and worse is totally out of place. She is a completely innocent beautiful child of iran. Any fault of brainwashing belongs to her parents, not hers at all. In fact she is so cute and intelligent for her age. We need to seek to protect all children of iran from any physical or mental harm.

David ET

Child Brainwash

by David ET on

and wasting her IQ to the level of a parrot




by OMG! (not verified) on

OMg the last commentator is CRAZY!!!!!! He said this girl should be hung! Dude seriously whats wrong with you iranian people. Is it a crime to be religous now?? You guys seriously need to chill out. Would you rather have her be wearing a bikini and dancing? so she can pave her future as a future stripper in hollywood ?


disgusting to the cessation of

by Mobarz (not verified) on

all my vital functions. She should be one of the Mullah's childeren that need to be hanged with her parents. She sounds like a black raven sitting on the top of's roof.


This is child

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

This is child tragic.



by mazfaz on

this girl is unbelievably funny. i think she doesn't understand what she's chatting about because she keeps moving her hand like a grown up... or maybe she's some fati commando's mini me.




by Abarmard on

Too funny. She is cute and I can't stop laughing listening to her.