pictory: Stoning a Woman For Adultery During Qajar Era Depicted in Painting

pictory: Stoning a Woman For Adultery During Qajar Era Depicted in Painting
by Darius Kadivar

Stoning Women for Adultery is not a phenomena invented by the Islamic Republic. It already existed in different periods in our history except under the Pahlavi Kings thanks to their emancipation laws. This Qajar painting depicts one such scenes.(circa 19th century)

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Are you sure those aren't water balloons?

by MaryamJoon on



Qajars were the biggest supporters of Akhoondery in Iran

by fozolie on

And you can see it in the nostalgic attitude of Akhoonds for that period. Our glorious revolution has been most successful in turning the clock back.  Iranians are realizing too late the scale of the achivement of modernists and Pahlavis. Knowing what I know now I am just amazed that so much was achieved yet so easily lost.

 Mr. Fozolie


Subliminal Messages?

by Anvar on

I wonder if there are hidden messages in this painting.  For one, the woman’s top is so sheer that her navel seems to be showing through.  It could indicate that she might have just been dragged out of her house without being given a chance to cover up properly.  Also, the only man in a turban (rightmost) is serving the mob stones on a platter.  I can’t tell if he’s a religious figure or just another duty-bound brave soul in the crowd.

Is there anything more hideous than a bunch of self-righteous, ‘Sigheh’ taking, polygamist men to kill a half-buried helpless young girl or woman by stoning her?  The ultimate ‘Za’eef-Koshi’!

There are even guidelines as how big the size of each rock ought to be.  Not too large and not too small either.  God forbid if the seductress dies too quickly without first suffering enough; or worse yet, not die at all.  Yeah, each stone must be just the right size! 



stoning is referred to in Islam, Christian & Jewish faiths

by MM on

Wikipedia has a complete section on stoning to death.  Apparently, stoning to death is a capital punishment that was common in the ancient world The practice is referred to in Islam, Christian and Jewish, texts of antiquity.  As a matter of fact, one attribution to Jesus is his famous saying “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone (John 8:7)”.

 However, sadly, in modern times, stoning to death has been mostly practiced in Muslim countries; Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and United Arab Emirates. I am not totally against capital punishment, but stoning to death is horrible, inhumane, barbaric and needs to be banned worldwide.  

Azadeh Azad

Horrible scene

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you, dear Darius, for posting this. 

I had not seen this painting before. A bunch of despicable men torturing to death a helpless woman in public. They were following their Islamic law, but I'm sure they didn't have four male witnesses (or 8 female witnesses) to at least "justify" their crime in the eyes of their Allah.