An Open Letter to U.S. Senators and Congressmen on Upcoming Resolution on Iran


An Open Letter to U.S. Senators and Congressmen on Upcoming Resolution on Iran
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

May 11, 2011

Re: The Iran Human Rights and Democracy Promotion Act of 2011

Dear Senators Mark Kirk and Kirsten Gillibr and, and Congressmen Robert Dold and Ted Deutch

On May 4, 2011, you have introduced the resolution, The Iran Human Rights and Democracy Promotion Act of 2011, and asserted that the bipartisan legislation would make it the policy of the United States to deny the Iranian regime the ability to oppress the people of Iran, to fully support democratic activists inside Iran, and to help the Iranian people freely and safely access and share information

Three decades of negotiation by various US administrations has shown that the regime is interested in dialogue only to buy itself enough time in order to develop its weapon’s program. IRI uses its proxies within the United States to convince various American officials that the regime is desirous of a discourse. The radical and irrational nature of the regime,intent on its expansionist ideology, makes any honest and meaningful dialogue with the regime an utter waste of time. This shift of focus on human rights of U.S. policy even though considered very late, is considered a step inthe right direction but ignores the elephant in the room.

During the last thirty two years, in so many occasions Iranians have raised their voices for freedom and against the tyranny and oppression imposed by the totalitarian regime of mullahs but every single time they have been cracked down brutally by the Basij thugs of the regime. Thousands of our brave young men and women fought against political incarceration, torture,rape, and for all their basic freedom and human rights and so many have sacrificed their lives in their struggle for freedom and democracy. In the history of mankind there have been few societies such as Iranians who has suffered so inhumanely and for so long in the hands of their invaders.

The 32-years criminal records of Islamic regime in Iran is well known to the world community, as you know this regime has been the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Its criminal record is well beyond just the human rights violations and the mass murder of Iranians inside the country, and includes:suicide bombers, support for terrorists across the region and the world, ties with al-Qaida, supplying IED’s to Iraqi insurgents to kill American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, threatening its neighboring countries and pursuing the nuclear weapons program, just to mention a few.

We also strongly believe that the Islamic government leaders in Iran are intent on developing nuclear weapons. With a nuclear Iran as a major power in the volatile Middle East and with oil price at 100 dollars a barrel,the Islamic Republic will expand its presence around the world. In collaboration with allies such as Russia, China and Venezuela, Islamic Republic will flaunt its military power in the Persian Gulf to demonstrate its regional dominance and superiority in the Middle East, challenging Israel into a direct and inevitable confrontation. If mullahs are allowed to realize their nuclear aspirations, its pernicious and disastrous impact will be felt far beyond the Middle East.

Because of the theocratic Islamic regime in Iran, the people in this country and in the region have been exhausted and living in uproar and agony.That is why it is imperative for the international community once and for all to stop further flirting with this government and put an end to the life of this regime. If the resolution would indeed make it the policy of the United States to refrain the Iranian regime the ability to oppress the people of Iran,to fully support democratic activists inside Iran, and to help the Iranian people freely and safely access and share information, then it is crucial for the congress to implement the following reassurances, which are the concern of the entire Iranian society, into the context of the resolution of Human Rights& Democracy Promotion Act of 2011.

As the democracy advocates on earth, U.S. along with the Western Powers should:

1) hold the Islamic regime responsible for its violation ofhuman rights inside the country and its terrorist acts across the globe,

2) declare the illegitimacy of the regime,

3) impose severe political & economic sanction onthe government and all its leaders,

4) Impose oil embargo: foras long as this regime is allowed to sell oil it will continue its oppressive policies and continue to remain as a threat to the world community

5) prevent the travel of every member of the regime through the aerial, land and water borders,

6) upon the fall of the regime, have the United Nation launch an international peer group supervision fora public referendum and establishing a provisional government, and

7) issue the arrest order of all the members of the government for the domestic and/or international trial.

In the meantime we the undersigned Iranians/Americans also respectfully request that the resolution be combined with other legislative initiatives, which not only encompass the striking sanctions by the U.S. government on companies that sell service or products that enable the Iranian regime to oppress its people but also to embrace the support for the Iranian dissidents with the necessary logistic to facilitate their communication inside the country thru the internet,computer hardware/software, and portable phones to evade government censors.

Dear Senators and Congressmen, United States of America has always been known and stood as the democracy advocate across the world, and because of that we the undersigned on behalf of millions of oppressed Iraniansexpect that the continuing resolution on the floor be tailored to address thedemands of Iranian oppositions. This way the world community can avert a regional and potentially global catastrophe and at the same time establish a democratic system of government in the region.


The Undersigned (alphabetic order):

