Mr. Christopher Booker of Sunday Telegraph, The future of Iran is not PMOI


Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

Mr. Christopher Booker of Sunday Telegraph, The future of Iran is not PMOI

Recently Christopher Booker had an article in Daily telegraph, entitled” The future of Iran is waiting for our support”. In his article the writer acclaims PMOI and invites the Western governments to recognize and endorse this party. Furthermore he proposes that if the good of mankind would best be served by replacing tyranny in Tehran with a secular democracy, then those (PMOI) best placed to provide such an outcome are there, waiting for us to support them.

This is what is wrong with most of the western writers when they do an article on some issue related to a foreign country. They either write about something that have no enough information on, or are paid by western governments to write a biased proposition about a current issue to manipulate the public’s mind by fabricating and twisting the real message behind the issue.

It is in the benefit of the Western Powers to keep the third-world nation countries undemocratic and ideological so that under the mentality of ignorance of that population they will freely be able to continue plundering the natural wealth of those countries.

Mr. booker, for your information, PMOI (People’s Mujahedeen of Iran) is a party whose infrastructure is based on ideology of religion Islam. By default the operation of such organization is based on the principle of Islam, which is in contradiction with preserving human rights for the people of any country. No ideological government can provide secularism and democracy for its people and unexceptionally PMOI has no privilege over the current barbarian regime of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). PMOI is in fact, on numerous aspects, more dangerous than IRI since they are not sincere enough to talk transparent about their Islamic rules and regulations and behind their masks have managed to fool the world’s mind that they have respect for democracy and human rights, which is not true. If you inquired enough about the rules of this organization you would find that under no circumstances a female person who does not obey the Islamic body coverage “Hijab” can be a member of this organization. Is this a democracy? This was just a tiny example among so many inhuman religious mandates of theirs.

Keep in mind that right after the revolution in 1979, PMOI was the first party who endorsed IRI and in showing their gesture of confederacy their leader Masoud Rajavi took even a step further and kissed the hands of the great Satan Khomeini. It was just because they knew their ideological tree have had the same roots, which produces similar fruits, later on however their political differences made them separated. Most Iranians not only dislike PMOI as much as they do the fanatic IRI but they know them as the traitors to their country since they helped Iraq during the 8-years’ war with Iran. PMOI is no future of Iran since it has no place among Iranians and in fact to people of Iran they are not seen any different from the brutal regime of IRI.

People of Iran are not sufficed to just the 50 to 100 thousand paid mercenaries of PMOI who cheer them up in their rallies. About 70% of the Iran’s 75-million population are under 30 years of age, and the majority of this percentage forms the young intellect force of Iranians who has kept its interaction with the latest and updated trends of the modern democratic world through cyberspace technology. They all crave for their lost freedom and will not compromise for anything less than a secular democratic government based on the principles of human rights. That is the future of Iran.

Mansur Rastani, PhD



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hamsade ghadimi

farhad, 8 of your 10

by hamsade ghadimi on

farhad, 8 of your 10 sentences are baseless claims.  1 sentence, a request, is reasonable if those pmoi members who fought for iran and died did not do so while on the same side of sadam hussein and also would have objected to hostility against iranians who were defending the territorial integrity of iran.  the last sentence: if by self-regulation, you mean democratic regime separate from religion, i wholeheartedly agree.

your group is as much open to criticism and change as velayat faghih. good luck.



by farhad450 on

The PMOI Love Iran more than any of you.  They have sacrificed everything while you remained silent.  It is the hatred of people like you which is the real danger to iran’s future.  People like you would bring nothing but blind justice to iran.  To you all muslims are a danger.  The Iranians here lack respect towards others.  Iranians like yourself ask human rights only for you own kind which makes people like you the real threat to iran’s future.  Show a little respect to the thousands of PMOI members who gave their life for iran’s freedom.  The hatred I have seen of Iranians online on youtube and forums is really a danger to iran’s future.  I think Iranians need to learn about self-regulation.      


Indeed, this group is the

by zoroast100 on

Indeed, this group is the real enemy of Iran; this group is responsible for paving the way for the current situation in Iran via their pre (so called) revolution terrorist activity; in my opinion had this group prevailed over the current regime, they would have been worse. The group leaders and the naive&blind followers went that far to fight against Iranian nation to gain control of it by helping Sadam. Shame on you Rajavi & Maryam R. I can only compare you to Judas.

Dr. Mansur Rastani

Maryam and MM

by Dr. Mansur Rastani on

Mansur Rastani, PhD


Thank you both, Maryam and MM, I've already made comment in the commentary section of the Sunday Telegraph in regard to the article.


publish this piece in Sunday Telegraph as a rebuttal

by MM on

to Christopher Booker's idiotic piece on MKO.

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks Dr. Rastani

by Maryam Hojjat on

For responding to Mr. Booker.  What you said are facts about PMOI.

Indeed they are traitors and must stand on trial for their crimes against IRAN & IRANIANS.