Photo Restoration: Shah, Stalin Molotov at Tehran Conference (1943)

Photo Restoration: Shah, Stalin Molotov at Tehran Conference (1943)
by Darius Kadivar

An amazing restoration of an old photo taken of the Shah with Soviet Leader Stalin and his foreign minister Molotov, surrounded by the Iranian government officials during a break at the WWII Tehran Conference. (circa 1943)

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Stalin was the wiliest of the three

by Anonymous historian (not verified) on

During the Tehran conference, as the protocol required, the visiting heads of state should have paid a courtesy call to their host. Out of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, it was Stalin who went to see the Shah as a matter of courtesy and the other two, out of arrogance, refused to follow. Stalin's initiative paid off well. The Tudeh party was treated leass harshly and they were allowed to operate more openly, holding meetings meetings and even join a coalition government until in the fifties that they were outlawed again.