1. Siavash Abghari, Professor of Finance

2. Sheri Alvandin, Human Rights Activist and Publisher

3. Debora M. Andress, Human Rights Activist

4. Jeff Baird, CEO, Right Side Publications

5. Cina Dabestani, Chairman of Constitutionalist Party of Iran, Washington DC Chapter

6. Hassan Darashti

7. Amir Ebrahimi, Supporter of Democracy and Secularism in Iran

8. Jay Ewasiuk, Edmonton, AB

9. Friborz Farhan

10. TarekFatah, Founder, Muslim Canadian Congress

11. Yasamine Gaeini, Khashm, Toronto Branch

12. Morteza Gaeini, Khashm, Toronto Branch

13. M. Jon Ghaffari, President, ESCS

14. Firouzeh Ghaffarpour, Political Activist

15. Roxana,Ganji, Human Rights Activist

16. Dr.Gill Gillespie, Director, the Iran Information Project, UK

17. Parviz Haddadizadeh “The New Iran” (TNI) Election commissioner

18. H. Hakimi, Retired Ambassador

19. Sayeh Hassan, Barrister & Solicitor, pro-democracy activist, Canada

20. Dr. Arash Irandoost, Pro-Democracy Movement of Iran

21. Parvin Irandoost, Human Rights Advocate

22. Tony Kantering, Political Activist

23. Parviz Koupai, Supporter of Democracy and Secularism in Iran

24. Arezou Lotfi

25. Caspian Makan, Film Maker-Human Rights Activist

26. Walton K. Martin III, Director, the IranInformation Project, USA

27. Cyrus Marvsati

28. Zohre Mizrahi, Attorney, Human Rights Advocate

29. Masoud Nasseri

30. Dr. Mansur Rastani, University Professor

31. Cyrus Pakdel, Supporter of Democracy and Secularism in Iran

32. Pari Saffari, Bidar TV

33. Frank Salvato, Executive Director, Basics

34. Dr. A. Samadani, X-President, Global University

35. Sohrab, Shabnameh

36. Behnaz Shariari, Member Stop Child Execution and Human Rights Activist

37. Saied Shemirani, Political Activist: United Persian Organization

38. Shahla Shirinpour, PG&E, Administrative/Subdivision Team Lead Assistant"

39. Mehdi Zolfaghari,

40. Dr.Daniel M. Zuckerman, D.D., Chairman, American for Democracy in the Middle-East

From: Mansur Rastani <>

Date: Wed, May 11, 2011 at 5:28 PM

Subject: Iran Human Rights and Democracy Promotion Act of 2011 To:,,,


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note >> no Generals, or Admirals signed this letter

by bushtheliberator on

# 4) besides the obvious political & economic consequences

an oil embargo is an ACT OF WAR, and could easily escalate into Gulf War Three. Ain't gonna happen.

Mr.Bahmani is correct :Help from the outside is on the margins, and only Iranians in Iran can change Iran

Dr. Mansur Rastani

A Response to most of the prior comments and alike

by Dr. Mansur Rastani on


I am a United States citizen, I am truly sorry for your feelings of inferiority when it comes to being listened to by our US senators and congressmen. You are confusing the accessibility to the US government with your historic lack of importance with Iranian regime officials.


This letter has been signedby a number of Americans, I am not certain how long you have lived in the US; however, I feel it is imperative to enlighten you to the fact that the voice of all Americans is valuable to their elected officials


My guess is if any U.S. Senator would read your response he/she would equate it to a response theywould expect from the IRI itself. I suggest you enroll in a basic US government course at a local university to understand this country more clearly.


You have no clue about this letter, I suggest you read the letter in more depth and read what it is written not what you want to read.Nobody expect the western powers to make a regime change for us but our problem with IRI survival for more than 3 decades is because of the western powers’ support of this regime, and the main message of this letter is to warn the western countries to put an end to flirting with IRI and stop legitimizing this regime and start declaring it as an illegitimate government. If we get to this point, by default all the conditions written in the letter would go through automatically, and Iranians will witness the throw out of the regime into the garbage of history.


 If U R an IRI mercenary then U R not welcome here, Sorry


Mr. Bahmani

by Bavafa on

You summed up my sentiments exactly both in general about the outside help, specially from America, and in particular about this letter both in its format and its recipient.



Forgot to Spell and grammar check it

by bahmani on

I guess it was an urgent open letter.

Since you've asked for all of the work to be done by the US, what should we as Iranians do?


The thing I love about these useless open letters is how easily it offloads the burden of changing things to the recipient of the letter. Meanwhile the writers of the letters sit and wait patiently by the mailbox for an answer. That never comes.

Fixing Iran, for real, can only be done from the inside out. Any attempt to fix Iran from the outside is oppressive by definition.

While most of us (me included) might not like this, or are too impatient for things to change in Iran, the fact is what it is. ANY outside interference, even it if is to help, only makes the earning of whatever freedom we might get out of it, cheap.

Usually, historically, whenever anyone has helped us achieve change in Iran, it has carried a far greater price than was initially advertised. And ultimately, it was not worth it.

Changing Iran requires a simple commitment of a majority of Iranians to commit to changing Iran.

It is both that easy to do and immensely that difficult to do.

Writing poorly crafted, horribly worded, and grammatically incorrect letters to US politicians, who have only shown they do not care about Iranians in the least, is the height of delusion and for some of the signatories on the list a chance at arrogance.

Oddly enough, the true culprits in this matter, namely the key officials at the top of the government of Iran, were conveniently left off the address list of this letter.

Apparently sending complaints and suggestions to the people causing all the problems requires actual courage and common sense.

Sending this letter to the wrong side is of course easier and less likely to risk anything real.

And sometimes, it feels good to shout (and piss) into the wind now and then.

Congratulations on another statement of the obvious and overall non-accomplishment.


Pffffftttttty Yankees

by پندارنیک on

By no means do I intend to undermine your rather lengthy and valued blog. But I'm just wondering how you have reached this point of low self-esteem which allows and justifies your appeal to the same Americans who let our King of Kings fall victim to the small army of the tiny nation of Guadeloupe, by delaying shipment of much needed spare parts for his tanks which were broken down in the middle of Tehran and other cities' chaotic traffic.

Please enlighten me, doc, and rest assured I won't reply.

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks Dr. Rastani

by Maryam Hojjat on

for constant hard work for a free Iran.